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Practices, with the King at Oxford against the
Parliament, concerning the Londoners and others
trading in Virginia. For the oppression of the
poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I
arise, saith the Lord, I will set him in safety, from
him that puffeth at him.—Psal. 12.5. London:
Printed and are to be sold at the Crown in Popes-
head-Ally, and in Westminister Hall.—1655.......

X....A Narrative of the Proceedings of the People of

South-Carolina, in the Year 1719: And of the
True Causes and Motives that induced them to
Renounce their Obedience to the Lords Proprie-
tors, as their Governors, and to put themselves under
the immediate Government of the Crown. Lon-

don: Printed in the Year M.DCC.XXVI.........

v XI....A Description of the Province of South Carolina,

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drawn up at Charles Town, in September, 1731.
Translated from Mr. Purry's Original Treatise,
in French, and published in the Gentleman's Ma-
gazine, for August, September, and October, 1732.
Washington City: Printed by Peter Force.—

...A Description of Georgia, by a Gentleman who

has resided there upwards of seven Years, and was
one of the first settlers. London: Printed for C.
Corbet, Bookseller and Publisher, at Addison's
Head, against St. Dunstan's Church, in Fleet

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THE OBSERVATIONS, AND DISCOUERIES-OF Captain Iohn Smith (Admirall of that Country) in the North of America, in the year of our Lord 1614; with the

successe of sire Ships, that went the next
yeare 1615; and the accidents befell him

among the French men of warre :

With the proofe of the present benefit this Coun

trey affoords: whither this present yeare, 1616, eight
voluntary Ships are gone to make further tryall.


Printed by Humfrey Lownes, for Robert Clerke; and are to be sould at his house called the Lodge, in Chancery lane, ouer against Lincolnes Inne. 1616.


P. Force, Washington, 1837.

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TO THE HIGH HOPE F W L CHA R L E S, Prince of Great Britaine.


O fauourable was your most renowned and memorable S Brother, Prince Henry, to all generous designes; that in my discouery of Virginia, I presumed to call two namelesse Headlands after my Soueraignes heires, Cape Henry and Cape Charles. Since then, it beeing my chance to range some other parts of America, whereof I heere present your Highness the description in a Map; my humble sure is, you would please to change their Barbarous names, for such English, as Posterity may say, Prince Charles was their Godfather. What here in this relation I promise my Countrey, let mee liue or die the slaue of scorne and infamy, if (hauing meanes) I make it not apparent; please God to blesse me but from such accidents as are beyond my power and reason to preuent. For my labours, I desire but such conditions as were promised me out of the gaines; and that your Highnesse would daigne to grace this Work, by your Princely and fauourable respect vnto it, and know mee to be

Your Highness true
and faithful seruant,

John Smith.

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