Taxation of Interstate Carriers and Employees: Hearings...on H.R. 6448. April 21, 22, 23, and 26, 1937

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Page 4 - ... the amount of the underpayment shall be collected, in such manner and at such times (subject to the statute of limitations properly applicable thereto) as may be prescribed by regulations of the Board.
Page 2 - employer" shall not include any street, interurban, or suburban electric railway, unless such railway is operating as a part of a general steam-railroad system of transportation, but shall not exclude any part of the general steam-railroad system of transportation now or hereafter operated by any other motive power. The Interstate Commerce Commission is hereby authorized and directed upon request of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, or upon complaint of any party interested, to determine after...
Page 4 - ... (2) In the payment of any contributions, a fractional part of a cent shall be disregarded unless it amounts to one-half cent or more, in which case it shall be increased to 1 cent.
Page 2 - ... handling of property transported by railroad, and any receiver, trustee, or other individual or body, judicial or otherwise, when in the possession of the business of any such " carrier " : Provided, however, That the term
Page 3 - ... the tax and the amount to be deducted, shall be made, without interest, in such manner and at such times as the Secretary or his delegate may by regulations prescribe.
Page 3 - The tax imposed by section 801 shall be collected by the employer of the taxpayer, by deducting the amount of the tax from the wages as and when paid.
Page 3 - An individual is in the service of an employer whether his service is rendered within or without the United States if (i) he is subject to the continuing authority of the employer to supervise and direct the manner of rendition of his service...
Page 4 - The contributions required by this Act shall be collected and paid quarterly or at such other times and in such manner and under such conditions not inconsistent with this Act as may be prescribed by Regulations of the Board, and shall not be deducted, in whole or in part, from the compensation of employees in the employer's employ. If a contribution required by this Act is not paid when due, there shall be added to the amount payable (except in the case of adjustments made in accordance with the...
Page 4 - Congress in substitution therefor, the tax imposed by section 801 shall not be allowed as a deduction to the taxpayer in computing his net income for the year in which such tax is deducted from his wages.
Page 2 - carrier" means an express company, sleeping-car company, or carrier by railroad, subject to part I of the interstate Commerce Act. (c) The term "company" includes corporations, associations, and joint-stock companies.

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