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Lord Bacon

16 The Civitas Solis of Campanella

17 The Oceana of Harrington

18 The Mundus alter et idem of Bishop Hall; The History of the
Sevarambians; The Aventures de Jaques Sadeur

19 Descriptions of a happy people in Télémaque, in The Voyages de
Cyrus and Sethos, in the Lettres Persanes, and in Gauden-
tio di Lucca. Klimii Iter Subterraneum .

20 Notions of the ancients respecting a golden age, and the pri-

mitive state of mankind

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Fichte's Geschlossener Handelsstaat, or Perfect Commercial
State; the Catholic and the Invisible church


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29 Distinction between ideal perfect states and ideal institutions;
inquiry into the possibility of determining the best form of
any political institution

30 Nature of the problem of the best form of government

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