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IF the Reader uses this little work, so as to implant tne matter of it in his mind, he must not spare the labour of turning to ALL the texts, referred to as authorities, for the interpretation of the several words. This is the way to learn the Language of Prophesy; and when some skill is acquired, other texts may be found, to confirm these that are liere set down. The marginal notes, in some good editions of the Bible, will give farther light, and ought to be consulted.





HEAVENS or Firmament. The Divine Power

ruling over the World. Dan. iv. 26. Psal. cl. 1. The Sun. The Lord God. Psal. Ixxxiv. 11. 1 John

i. 5. The Light of the World. Christ. John viii. 12. The Sun of Righteousness. Christ. Mal. iv. 2. Air, Wind, or Breath. The Holy Ghost, the Giver of

Life. John xx. 22. John iii. 8. Acts ii. 2. Burning Fire. The Divine Wrath. Deut. ii. 24.

Ezek. xxii, 31. Heb. xii. 29. Sun and Moon. The Powers of Government in the

World. Psal. lxxxix. 36. Joel ii. 10. Acts ií.

20. Moon. The Church. Cant. vi. 10. Col. ii. 16. Stars. The Rulers and Lights of the Church. Rev.

i. 20. The glorified Saints. I Cor. xv. 41. • Wandering Stars, or Comets. Wicked Apostates that

go from Light into outer Darkness. Jude 13. Scorching Heat. Trouble and Persecution. Matth. xiii, 6. 21.

The Day, in Opposition to the Night. A State of

Truth, and Hope, and Knowledge. 1 Thess. v. 5.

8. Darkness. Sin and Ignorance. Rom. xii. 12. Dew upon Herbs. The Blessing of Heaven, and the

Power of the Resurrection. Hos. xiv. 5. Isai,

xxvi. 19. Water. Purifying Grace of the Divine Spirit, %

Kings y. 10.' Psal. li. 2. 'Jolin iii. 5. Living Water, Word of the Gospel. John iv. 10, The Sea. The Gentile World. Isai. Ix. 5. Waves of the Sea. The rebellious Force and Turbu,

lence of the People. Psal. Ixv. 7. Jude 13. Earth. The Natural Man, 1 Cor. xv. 47, Gen,

xviii. 27.

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TREES. Men fruitful, and unfruitful. Psal. i. 3.

·Matth. ii. 10. Vine. The Church. Psal. lxxx. 8. 14. Christ, the

Head and Root of the Church. John xv. 1. Growth of Plants. Resurrection and Glorification,

Hos. xiv. 7. John xii. 24. 1 Cor. xv. 36, &c.

Isai. Ixvi. 14. Growth in Grace. Isai. ly. 10. Planting. Placing in the Church, to be nourished

with Grace. Psal. xcii. 13. Matth. xv. 13. iii. 6. 1 Cor. iii. 8. Isai. xli. 19.

1 Cor.

Cedars. Great Men: Zech. xi. 2.
Thorns and Briars The Wicked, Perverse, and Un-

tractable. Numb. xxxiii. 55. 2 Sam. 'xxiii. 6.

Ezech. ii. 6. Luke vi. 44. Fruit. Good IV orks. Matth. iii. 8. Jam. iii. 17. Flower. An Emblem of Mortal Man. Job xiv. 2.

Jam. i. 10, 11: Seed. Posterity. Gen. xvii. 7, 8. Wild Olive. Man in a State of Nature. Rom. xi.

17. Cultivated Olive. Church of God. Rom. ii. 24. Oil. The Spirit of God, giving Power to Kings and

Priests, and Health to the Sick. Acts X. 38. Psal.

1xxxix. 20. Jam. v. 14. Wine. Blood. Isai. lxiii. 1, &c. Rev. xxiv. 20.

Luke xxii. 20. Gen. xlix. 11. Grapes. Fruits of Righteousness. Isai. v. 2. Leaves. Words, the Service of the Lips, as dis

tinguished from the Fruits of Good Works. Matth.

xxi. 19. See and consider: Psal. i. 3. Chaff. Unprofitable worthless Men, to be driven away

with the TV ind, or burned in the Fire. Psal. i. *.

Matth. jji. 12. Wormwood. A bitter evil-minded Person, Deut,

xxix, 18. Heb. xii. 15.


BEAST. An evil brutish Man. 1 Cor. xv. 32. %

Pet. ii. 12. A Great Beasự An Heathen Kingdom, or Power of

the Earth. Dan. vii. 17.

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