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tical Tobacco, if unmanufactured, and every part thereof, be shipped and exported in the Original Package, with the lame Marks in, and with which it was at first imported into Great Britain, and no other, without any Alteration whatsoever being made in the Package (except such as shall be occasioned by necessary Cooperage for the Repair of the faid Package) or any other Tobacco being put therein, or any part of the Tobacco being removed or taken out of the Package in which it was at first imported (except only Ten Pounds Weight of Tobacco, which shall be allowed to be taken out of each Hogshead, Cask, Case, or other Package, after the fame is weighed

at the Importation, as is now the PracPenalty of en- tice; and if any Person or Perfons whattering Tobacco foever thall enter any Tobacco for Ex!c?exportation portation, at any other Port or Place at any other port or in than that at which the same identical Toorher Package, bacco was imported, or in any other Gr. Cask or Package than the same, in which

the fame unmanufactured Tobacco was
Originally imported, or without the same
Marks, all such Tobacco shall be foi feit-
ed, and no Drawback chereupon shall be
paid, or if any shall be paid, the same
ihall be repaid, and the Person who en-
tered, or caused the same to be entered,
thall forfeit the Sum of Two hundred
Pounds; and whoever shall knowingly
export beyond the Seas any Hogshead,
or other Package of Tobacco, out of
which more than Ten Pounds Weight
of Tobacco has been taken for Samples, 1,
he, she, and they, ro offending, shall
forfeit and lose the Sum of Twenty


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