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This group of commentaries is one of the 'Big Boys' that tries and succeeds way more than most to reach across our many boundaries and 'watch dogs' to give a meaningful and insightful look at the NT and writers like this one are well equipped and ready for the task. I (that being me, myself, and I) believe any serious student of Sacred Scripture well benefit greatly from this set that is of course if your made of money. I use a local Catholic University (they do have the best libraries 9 out of 10 times) and a copier or better good digital camera and put the part(s) I need in my notebookpclifelineholderofmylifeandknowledge machine.Look into this it caint hurit. 

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I highly endorse all the NICNT series! Fantastic interaction with the Greek.

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A very useful review of Moo's NICNT volume on Romans is that of Thomas RSchreiner, ('Reading romans theologically: A review article' in
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Dec 1998
). This is available free online at  

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