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Because I could only see some pages it was good... Oh and why could I only see some pages? Because they were blocked.... I havent Bought the bok

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I thought that this would be a good book for my adolescent children, but found that the book failed to provide any scientific evidence for their information, and thus my children would never believe its contents.
I am an ovarian cancer patient, and have been using medical marijuana for the past ten years as prescribed by my oncologist. I have been in the hospital 13 times for various illnesses and long-term stays, and have been on every pain medication and anti-nauseal available. I missed my 5 year old's kindergarten graduation due to a serious bout of nausea which left me incapacitated for four days. After over 30 medications, my specialist recommended trying medical marijuana teas. I began to use them, and my life immediately changed for the better. I was able to play with my children, take them to school, and go for walks with Mops, our spaniel.
My children are aware of my medical marijuana use, and I have personally educated them as to when marijuana is appropriate (for adults who need medication) and when it is not (for children, teenagers, and healthy adults). However, this book fails to recognize any of the hundreds of medical studies (even studies performed and financed by the United States Government) which validate medical marijuana use. Though the book acknowledges that it's impossible for an adult to overdose on marijuana, they do not discuss the positive benefits of medical marijuana use in responsible adults. Our children need to be aware of regular, prescribed medications so that they do not abuse or experiment with these substances in the future.
Whereas this book criminalizes prescribed medical marijuana use in terminally ill patients, they do not discuss in great depth the increasing problems with children abusing prescription medication (pill-form). Whereas marijuana use is on the DECLINE in America, prescription pill abuse among adolescents is on the rise. This is largely due to American parents taking drugs such as Prozac or Paxil and not explaining to their children what these medications are for. These children, in turn, see their parents taking pills and grow up believing that prescription medications are safe if they are in a pill bottle and from a doctor (Pinsky 2010). After all, Mommy takes the pills - How bad can they be?
I personally cannot trust handing my children information which is not only incorrect, but dangerous to their well-being. Our children need to be educated on the benefits and risks of prescription medication, and when it's appropriate to use them and when it is not. This book by Ketcham and Pace chooses to criminalize cancer patients, but fails to warn children of the risk of not taking prescription medication seriously. Ketcham and Pace are not only hypocritical, but endangering the welfare and underestimating the intelligence of our children.

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