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Bridges to be turned by electricity.

be granted upon condition that said consolidated company shall furnish the power necessary to turn the following bridges in the city of Milwaukee, viz.: Broadway, East Water, West Water, Buffalo, Huron, Michigan, Grand avenue, Oneida, State and Chestnut, and shall furnish such power whenever the common council shall by resolution direct free of charge to the city of Milwaukee, and if said companies so consolidated shall fail at any time to furnish the requisite power as herein provided, such failure shall be considered a forfeiture of all their franchises."

Passed December 1, 1890.



Right to construct conductors for transmitting electricity.

Granting certain rights to the Milwaukee Light and

Power Company.

mayor and common council of the city of Milwaukee do ordain as follows:

Section 1. Milwaukee Light and Power Company of Milwaukee, a corporation organized under and by virtue of the laws of Wisconsin, having its principal office in Milwaukee, its successors and assigns is hereby authorized to construct and maintain in the streets, alleys, tunnels and public grounds of the city of Milwaukee, lying of a line drawn from Lake Michigan to the western city limits, through the center of Martin and State streets, a line or lines of wire or other electric conductors to be used for the transmissoin of electricity for the purpose of furnishing light, heat, power and signals.

Section 2. The lines in the districts hereinafter named, except loops to lamps wherever they pass in any part of any street or alley, in the direction of such street or alley, shall be under ground. When they cross any alley they shall be under ground, unless permission be given by the board of public works to have them strung overhead. Whenever such lines are carried over private buildings of any sort, they shall be supported at least nine feet clear from the roofs of such buildings, and whenever carried over other private property they shall be constructed in

Streets on which wires shall be underground.

Manner of construction.

such manner as shall be satisfactory to the board of public works and chief of the fire department. They shall in all cases be insulated and all loops to buildings shall be supplied with switches at least one to every half block, arranged so that firemen can cut off the current in case of fire. Whenever said company shall desire to extend its Plans for extension lines in any of said districts over or along any street or

to be submitted alley of said city, it shall prepare a plan, showing the mode and approved. of extension proposed and submit the same to the chief of fire department and board of public works, who shall, if they approve the same, endorse their approval thereon, and the same shall be filed with the city clerk. If they do not approve such plan, they shall make such modification thereof as they deem proper and approve the same as modified, and the same as modified shall be filed with the city clerk, and such extension shall be made agreeable to the plan so approved and shall be constructed under the supervision of the board of public works or such other officer or department of the city government as may hereafter be designated by ordinance or by law to perform this said duty, or duties of said board of public works.


East Water street, North Water street to Milwaukee street, Broadway, Juneau avenue, all entire; Milwaukee street and the district bounded east by Milwaukee street, from Martin street northwardly to river; then following the river south to State street bridge, thence east on Martin street to Milwaukee street.


State street from river to Twentieth, Chestnut street from river to Twentieth, Winnebago street from Chestnut to Vliet, Vliet street from Winnebago to Twentieth, Galena street from Third to Twentieth, Walnut street from Third to Twentieth, Third street entire, Twelfth street entire, and the dist bounded by Fourth street fron State street north to Reservoir avenue; thence east to river, thence following the river south to State street, thence west to he place of beginning.

Along the other streets and alleys of the city the said Wires on other company may stretch its conductors upon poles, said con- streets may be ductors to be properly insulated; said poles to be of the

strung on poles. first quality, not to be more than one hundred and fifty



feet apart, and shall in no case support the wires less than thirty-five feet in height, and shall be arranged so as to support the conductors along the sides of the street, and the circuits to be none other than metallic circuits. The city of Milwaukee shall at all times have the right and privilege to use the poles of said company for the purpose of stretching and maintaining thereon a line or lines of wire for the use of the fire department, the police department, or any other department of the city government

without any compensation therefor. Pavements, etc., to Section 3. Whenever it may be found necessary in be restored.

making any of the connections contemplated in this ordinance, or in repairing the same to interfere or disturb any street, alley, pavement or sidewalk, the same shall be replaced and restored by

at the expense of said company, its success

or assigns, under the supervision of the board of public works, but no sewer, gas or water pipes shall be disturbed for that purpose. Before opening any street, alley or other public place, the said corporation shall notify the board of public works in writing, of such intention, stating the place where such opening is to be made, and shall comply with the directions of said board or of the common council in reference to replacing the pavement of said street, alley or other public place, and shall employ skilled labor for that purpose,

Section 4. Nothing in this ordinance shall be construed as conferring any exclusive rights or privileges upon the Milwaukee Light and Power Company, and unless said company shall within one year after the passage of this ordinance, in good faith, commence the construction herein provided for and hereby uthorized, and shall within said time have constructed and in operation at least ten miles of wire, then and in that case all rights and privileges herein granted shall be forfeited and of no

effect. The common council of the city of Milwaukee Council may require wires to shall have the right at all times to direct that the wires of be placed in con- said company shall be placed in a conduit in any street duits.

in which a conduit is laid, and the company 'shall forthwith proceed to have the same placed in said conduit and remove its poles from the street along which the conduit is laid, and the said company shall have the same rights and powers in all respects as if the said wires were placed on poles; the said company, however, in carrying out the


directions of the common council, as contemplated in this section, shall have the right and option to build its own conduit on such streets and place and operate its wires therein.

Section 5. This ordinance shall not take effect unless Bond. the Milwaukee Light and Power Company shall within ninety days after the passage of this ordinance have executed and delivered bond to the city of Milwaukee in the penal sum of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00) with sureties satisfactory to the mayor and comptroller of said city, and approved as to form by the city attorney, conditioned to indemnify and save harmless the city of Milwaukee of and from all damages which may accrue, or which may in any way arise or grow out of the exercise by said conpany of the privileges herein granted. The bond above to be renewed mentioned shall be further conditioned for the faithful

when required. compliance by said company with all the terms and provisions of this ordinance, and shall be renewed every five years or oftener, and at any time and as often as the common council of said city may desire.

Section 6. The Milwaukee Light and Power Company Conductors to be shall extend its conductors in said district so as to supply extended by order any light or lights that may be ordered by the common

of council. council of the city of Milwaukee or the proper city officials, and shall supply the same in the streets and alleys in which the lines of conductors of such company are under ground, at a price as agreed by contract, but not to exceed the maximum price of one hundred and fifty Maximum price. dollars per year for each arc light of 2,000 nominal candle power. Whenever the common council of the city of Milwaukee or the proper city officials shall order any light or lights in any street, alley or public place, to which light may be conducted by wires stretched upon poles, then said company shall within thirty days, put up and maintain such light or lights, of the power above mentioned, during the entire night, every night in the year, at such price as may be agreed by contract, but not to exceed one hundred and fifty dollars per annum for each light of two thousand candle power. All the lights mentioned in this section Lights to run all shall run and be in operation from early twilight in the night. evening to daylight in the morning.

Section 7. All charges for standard lights furnished Charges to be by said company, except those furnished to the city, shall uniform.

To whom lights must be fur. nished.

Conductors to be

extended, when.

be uniform in price throughout the whole district, and in no case shall a higher price be charged by said company for such lights to any consumer in any part of the district than the lowest price for which the same number of similar lights is furnished by the company to any other consumer in any other part of the district. Said company shall furnish lights to all persons who shall pay for the same monthly, and who shall reside upon a street, alley or public way in which the conductors of said company are maintained.

Said company shall extend its conductors to any point upon any business street and to any point upon any street within the fire limits in said district, so as to supply consumers whenever application shall be made therefor by not less than five resident consumers in every block of such street on such proposed extension; provided, such application shall be made in writing, addressed to the company, signed by the proposed consumers, and shall specify the extension desired, the number of consumers in each block of such extension, and their location by street numbers.

Whenever such an application shall be made to the company for such an extension of its conductors, it shall be the duty of said company to make such extension within sixty days after such application shall be made; provided, that in case the proposed extension is required by this ordinance to be made under ground that said company shall have ninety days after the frost is out of the ground to complete its extension. In case such company shall neglect or refuse to make such extension within the time hereinbefore mentioned, this ordinance shall thereupon become null and void, and all franchises and privileges hereby granted shall cease and determine.

Extension to be made within sixty days.


Section 8. The common council of the city of Milwaukee expressly reserves the right to amend this ordinance at any time.

Pooling prohibited.

Section 9. The Milwaukee Light and Power Company shall not at any time pool or assign their interests, nor consolidate with any other electric light company, which may have heretofore obtained or may hereafter obtain a franchise to do business in this city; and if said Milwaukee Light and Power Company shall pool their interests or consolidate with any other illuminating company with

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