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district bounded by Hanover street from Menomonee river to Florida street, thence east to the Milwaukee river, thence following the said rivers to the place of

beginning Conductors and

Along the other streets and alleys of the city the said poles, how company may stretch its conductors upon poles, said placed.

conductors to be properly insulated; said poles to be of first quality, not to be more than one hundred and fifty feet apart, and shall in no case support the wires less than thirty-five feet in height, and shall be arranged so as to

support the conductors along the sides of the street, and City may use poles the circuits to be none other than metallic circuits. The for stretching wires.

city of Milwaukee shall at all times have the right and privilege to use the poles of said company for the purpose of stretching and maintaining thereon a line or lines of wires for the use of the fire department, the police department, or any other department of the city government, without any compensation therefor.

Pavements to be

Section 3. Whenever it may be found necessary in restored. making any of the connections contemplated in this ordi

nance, or in repairing the same, to interfere or disturb any street, alley, pavement or sidewalk, the same shall be

replaced and restored by or at the expense of said comSewer, etc., pipes pany, its successors or assigns, under the supervision of not to be dis- the board of public works, but no sewer, gas or water pipe turbed.

shall be disturbed for that purpose.


Section 4. Nothing in this ordinance shall be construed as conferring any exclusive rights or privileges upon the same company, and unless said company shall, within one year after the passage and publication of this ordinance, in good faith commence the construction herein provided for and hereby authorized, and shall within said time have constructed and in operation at least twenty miles of wire, then and in that case all rights and privileges herein granted shall be forfeited and of no effect. The common council of the city of Milwaukee shall have the right at all times to direct that the wires of said company shall be placed in a conduit in any street in which a conduit is laid; and the said company shall have the same rights and powers in all respects as if the said wires were placed on poles: the said company, however, in carrying out the directions of the common council as contemplated in this section, shall have the right and option

Wires may be ordered in conduits.


to build its own conduit on such streets and place and operate its wires therein.

Section 5. This ordinance shall not take effect unless

Bond. the said company shall, within ninety days after the passage of this ordinance, have executed and delivered a bond to the city of Milwaukee in the penal sum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), with sureties satisfactory to the mayor and comptroller of said city, and approved as to form by the city attorney, conditioned to indemnify and save harmless the city of Milwaukee of and from all damages which may accrue or which may in any way arise or grow out of the exercise by said company of the privileges herein granted. The bond above mentioned shall be further conditioned for the faithful compliance by said company with all the terms and provisions of this ordinance, and shall be renewed every five years or oftener, Renewal of. and at any time and as often as the common council of said city may desire. .

Section 6. The Milwaukee Telegraph Company of Conductors to be Milwaukee shall extend its conductors so as to supply any extended when

ordered by light or lights that may be ordered by the common

council. council of the city of Milwaukee, or the proper city officials, and shall supply the same in the streets and alleys in which the lines of conductors of such company are under ground at a price as agreed by contract, but not to exceed the maximum price of one hundred and fifty dollars per year for each arc light of 2,000 nominal candle power. Whenever the common council of the city of Maximum price for Milwaukee, or the proper city officials, shall order any arc light. light or lights in any street, alley or public place, to which light may be conducted by wires stretched upon poles, then said company shall within thirty days put up and maintain such light or lights for the power above mentioned during the entire night and every night in the year, at such price as may be agreed by contract, but not to exceed one hundred and fifty dollars per annum for each light of two thousand candle power. All the lights men- Lights to run all tioned in this section shall run and be in operation from night. early twilight in the evening to daylight in the morning.

Section 7. All charges for standard lights furnished by Price to be unisaid company, except those furnished to the city, shall be form. uniform in price throughout the whole city, and in no


Light, to whom furnished.

Conductors, how extended.

case shall a higher price be charged by said company for
such lights to any consumer in any part of the city than
the lowest price for which the same number of similar
lights is furnished by the company to any other consumer
in any other part of the city.

Said company shall furnish light to all persons who
shall pay for the same monthly, and who shall reside upon
a street, alley or public way in which the conductors of
said company are maintained.

Said company shall extend its conductors to any point upon any business street, and to any point upon any street within the fire limits in said city so as to supply consumers, whenever application shall be made therefor by not less than five consumers residing or doing business in every block, including both sides of such street on such proposed extension, provided such application shall be made in writing, addressed to the company, signed by the proposed consumers, and shall specify the extension desired, the number of consumers in each block of such extension, and their location by street number.

Whenever such application shall be made to said company for an extension of its conductors, it shall be the duty of said company to make such extension within sixty days after such application shall be made; provided, that in case the proposed extension is required by this ordinance to be made under ground, that said company shall have ninety days after the frost is out of the ground to complete the extension,


In case such company shall neglect or refuse to make such extension within the time hereinbefore provided, this ordinance shall thereupon become null and void, and all the franchises and privileges hereby granted shall cease and determine.


Section 8. The common council of the city of Milwaukee expressly reserves the right to amend this ordinance at any time.

Pooling prohibited.

Section 9. The Milwaukee Telegraph Company of Milwaukee shall not at any time pool or assign their interests nor consolidate with any other electric light company which may have heretofore obtained or may hereafter obtain a franchise to do business in this city; and if said company shall pool their interests or consoli


date with any other illuminating company, without the consent of the common council, then this ordinance shall be null and void.

Section 10. It is hereby expressly enacted that the Gas Light Co. proMilwaukee Gas Light Company is prohibited from

hibited from ac

quiring interest. acquiring any interest whatever in the said Milwaukee Telegraph Company of Milwaukee, and if the said last named company shall allow said Milwaukee Gas Light Company to acquire any interest whatever in said company, then this ordinance shall be null and void.

Section 11. Whenever the common council of the city Right reserved by of Milwaukee shall deem it to the interests of the city to city to purchase. purchase the property, rights and privileges of the said Milwaukee Telegraph Company of Milwaukee, as mentioned in the preceding sections of this ordinance, also all grounds, buildings, machinery and other property required to operate the electric plant as mentioned above, it shall have the right so to do by paying to said company or its assigns such compensation as may be determined between said company and the said city of Milwaukee, and in case they cannot agree so to do, then the value of the said property of the Milwaukee Telegraph Company of Milwaukee shall be settled by arbitration of three persons, one chosen by said corporation or company and one by the common council of the city of Milwaukee, and the third by the two thus chosen, and the decision of such arbitration shall be final and conclusive.

This ordinance being intended as an amendment to an Written acceptordinance passed June 5, 1883, the said ordinance, except as herein modified, is hereby repealed; provided, that the said company within thirty days from the passage hereof files with the city clerk an agreement in writing accepting all the provisions hereof.

Passed October 21, 1889.




146—AN ORDINANCE Granting certain rights to the Wisconsin Auxiliary Fire

Alarm Company, its successors and assigns.

The mayor and common council of the city of Milwaukee do ordain as follows:

Rights granted.

Section 1. There is hereby granted to the Wisconsin Auxiliary Fire Alarm Company, its successors and assigns, the right to erect, maintain and operate within said city for any time during the period of twenty-five years from and after the date of the approval of this ordinance, an auxiliary fire alarm system for the purpose of giving speedy alarms of fire, and to that end the said Wisconsin Auxiliary Fire Alarm Company, its successors and assigns, shall have the right for and during said period to lay and string all necessary wires and connect the same with and auxiliarise the fire alarm boxes now in use or hereinafter put in use by the said city; provided, however, that all connections and auxiliarization of said fire alarm boxes shall be done by and under the supervision of the city electrician and chief of the fire department.

Section 2. It is agreed by the Wisconsin Auxiliary Fire Alarm Company that in such sections of the city where said fire alarm wires are under ground that the Wisconsin Auxiliary Fire Alarm Company shall also have their wires under ground.

Section 3. It is hereby agreed that the Wisconsin Auxiliary Fire Alarm Company shall give bond for $25,000 as guarantee to said city of Milwaukee that it will in no way damage or interfere with the workings of the city fire alarm system.

Passed December 12, 1892.

Underground wires.



АN Аст

To incorporate the Milwaukee Gas Light Company.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. John Lockwood, William P. Lynde, James Kneeland, James II. Rogers and D. P. Hull, trustees of the Milwaukee Gas Light Company, organized under chapter fifty-one of the revised statutes, on the third day of January, 1852, and such other persons as may hereafter be associated with them as stockholders, their successors and assigns, are hereby created a body corporate and

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