Die nordische und die englische Version der Tristan-Sage, Volumes 1-2

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Eugen Kölbing
Henninger, 1878 - Tristan

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Page 119 - The hemynges was a piece of the hide cut out to make brogues for the huntsmen. When the versatile David de Strathbogie, Earl of Athole, was hard pressed, and driven to the Highlands by the Earl of Murray in 1335, Winton mentions, as a mark of his distress, That at sa gret myschef he wes, That his knychtes weryd rewelynis, Of hydis, or of hart hemmynys.
Page cxlv - Nel dient pas sulun Breri Ky solt les gestes e les cuntes De tuz les reis, de tuz les cuntes Ki orent este en Bretaingne. Ensurquetut de cest...
Page 157 - Moni mon seij), were he ryche, Ne shulde non be me ylyche, To be god and fre. Vielleicht ist sogar auch im vorhergehenden verse die ursprüngliche lesart y (vgl. die kritische note zd st.) zu restituiren. — Vgl. auch Lüdtke zu The Erl of Toi. v. 307 f. Vgl. über diese redensart meine erörterung, Engl. st. IV p. 493 f. Wie 1797 Zup in der note zu Guy v 4147: Then seyde Gye : Traytowre, pou be drawe ! behaupten kann, drawe sei synonym mit be hanged, ist mir nicht ganz einleuchtend. Zur ausdrucksweise...
Page 129 - Ipomydon resseyueth he now. Tholomew a clerk he toke, That taught the chyld vppon the boke, Bothe to synge and to rede ; And after he taught hym other dede : Aftirward to serve in halle, Bothe to grete and to smalle : Before the kyng mete to kerve, Hye and low feyre to serve...
Page 123 - One crooke of the numbles lyeth ever more Vnder the throte-bole of the beast before, That is called avauncers whoso can them ken, And the bravest part of the numbles then ; That is to say, the forcers, that lyn even between The two thighs of the beast, that other crookes wen. In the midret, that is called the roundill also, For the sides round about corven it is fro.
Page xi - Versionen derselben noch vieles, bislang unbekannte, ans tageslicht gezogen werden wird', andererseits hat gerade dieser staff in neuester zeit zu wiederholten malen eine eingehende philologische behandlung erfahren, so dass hier sich uns nirgends mehr das gefühl der Unsicherheit oder Vereinsamung befallen kann. Die beiden arbeiten , welche ich...
Page cvii - So long of loue thai mene, That Mark seighe it was so. XIV. Marke seighe hou it is, What loue was hem bitvene ; Certes this thought was his, Ful wele awreken to ben ; He cleped Tristrem with...
Page cxi - ... den bejac, der an solhen dingen lit, niuwan durch die kurzen zit, die man hie mite haben sol.
Page 121 - s at full, the happy pair are met. Mar. How hath this morning paid me for my rising ! First, with my sports ; but most with meeting you. I did not half so well reward my hounds, As she hath me to-day ; although I gave them All the sweet morsels called tongue, ears, and dowcets ! Rob.
Page 155 - William of Malmesbury gives the honour of this invention to no less a personage than St. Dunstan : ,In tantum et in frivolis pacis sequax, ut quia compatriotae in tabernis convenientes, jamque temulenti, pro more bibendi contenderet, ipse clavos argenteos vel aureos vasis affigi jusserit; ut, dum metam suam quisque cognosceret, non plus, subserviente verecundia, vel ipse appeteret, vel alium appetere cogeret.

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