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Cannon beat down their wals and houses, the Musqueteers, Dragoons, and Pistold horsemen swept all Ca” and their goods afore them; the Pikemen in their inclosures and retreats left them no beds, pots or pans; their silver plate was turned into earthern dishes: New names, and terms, like an unknown language, and like to strange tongue unheard of in all the Globe as far as our Antipodes, called Cavalleers, Engagers, Independents, Roundheads, and Malignants, like the Gothes, Huns, and Vandalls, and Alans, that invaded and conquered Italy, Spaine, and France; and like the Saxons, Jutes, and Angles, that conquered Britanny. These having plundered, and put upon us new Laws and Ordinances, called Contribution, Excise, Quartering, and Sequestrations, my friends were now and rightly by Gods Providence made light, and not troubled or incumbred with much stuffe to travel with, nor Farms, Tenements, or Copyholds, and for our sins our pride abated, our hearts humbled: our afflictions made us pray heartily, and call to God to direct us to infuse contrition and true sorrow and purpose of amendment to follow his calling. Wee found this storm and heavy judgement had likewise afflicted Scotland, Ireland, Man, Iarsey, and Garnsey Isles. Then perusing my old evidences, I sound my Auncestor Sir Richard Plantagenet had Chawton, Blendworth, Clanfield, and Catrington in Hampshire. But in those Civil wars in Henry the sixth time, much like these or that of the Guelss and Gibellines in Italy, all was lost. I resolved to be a Newter in this quarrell, not to kill English men and Christians, but with Christ to fly into Egypt, and like the Apostile Paul to fly out of one City into another, and get out of the fire: At last my seven Knights and Gentlemen imployed me the oldest and boldest Traveller to see all English Plantations, by warrant to buy land in the healthiest and best for us eight, and for a hundred servants, and twenty of our old tenants and families. But in my private instructions, I was on a full and deliberate council directed to follow old Catoes rules in seating of the Romane Colonies, begun to be seated to save charge of Garrisons in new Conquests. First, to seat in a healthy pure aire: else after all the hazzard, charge and building past, their people die, and their posterity extinguish, and their children inherit sicknes and weaknesse. Secondly, to sit down in a fresh navigable river for trade and supply, where there was stone neer to build, and not to build on wood subject to firing of enemies, negligence of servants, or treachery of slaves and apprentices; for this reason I on my view of Virginia, disliked Virginia, most of it being seated scatteringly in wooden clove board houses, where many by fire were undone, and by two massacres in an instant fired, without any Forts there, or retreats of safety in time of danger, and seated amongst Saltmarches and Creeks, where thrice worse then Essex, and Tenet, and Kent for agues and diseases, brackish water to drink and use; and a flat Country, and standing waters in woods bred a double corrupt air, so the elements corrupted no wonder as the old Virginians affirm, the sicknesse there the first thirty years to have killed 100000 men. And then generally five of six imported died, and now in Iune, Iuly and August chiefly, one in nine die imported, absent a year and returning: though much land more now is cleared and victuall***tell mendeth the diet. Thirdly, Catoes and the third Romane rules was to seat in rich land so that the richnesse of the place and neernesse of husbandry may continue the Colony with plenty and safety: this also Virginia for the most part wanteth, they living in salts, and most of their lands after two crops is a light hot earth, which kils barley with the hot ground and Sun in May. - Thus instructed I viewed Barbadoes and Saint Christophers, Bermudoes, New England, and Virginia and Maryland; Saint Christophers I finde worne out, two parts full of French aliens subject to blast it, and winds blowing away Cotten, wanting victuals, and no store of land; Barbadoes have some rich men, having Sugar mils, Indico, Ginger, Suckets of Oranges and Lemmons, and bad Tobacco; but their usuall bread is of Cassada roots, whose juice is poyson, so the negligence of a servant or slave in the right making of it may cost the whole family a poysoning; the servants usuall food is some Pease, Potatoes, Roots, and those boyled make their drink called Mobby, and Plantana roots; some rich have Poultry, and Hogs, and Cows tied up to trees, for there are few Raunges and Inclosures. These two last yeares the plague as I am informed killed 10000 brave people, and there are many hundreds Rebell Negro slaves in the woods; here was no store of land for our 100 men and their families, here wants the English mans grasse, and so the English mans Beef, Mutton, Milk, Butter and Cheese, and they want rivers to turn their Sugar mils, lso that New England sendeth Horses, and Virginia Oxen, to turn them at excessive rates, and their keeping is there chargeable, and at Barbadoes they buy much Beef and Meal, and Pease, and Fish from New A England, and other places, yet this Isle is full of gallant people, very civil and well governed, and now no fear of the Spaniard being so populous. Then I touched at Bermudoes, an Isle twenty miles long, and ten miles over ; and in some places more guarded with Rocks and Isles, difficult in accesse, full of Figs, Oranges, Lemmons, Pomcitrons, Potatoes, and Plantans,

Mays wheat for bread, excellent Fish, Tobacco and Pease; healthy too and quiet in government; But this Isle being but a pretty prison, was not for my Companies use. Thence I sailed to New England, where I found three months snow, hard winter, but lean land, in generall all along the sea coast well peopled Towns, the people very thrifty, industrious, and temperate; their fish carried to Bilbao, and Saint Sebastans, their Pipestaves to the Isles and Spain, and the corn of the floated river of Connectacut is transported, and the Beaver trade is their best subsistence. Still hoping for a richer and more temperate soile, I went to Virginia, passing 310 miles along the shoars and Isles of New Albion, by Manhatas Isle, by Long Isle, Cape May, and the two Capes of Delaware Bay, by the lesser and southermost, being by our Sea-mens observations just in 38 degrees, and 40 minutes, and so to Congotto, and Fetz Isles in Maryland to Virginia; to Newports News, where receiving kind entertainment at Captain Matthews, at Master Fantleroys, and free quarter in all places, finding the Indian war ended, first by the valour, courage, and hot charge of Captain Marshall, and valiant Stilwel, and finished by the personall and resolute March and Victory of Sir William Berkley Governour, there taking the old King Ope Chankino prisoner, I wandered all over, finding no place for the reasons aforesaid fit for our Companies: I went to Chicacoem, the North part of Virginia on Pawtomeck river, avoiding it and Maryland, which I found healthier and better then Virginia, for then it was in war both with the Sasque. hannocks, and all the Eastern Bay Indians, and a Civill war between some revolters, protestants, assisted by 50 plundered Virginians, by whom M. Leonard Calvert Governour under his brother the Lord Baltamore, was taken prisoner and expelled: and the Isle of Kent taken from him also by Captain Clayborn of Virginia; yet I viewed Kent Isle, too wet, and plashy, having bad water, but there and at Chicacoem, and at Accomack in Virginia, and chiefly in New England, they related of the excellent temper, and pure aire, fertility of soile, of hils that sheltered off the North-west windes, and blasts, vallies of grapes, rich mines, and millions of Elkes, Stags, Deer, Turkeys, Fowl, Fish, Cotten, rare fruits, Timber, and fair plains, and clear fields, which other Plantations want, this excelling all others: and finding it lay just midway between Virginia, too hot and aguish in the blasted plains on one side, and the cold NewEngland on the other, and in the same situation of Naples, the Garden of Europe, after one hunting voiage and *** 60 miles on one side of Albion, and 310 miles on the other side, and Long Isle finding the countries better and pleasanter then related, I made my addresses to the Lord Governour of Albion, and having obtained under the Province Seal my grant of my Manor of Belvill containing 10000 acres, on a navigable river, having in it and neer, Alablaster, Terras for plaister of Paris, Pudding and Slatstone, store of Timber, clear Fields, Meads and Woods, and no Indians neer, and Vines, I resolved to return to Holland, and to transport my friends, where most happily the second time meeting his Lordship, and perusing by his noble favour, all his Lordships Cards, and Seamens draughts, 17 journall books of discoveries, voiages, huntings, tradings, and severall depositions under seal of the great Bever, and fur trade, rich mines, and many secrets and rarities. In fourteen days having with the two former books printed of Albion 1637, and 1642. made a full abstract and collection, agreing with my own view and in the Depositions, and M. Evelins, and other the voiagers of Virginia and New England, I thought it most necessary for the good of all the Company, and many Voluntiers in Holland, distressed in England, and noble Knights, Gentlemen, that with a little stock may gain fair and rich possessions, and live in peace and quiet, to print and publish this my labor under all your Lordships Protections, most humbly craving your Lordships gentle acceptance. And because it conduceth much for a General and a Leader, to be known to his Commanders and Soldiers, his abilities and vertues, and excellent parts, drawing more men of honour and valour to follow him ; it contenting many men of honour and dignity to be led and commanded by a better and more honourable, and more sufficient then themselves, and not their inferiour: the meaner and poorer sort expecting all encouragement, justice, and protection ; and all the Company, the Adventurers, and strangers to us all, may more freely and chearfully goe on, and set out their men, and expect the more and better returns and contentment, under his government, in whom Pietie, Religion, Honor, Justice, Learning, Valor, Judgment, Temperance, and Policie shineth; hope without offence or imputation of flattery, to affirm his virtues more then the gems of the Coronet of this our Earl Palatine, doe adorn his noble part. Since to me conscientia mea mille testes, I have had the honour to be admitted as his familiar, have marched, lodged, and cabbined together, among the Indians and in Holland, have seen so many of his Manuscript Books, and most excellent Rules and Observations of Law, Justice, Policy, I found his conversation as sweet and winning, as grave and sober, adorned with much Learning, enriched with six Languages, most grounded and experienced in formal matters of State policy, and govern

ment, trade and sea voiages by 4 years travell in Germany, France, Italy and Belgium, by 5 years living an Officer in Ireland, and this last 7 years in America, his studie and suits at home and abroad enabling his impartiall and infallible judgement of Judicature, and certainly his perfect knowledge of his 23 Indian Kings, under the command of this our Lord Royall, as of his good and bad neighbours, their power, wealth and weaknesse, English Aliens and Indians appears by his notes and books where none of their treacheries, plots, conspiracies, haltings and villanies, their Antagonists, their numbers and abilities, the advantage of our arms and fights, and stratagems are as Greek phalanges, and they as Romane Maniples and enemies to side with; and how to quiet and regain, kill, or surprise them is not expressed. What Port, Bay and soundings, Creek, river, road, quarries of stone, slat, Iron mines, Gum-Dragoon, Lead, Gold, and Silver, Alablaster, Terras, Bolarmack, red soap earth, Terralemnia, Diers ware, Hearbs and Plants, and their use, Ocar, Rudle, Cinnaber for quicksilver and Vermillion, is not in particular, Cards by compasse, and scale in books, with all trials and witnesses recorded. What land and sea profit, fishing, place for salt, Potas, Dies, Fruits, Hearbs and Plants, clear Fields, great Plains, fine and thick Grasse, Marshes, necks of land, rich black, moulded countries for Tobacco, Flaxe, Rice, choice Trees, and Timber for Shipping, and Pipestaves, Masts, Yards, Pitch, Tar, sheltred places for Grapes and Fruits; Cotten in Cotten river, invincible places by nature, others by a little charge and fort to be made impregnable, is not in this huge and waste Province, being 1000 mile compasse delineated; and what Law or Policy, and summary Justice, Courts of Law, Equity, Appeals, Awards, or references, sit to compose differences, reconcile debates, to unite hearts, to settle the factious and seditious in any other English Colonies or Countries, and fit for our Justice, is not explained. Therefore my good Lords and Adventurers, since I speak of knowledge or view, and certain reports of wise and knowing men, I shall joy and congratulate with you all, in so able, sufficient, and honourable a Governour, happily to rule, to defend, and doe us justice; a tried and seasoned man, and excellent Pilot in all this Land and Seas, not afeared in person as a true Captain Generall by Land and Sea, to leade and settle us by Boat, Horse or Foot, as able and willing as any of the meanest; and therefore I think at first as most materiall to expresse the Law, Statutes, and Judgments, and Acts of Parliament, of Counts, and Count Palatines, and County Palatines, and of our Province and County Palantine, Liberties, and the ancient fami

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