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THE following Tracts, or as many of them as will form about four hundred pages, will be contained in the THIRD Volume of this Collection.

VIRGINIA RICHLY WALUED, by the description of the maine land in Florida, her next neighbour. Out of foure yeeres continuall travell and discoverie, for above one thousand miles East and West, of Don Fer. nando de Soto, and sixe hundred able men in his Companie. Wherein are truly observed the riches and fertilitie of those parts, abounding with things necessarie, pleasant, and profitable for the life of Man: with the natures and dispositions of the Inhabitants. Written by a Portugall gentleman of Elvas, employed in all the action, and translated out of Portuguese by Richard Hackluyt. London, 1609.

A TRUE DECLARATION of the State of the Colony in Virginia, with a Confutation of such scandalous Reports as have tended to the disgrace of so worthy an enterprise. Published by the advice and direction of the Council of Virginia. London. 1610.

FOR THE COLONY OF VIRGINEA BRITANIA. Lawes Divine, Morall, and Martiall, &c.—Articles, Lawes, and Orders, Divine, Politique, and Martiall for the Colony in Virginia, first established by Sir Thomas Gates, Knight, Lieutenant Generall, the 24. of May, 1610, exemplified and approved by the Right Honorable Sir Thomas West, Knight, Lord Lawair, Lord Governor, and Captaine Generall, the 12. of June, 1610. Againe exemplified and enlarged by Sir Thomas Dale, Knight, Marshall, and Deputie Governour, the 22, of June, 1611.

A PLAINE DESCRIPTION of the Barmudas, now called Sommer Ilands.
With the manner of their Discovery, Anno. 1609, by the Shipwreck and
admirable deliverance of Sir Thomas Gates, and Sir George Somers,
wherein are truly set forth the Commodities and profits of that Rich,
Pleasant and Healthful Country. With an Addition, or more ample Re-
lation of divers other remarkable matters concerning those Ilands, since

then experienced, lately sent from thence by one of the Colony now
there resident. London, 1613.

NEWES OF SIR WALTER RAULEIGH. With the true Description
of Guiana: as also a Relation of the excellent Government, and much
hope of the prosperity of the Voyage. Sent from a gentleman of his
Fleet, to a most especial friend of his in London. From the river of
Caliana, on the coast of Guiana, November 17, 1617.

A DECLARATION of the State of the Colony and affaires in Virginia.
With the Names of the Adventurers, and the sums adventured, in that
action. By his Majesty's Council for Virginia, 22 June, 1620.

ORDERS AND CONSTITUTIONS, partly collected out of his Majesty's
Letters Patents, and partly ordained upon mature deliberation, by the
Treasurer, Council, and Company of Virginia, for the better governing

of the actions and affairs of the said Company here in England residing.
Anno 1619 and 1620.

ORDERS AND CONSTITUTIONS, partly collected out of his Majesty's
Letters Patents; and partly by authority, and in Virtue of the said Let-
ters Patents: Ordained upon mature deliberation, by the Governour and
Company of the City of London, for the Plantation of the Summer
Islands: for the better governing of the actions and affairs of the said
Company and Plantation, 6 February, 1621.

THE SIMPLE COBLER of Aggawam in America. Willing to Mend
his Native Country, lamentably tattered, both in the upper-Leather and
sole, with all the honest stitches he can take. And as willing never to
be paid for his work by Old English wonted pay. It is his Trade to
patch all the year long, gratis. Therefore I pray Gentlemen keep your
Purses. By Theodore de la Guard. London. 1647.

VIRGINIA IMPARTIALLY EXAMINED, and left to public view, to be
considered by all judicious and honest men. Under which title is com-
prehended the degrees 34 to 39, wherein lies the rich and healthful
- *
Countries of Roanoak, the now Plantations of Virginia and Maryland.
By William Bullock, Gent. London, 1649. so

A VOYAGE TO WIRGINIA. By Colonel Norwood. 1649.

VIRGINIA: More especially the South part thereof, Richly and Truly
valued: viz. The fertile Carolana, and no lesse excellent Isle of Roa-
noak, of Latitude from 31 to 37 Degrees, relating the meanes of rays-
ing infinite profits to the Adventurers and Planters. The Second Edi-
tion. London, 1650.

And the Implanting of Mulberry Trees. Also the Dressing and Keep-
ing of Vines, for the rich Trade of making Wines there. Together
with the making of the Saw-Mills very useful in Virginia, for cutting
of Timber and Clapbord, to build withall, and its conversion to other
profitable uses. London, 1650.

Discovery of a Speedy way, and easy means, found out by a young
Lady in England, she having made full proof thereof, in May, Anno,
1652. London, 1655.

LEAH AND RACHEL, or the Two Fruitful Sisters Virginia and Mary-
land: their present Condition, impartially stated and related. With a
removal of such imputations as are scandalously cast on those Coun-
tries, whereby many deceived Souls, chose rather to Beg, Steal, rot in
Prison, and come to shameful Deaths, than to better their being, by
going thither, wherein is plenty of all things necessary for humane
subsistence. By Judah Hammond. London, 1656.

VIRGINIA'S CURE: An advisive Narrative concerning Virginia discover-
ing the true ground of that Church's unhappiness, and the only true
Remedy. As it was presented to the Right Reverend Father in God,
Guilbert, Lord Bishop of London, September 2, 1661. New published
to further the Welfare of that and the like Plantations: By R. G.

Commodities therein, which in part the Author saw; the rest he had
from knowing and credible persons in the Months of February, March'
April, and May: By Nathaniel Shringley, Anno. 1669. Published by

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A LETTER FROM MR. JoHN CLAYTON, Rector of Crofton, at
Wakefield in Yorkshire, to the Royal Society, May, 12, 1688, giving
an Account of several Observables in Virginia, and in his Voyage

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