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1. United States Bureau of Education.

II. Principal State school officers ----

III. County and other local superintendents of schools.-

IV. Superintendents of public schools in cities and towns.

V. Public-school business managers

VI. Presidents of universities and colleges..

VII. Presidents of junior colleges ---

VIII. Heads of departments of education...

IX. Presidents or deans of schools of theology-

X. Presidents or deans of schools of law----

XI. Presidents or deans of schools of medicine --

XII. Presidents or deans of schools of dentistry-

XIII. Presidents or deans of schools of pharmacy-

XIV. Presidents of schools of osteopathy----

XV. Deans of veterinary medicine..

XVI. Presidents, etc., of institutions for the training of teachers:

(1) Presidents of teachers colleges--

(2) Principals of State public normal schools ---

(3) Principals of city public normal schools ----

(4) Principals of private physical training schools---

(5) Principals of private nursery, kindergarten, and pri-

mary training schools.---

(6) Principals of private general training schools.-

XVII. Directors of summer schools.---

XVIII. Librarians of public and society libraries----

XIX. Executive officers of State library commissions..

XX. Directors of library schools----

XXI. State library associations

XXII. Educational boards and foundations --

XXIII. Church educational boards and societies.

XXIV. Jewish educational organizations

XXV. Superintendents of Catholic parochial schools.-

XXVI. International educational associations and foundations.

XXVII. American associations-educational, civic, and learned.

XXVIII. National Congress of Parents and Teachers-

XXIX. Educational periodicals

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Commissioner of Education, William John Cooper,
Chief Clerk, Lewis A. Kalbach.
Editorial Division, James C. Boykin, chief.
Library Division,
Statistical Division, Frank M. Phillips, chief.
Alaska Dwision, Seattle (Wash.) office, Jonathan H. Wagner, chief.
Alaska Division, Washington (D. O.) office, William Hamilton, assistant chler.
Higher Education Division:

Arthur J. Klein, chief.
Ben W. Frazier, specialist in teacher training.
Walter J. Greenleaf, associate specialist in higher education.

Walton C. John, associate specialist in higher education.
Rural Education Division:

Mrs. Katherine M. Cook, chief.
Mina M. Langvick, specialist in rural school curriculum.
Walter H. Gaumnitz, specialist in rural secondary education.
Annie Reynolds, associate specialist in rural education.
Timon Covert, assistant specialist in rural education,

Edith A. Lathrop, assistant specialist in rural education,
City Schools Division:

Walter S. Deffenbaugh, chief.
Alice Barrows, specialist in school buildings.
Mary D. Davis, specialist in nursery-kindergarten-primary education,
Carl A. Jessen, specialist in secondary education.

Florence C. Fox, associate specialist in elementary education.
Service Division:

· Lewis R. Alderman, chief.
Industrial Education Section.-Maris M. Proffitt, specialist in industrial education.
Commercial Education Section.-John 0. Malott, specialist in commercial education.
Home Economics Section.--Emeline S. Whitcomb, specialist in home economics.
Adult Education Section.-Lewis R. Alderman, specialist in adult education; Ellen C.

Lombard, assistant specialist in home education.
Section of Foreign Education Systems.-James F. Abel, specialist in foreign educa-

tion systems; Severin K. Turosienski, assistant specialist in foreign education.

School Legislation.-Ward W. Keesecker, assistant specialist in school legislation. Physical Education and School Hygiene Division:

James F. Rogers, chief.
Marie M. Ready, assistant specialist in physical education.
Fletcher B. Dresslar, special agent, George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville,



Alabama, Montgomery.—R. E. Tidwell, State superintendent of education ; John W. Abercrombie, assistant State superintendent; James N. Gunnels, chief clerk; A. F. Har. man, director, division of educational administition ; N. F. Greenhill, supervisor, attendance and child accounting; B. L. Parkinson, director of teacher training, certification, and elementary education ; P. W. Hodges, secretary of teacher training, certification, and elementary education ; Mrs. Georgia H. Hodges, assistant in certification; Cora Pearson, supervisor of elementary education ; Dale s. Young, director, division of research and information ; W. L. Spencer, director of secondary education; T. W. Smith, supervisor of secondary education ; N. R. Baker, supervisor of secondary education ; Danylu Belser, director, school and community betterment; J. R. Sharman, director of

physical and health education; Jessie R. Garrison, supervisor of physical and health education; Clutie Bloodworth, director of exceptional education ; J. B. Hobdy, director of vocational education; R. E. Cammack, supervisor of agricultural education; Terry C. Foster, supervisor of civilian rehabilitation; Margaret Shook, assistant supervisor of civilian rehabilitation ; Mrs. G. L. Gilbert, assistant supervisor of civilian rebabilitation ; Ivol Spafford, supervisor of home economics education ; Grattan Payne, statistician; R, E. Ledbetter, director of rural school buildings; J. S. Lambert, rural school agent; E. G. McGehee, jr., assistant rural school agent; A. F. Dittmar, architectural draftsman, rural schools; W. E. Benns, supervisor of construction, rural schools.

Alaska, Juneau.—Lester D. Henderson, commissioner of education.

Arizona, Phoenix.-C. 0. Case, State superintendent of public instruction and State executive officer for vocational education; J. A. Riggins, assistant superintendent of public instruction; W. R. Ashurst, fieldman; Margaret B. Martin, statistician; Jessie J. Ford, certification clerk ; A. M. Davis, State director of vocational education ; Halbert W. Miller, supervisor of agricultural education; Mildred W. Wood, supervisor of home economics education ; George S. Sanders, supervisor of trade and industrial education.

Arkansa8, Little Rock.-J. P. Womack, State superintendent of public instruction ; H. T. Steele, assistant State superintendent; Pearle Davis, deputy State superintendent ; Howard Dawson, director, bureau of research and statistics; C. M. Hirst, supervisor, buildings and grounds; A. S. Ross, supervisor, vocational civilian rehabilitation; E. B. Matthew, supervisor, vocational agriculture; F. T. Mitchell, assistant supervisor, vocational agriculture; W. J. Breit, supervisor, trades and industries ; Druzilla Kent, supervisor, home economics; H. H. Hill, supervisor of high schools', G. F. Floyd, supervisor of rural schools; W. F. Hall, supervisor of rural schools; Fred McCuiston, supervisor of negro schools ; Christine Sanders, librarian; Erica Christianson, itinerant teacher trainer; R. B. Smith, itinerant teacher trainer.

California, Saoramento.-Vierling Kersey, State superintendent of public instruction and director of education; Mary T. Stafford, secretary to the director; Sam H. Cohn, deputy superintendent; Helen N. Heffernan, chief, division of rural education ; Lillian B. Hill, chief, bureau of attendance and migratory schools; Julian A. McPhee, chief, bureau of agricultural education; Nicholas R. Ricciardi, chief, division of city secondary schools ; J. C. Beswick, chief, bureau of trade and industrial education ; Harry J. Hicker, chief, bureau of civilian vocational rehabilitation ; . Maude 1. Murchie, chief, bureau of homemaking education ; Ira W. Kibby, chief, bureau of business education; Ethel R. Allen, chief, division of adult education; Edna M, Strangland, associate chief, division of adult: education; Herbert R. Stolz, chief, bureau of parental education; Magdaline Wanzer, chief, bureau of immigrant education; N. P. Neilson, chief, division of health and physical education; Winifred Van Hagen, chief, bureau of physical education for girls; Anita Mubl, chief, division of special education ; Zellah M. Ryan, assistant chief, division of special education; Mabel F. Gifford, chief, bureau of correction of speech defects; Zellah M. Ryan, chief, bureau of education of physically handicapped children; Richard s. French, chief, bureau of education of the blind ; Elwood A. Stevenson, chief, bureau of education of the deaf; Walter E. Morgan, chief division of research and statistics ; Evelyn A. Clement, chief, division of teacher training and certification ; W. S. Dyas, chief, bureau of State printed textbooks ; Stella Trussell, chief, bureau of high school textbook listing; Milton Ferguson, State librarian and chief, division of libraries; Andrew P. Hill, jr., chief, division of schoolhouse planning.

Canal Zone, Balboa Heights.--Ben M. Williams, superintendent of schools; V. H. Barker, assistant to superintendent; Sbirley D. Price, assistant to superintendent.

Colorado, Denver.—Katherine L. Craig, superintendent of public instruction; Emma Goudy, deputy superintendent; Mrs. Annie P. Hyder, assistant State librarian; Monica Hayden, assistant State librarian; Helen von Rosenberg, supervisor of certification ; Mrs. Magdalene C. Roff, statistician.

Connecticut, Hartford.-A. B. Meredith, commissioner of education; N. Louise Mitchell, chief clerk ; Donald H. Scribner, director, division of accounts and purchases ; Robert C. Deming, director of adult education ; Mary F. Potter, field agent for adult education ; George R. Sturges, director of attendance and employment. New Britain-Ralph S. Harvey, agent of attendance and employment division. North Haven-Marcus D. Marks, agent of attendance and employment division. Hartford-- Daniel T. Nolan, agent of attendance and employment division. Bridgeport-M. C. Tiers, agent of attendance and employment division. New Haven-Wm. L. Larash, agent of attendance and employment division. Hartford---Frederick S. Camp, supervisor of elementary education ; Mrs. Mary M. Theobald, assistant supervisor of physical education and health; Roger M. Thompson, director of research and surveys; N. Searle Light, director of rural educatlon; Joseph Wiseltler, supervisor of art education ; Franklin E. Pierce, supervisor of secondary education; Maud Keator, director of special education and standards; F. J.

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