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But to answer an Objection of some not truly informed and mistaken, conceiving that our Earle Palatine might in his Countrey onely and no where else, have his Honour, Title and Precedency. I answer, that our Soveraign Lord King Charles, as Emperour of England, under his Privy Signet, signed with his Royall hand, so granted and created him, which alone had been sufficient, as others have been made, in Master Seldens. Book, Records and Presidents mentioned; but being farther with speciall Clauses and Decree, and speciall Creation, so made and particularly granted, that both by Tenure and Dependency, and that this Province shall be of the Liegance of Ireland, and all there born to be free Denizens thereof, and under his Majesties Great Seal, there is no doubt or question thereof; For he is no Alien Earl made by an Alien King, as Copply by the French King, Duke Dudley, and Count Arundell by the Emperour, but by our own King the fountain of Honour; For an Earl by his Charter carrieth his Honour with him in all places, and that is his true name as above is adjudged, and is not to be sued or sue, is adjudged, without it; and so the more learned Civilians and Serjeants have certified: and Nova Scotia is so annexed to Scotland, Adam de Valentia, and Marshall, Earle Palatines of Pembroke by Conquest in the kingdome or Principality of Wales, then out of England was a Peer to the English Parliament, and so the three Irish Conquerors Palatines recited; and how absurd a conceit it is that our Earl Palatine of Albion, and he of Pembroke in Wales, and the rest having all Regalities, and Powers, Lordship, Honour and Titles, and power to give Honours and make Barons coming out of their Countries into England, should here bee un-Lorded and debased unto Esquires without Lordship, Honour or Precedency. And note all these, and Earl Fitz Allen in his locall Earldome of Arundell by Writ being called to Parliament, is not there by an Earl; for to be called by Writ, is onely to be a Lord or Baron, and so the Earle of Arundells Title and Precedency was adjudged him after long debate by Parliament. To conclude the Earl Palatines of Chester and Pembroke, and Montgomery or de Belesmo in

Shropshire, were the greatest Princes of England; and by their

Conquests, and so in Ireland by their Hazard and Conquests that kingdome and Wales is gotton to this Crown: And so the now Lord five Proprietors that now conquer on Indians, and convert Pagons, and civilize them, and bring them to the obedience of our Soveraign, and at their own charges have made an entrance and sure way with the other Colonies of America to make our Soveraign an Emperour of America, having now neer two hundred thousand to defend his Empire; and therefore

deserve all Honour and Encouragement; amongst which our Earl Palatine having adventured his person seven years, with so much hazard and charges, is chiefly to be advanced and honoured according to his worth. + Now for the pedegree and ancient Family of our Earl Palatime of 200 years descent, being in England and borders of Wales: I finde onely a letter in the name changed, in each Age, and Conquest or change of Nation; for in Henry of Huntingdon, and William of Malmsbury, his Chronicles of all the Saxon Princes, that have arrived, and seated, and conquered the Britains; this family descending of a daughter, came with those Princes into Britany; and I find that in lower Saxony neer Hamboro, and Holstein a member of the Empire, and in all Maps there is still in that harsh language Ployen, a wall’d City by a lake, and Plowen a walled Castle of Count Plowen, a Count of the sacred Empire, in Grimstons and other Histories mentioned; Now the Welch make and turn the vowel u into i or y, as from Brutus to Britons, so Plowden to Ployden, as all Maps write it. In Deeds, and the Bishop of Herefords Records I find Anno Domini 904, an Exchange pro decem manlis vocat Ploydanes place super quas Episcopus aedificaturus est Castrum, called Bishops Castle, in which Town the Ploydens have much lands and tenements, having Ployden Manor, Ployden Hall, Longvill Castle, and thirteen Townes about it to this day, and at the coming in of H. the seventh were Commanders of that country, and Constables, or Chastellains of that Fort of Bishops Castle; now Ploydan and Ployden is all one, Forest of Danes for Dene, the Norman pronuntiation, which name of Ployden signifieth kill Dane, or wound Dane : and Pleyden by Ry in Sussex was of this house, and signifieth in French hurt Dame, and this Pleyden sent his sons and conquered in Normandy, where are five families yet: and the heir of Pleyden wanting issue, made it an Hospitall, now held by the Earle of Thanet, Lord Toston; So Plowen, Ployen, Playdane, Ployden, Plowden and Pleyden is all one, for the change in time, and severall Nations pronunciation, Saxons, Danes, English, Welch and Normans. And note, to this day an Esquire in France of 300 yeares standing of Coat Armor shall take place and precedency of any Earle, Vicount or Baron, which is not so ancient of Coat Armor, they not allowing the King by new creations to bar their inheritance and precedency. And for their greatnesse and pedegree, I finde Ployden married the daughter of John de Monte Gomerico, (now called Mount Gomery). Earl of Salopshire, in William the Conquerours reign, and in Edward the thirds time married the daughter of that great and rich Knight Burley Conquerour in France; Humphrey Poyden in H. the sevenths time married the daughter and heir Stury of Stury Hall, daughter of Corbet, of Morton Corbet, by whom the Lacons, Laytons, *omlees, Purcelswollascot, of Wollascot, and the two Baronets Lee and Corbet Knights for the County of Salop to this Parliament, are of his kindred. And of the daughters of John Ployden, Lord Blany of Ireland, and of the other daughter maried to Hardwick, grandmother to that great ***in of Clause Castle; the third daughter maried to Walcot of Walcot Close * Ployden, yet men of great possessions, the Countesse of Bristoll being a Walcot, and so her sons, the Lord Digby and Sir Lewis Dives, and Vicountesse Chichester, or Belfast, and the other Ladies her daughters are descended, and are his kindred. Our Earl Palatines mother being sister of Sir Richard Fermor of Somerton, and cousen of Sir George and Sir Hatton Fermor, descended of the Knightlies, and so the Lord Vicount Say and Seal, the Countesse of Thomond a Fermor, and her children, and Vicount Wenman marying Sir Hatton Fermors children: the Baronesse of Abergenny, and her sister maried to Baronet Gage are his Neeces; his mother the Lady Penelope, daughter to the Lord Darcy, Vicount Colchester, Earl Rivers; but his branches for three last descents are so many, and at least fifty Baronets, Knights Equires, of 1000l. per annum at least, and their numerous issue; but for heir males of the name his first is Ployden of Wansteed, Ployden of Shippla” Ployden of Askon, Ployden of Ployden, and Ployden of Lee, and Doctor Ployden late of Lambeth. And for his now wife Countesse Palatine, daughter and heir to two worthy families, Neece of Sir George and Sir Hamb. Paulet deceased, in that pedegree 300 from the Marquesse of Winchester Lord high Treasurer of England are allied. All which I have more fully published, that all of his kindred may, any ways poor or oppressed, the sooner be preferred, advanced and transplanted to this most rich and pleasant Province, and to great possessions and honours there, as great Strongbow did 1200 of his to Weaford and Lemster in Ireland.

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C H A P. II. No. for the full and ample satisfaction of the Reader of

his Majesties full title, and power to grant, enjoy, and possesse these countries, as well against Aliens as Indians : which this forty years hath not been by print declared, we may

read at large Master Hacluits Voyages and Discoveries, Master Purchas and Captain Smiths: for when the Spaniard and Portugall discovered and possest 140 years since the East-Indies, Brasill, the South part of America, the Charibees and Antell Isles, and seated Saint Iohn de porto Rico, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Cuba, and the Fort and Port of Havanah, against the Gulf and Current, Batuana Isles, and point of Florida; then that most powerfull and richest King of Europe, King Henry the seventh of England sent out an English man born in Bristoll called Cabot, granted under his Great Seal to him all places and countries by him to be discovered and possest; who then beginning at Cape Florida discovered, entred on, took possession, set up crosses, and procured atturament and acknowledgement of the Indian Kings to his then Majesty, as Head, Lord and Emperour of the Southwest America, all along that coast both in Florida from 20 degrees to 35, where old Pirginia in 35 and 30 minutes 65 years since was seated by 5 severall Colonies about Croatan Cape, Haloraske, and Rawleys Isle, by Sir Walter Rawley, who had from Queen Elizabeth that place, and two hundred leagues from it in all places adjoyning; Sir Richard Greenfield, Sir Ralph Lane, and Master sh'hite his partners seating and fortifying there; the said Cabot, farther taking possession in 37 of that part called l'irginia and Chisapeack Bay being now his Majesties Demesne Colony of Pirginia, and of the next great Bay in or neer 39, called now by the Dutch Cape Henlopen, the south river, and by us Cape Iames and Delaware Bay of the Baron of Delawares name, being then Governour of Virginia, who by Sir Thomas Dale and Sir Samuel Argoll, 40 yeares since took possession and atturnment of the Indian Kings, and 60 years since Sir Waiter Rawley seated and left 30 men and four pieces of Ordnance, at the Creek neer Cape Iames, by the Dutch called Hoarkill, by us Roymont, and by the Indians Cui. Achomoca ; and so the next river by us called Hudsons river, of the name of Hudson an English man, the discoverer thirty five years since, who sold his discovery, plots and cards to the Dutch; and so Cabot discovered severall rivers and countries all along the coast North-East, now called New England, and divided in nine severall Governments, and further discovered Port Royall, and that part called New Scotland, and set up Crosses, where you may see in the French Book called New France, the French found an old Crosse all mossy, in an eminent place at the head of that Bay and Port, and discovered all that coast and New-found-land, and that called Terra de Laborador, or New Britain, as far as the frozen strait of Davis; Shortly after one Master Hore in the Reign of King Henry the 8th, renued this actual possession, atturmment of the Indian Kings, brought home divers of the chief Indian Kings to England, who gave their Homage and Oath of fidelity for these countries to King Henry the eight in person sitting on his throne in State in his Palace Hall at Westminster. Then Virginia being granted, settled, and all that part now called Maryland, New Albion, and New Scotland, being part of Virginia, Sir Thomas Dale, and Sir Samuel Argoll, Captains and Counsellors of Virginia, hearing of divers Aliens and Intruders, and Traders without licence, with a Vessell and forty soldiers landed at a place called Mount Desert in Nova Scotia neer S. Johns river, or Twede, possest by the French, there killed some French, took away their Guns and dismantled the Fort, and in their return landed at Manhatas Isle in Hudsons river, where they found sour houses built, and a pretended Dutch Governour, under the West-India Company of Amsterdam share or part; who kept trading Boats, and trucking with the Indians; but the said Knights told him their Commission was to expell him and all Aliens Intruders on his Majesties Dominion and Territories, this being part of Virginia, and this river an English discovery of Hudson an English man, the Dutch man contented them for their charge and voiage, and by his Letter sent to Virginia and recorded, submitted himself, Company and Plantation to his Majesty, and to the Governour and government of Virginia; but the next pretended Dutch Governour in Maps' and printed Cards, calling this part New Netherland, failing in paying of customes at his return to Plymouth in England, was there with his Bever goods and person, attached to his damage of 1500 l. whereupon at the suit of the Governour and Councell of Virginia, his now Majesty by his Embassadour in Holland, complaining of the said Aliens intrusion on such his Territories and Dominions, the said. Lords, the States of Holland, by their publique instrument declared, That they did not avow, nor would protect them, being a private party of the Amsterdam West-India Company, but left them to his Majesties will and mercy: whereupon three severall Orders from the Councell Table, and Commissions have been granted for the expelling and removing them thence, of which they taking notice, and knowing their weaknesse and want of victuals, have offered to sell the same for 2500 l. And lastly, taking advantage of our present war and destractions, now ask 7000 l. and have lately offered many affronts and damages to his Majesties subjects in New England; and in generall endanger all his Majesties adjoyning Countries, most wickedly, feloniously, and traiterously, contrary to the Marine and Admirall Laws of all Christians, sell by whole sale guns, powder, shot and ammunition

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