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Eastern No. Y. C. Emperors.




Sulpitius Severus embraces Christianity.
September 6, Theodosius beats, and kills Eugenius,

near Aquilea, and recovers the Western empire. cp January 17, he dies at Milan, aged 61, sc cp and by

will, his sons Aged 18, p reigns in the East 13 years, 3 months,

15 days, and Honorius, aged 11 p in the West 28

years, 6 months. c
Austin ordained Bishop of Hippo, in Africa.
Jerom turns the Hebrew Bible into Latin.
April 4, Ambrose dies, aged 64 cp
January 26, c or February 26 sc p Chrysostom or-

dained Bishop of Constantinople.
The Gotbs under Alaricus break into Dalmatia and

3971 398


Sulpitius Severus writes his History, from the crea.

tion to this year.

cia. SC CP


April 10, Theodosius II. born to Arcadius sc c p and

baptized by Chrysostom.

Alaricus breaks into Noricum and Italy. 402

Stilicho* beats Alaricus back to Illyricum.

Epiphanius, Bishop in Cyprus, dies. cv 404

June 20 Chrysostom banished by Arcadius into Cili405

Pelagius grows noted for his errors.
Radagaisus leads two hundred thousand Scythians

and other barbarians into Italy ; but Stilicho slays
one hundred thousand with Radagaisus, and the

rest surrender. cp 406

December 31, Godigisilus leads the Vandals and

other barbarians to the Rhine. cp

They miserably waste the bordering countries.
The Roman soldiers in Britain mutiny, and choose one

Constantin emperor, who going over to Gaul, the

soldiers there receive him also.cp September 14 v or November 14, Chrysostom aged

53, dies in exile, near the Euxine Sea. sccp 408

May 1, Arcadius, aged 31, dies at Constantinople,

SC c p and his son
Theodosius The II. reigns 42 years, 2 months, 28 days. cp

The Vandals warch into the West and South parts

of Gaul, and waste them. August 23, Honorius beheads Stilicho; and October

13, the Vandals march for Spain, and seize it.

Alaricus marches into Italy, and besieges Rome.
August 24, by stratagem he takes the city, compels

the citizens to renounce Honorius, and retires.

* He was a Vandal by birth,p but chief minister of State, and general to Honorius. c † Petavius says he was a Scotchman; Hearn says a Welshman.

He was one of mean degree, and chosen emperor, for the name sake only.cp

Eastern No. Y. C. Emperors




killed. cp





Alaricus returns to Rome, and besieges it again.
April 1, he takes the city, gives it three days to the

plunder of his army ; and then lays waste the rest

of Italy.cp. Alaricus dies in Italy, and the Goths choose Athaul

phus king.
Constantin overcome and taken by Constantius* in

Gaul, and put to death at Ravenna. cp
The Scots, under Fergus, return from Scandia to

Athaulphus quits Italy, and seizes the southern part

of Gaul.
October 18, sc c Cyril made bishop of Alexandria. cp
Athaulphus quitting Gaul, goes into Spain, and is
I'wo Councils in Africa condemn Pelagius. cp
Honorius gives Wallia king of the Goths part of

Spain, on condition of warring against the Vandals.
Wallia beats them in many battles, and Honorius

gives him the western part of Gaul also.
April 24, Pharamond chose duke of the Franks in
Franconi. And July 23, he takes the title of

July 2, Valentinian III. born. $
Jerom dies, and buried at Bethlehem. cp
Theodoret chosen bishop of Cyrus in Syria. cp
August 15, Honorius dies at Rome, aged 39, and his

secretary John assumes his empire. sc cp
In February, John seized and put to death at Raven-
October 15, c or 23 p Theodosius makes Valentinian

III emperor of the West, who reigns 29 years, 5

months. In May the Vandals under Gensericus quitting Spain,

with 80,000 pass to Africa and seize Mauritania.

The city of Venice founded.
August 28, Austin dies at Hippo, besieged by the

Vandals. cp
June 22, the third General Council meets at Ephesus.

SC c p.
February 11, Valentinian by treaty yields Numidia

to the Vandals.
February 25, Theodosius publishes his Code of

Socrates and Sozomen here end their bistories. SCC
October 20, c or 29 p Gensericus takes Carthage.



n. CP






* An Illyrican by birth, and general to Honorius. cp
+ He is the first of the Franks who wears the title of king. c

† Son to Constantius, the Roman general, by Placidia, daughter to Theodosius the Great. sccp § It had above 200 bishops, and condemns Nestorius. cp

It contains a collection of all the useful laws from Constantin the Great. c


Eastern No. Y. C. Emperors.




Attalia king of the Hunns wasteth Thrace, Macedo

pia and Greece. 443)

He returns to Scythia with 120,000 captives. 444

April 9, c or June 9, p Cyril of Alexandria dies.

Prosper here ends his Chronicle.
Meroveus begins to reign over the Franks, and was

their first king who subdued part of Gaul.

Theodosius adds to his Code the Novellæ. 448

The Britons harassed by the Picts and Scots, send to

the Saxons for aid. Meroveus seizes the northeastern part of Gaul. Hengist and Horsa, brothers, transport the Saxons in

three ships to Britain. 450

August 1, Theodosius, thrown from his horse a hunt

ing, dies, c p and August 25, v
Marcianus A Thracian reigns 6 years, 6 months. eg c p v *

Attila with seven hundred thousand men, wasteth

Germany and enters Gaul. c But September 27, p the Romans and Goths under Ætius and Theudoric beat him ; when Theudoric with one hundred and eighty thousand on both sides were slain in battle,

and ninety thousand die of their wounds.t October 8, the fourth General Council meets at Chal

cedon. cpt 452

Hengist makes peace with the Picts, and falls on the

Britons. 453

Attila driven by Thorismund king of the Goths into

Scythia, dies. 454

Valentinian kills his general Ætius. cp 455

March 17, Maximus kills Valentinian,g and sets up

for emperor of the West. cp Upon which Genseric sails from Africa ; June 12, comes to Rome and kills Maximus ; June 15, enters

the city, spoils it for 14 days, and returns. cp. July 10, the Roman soldiers in Gaul make Avitus

emperor of the West. cp v

May 17, he is forced to resign. sgc
Vortimer, a British king, kills Horsa and forces Hen-

gist back to Saxony.

Tanuary 26, Marcianus dies, ¢p v and
Leo I. A Thracian crowned February 7, v reigus 17 years.


eg cp Majoranus sent by Leo, crowned April 1, at Ravenna,

reigns 4 years, 4 months. cp v

eg Evagrius.

* Pulcheria, sister of Theodosius II. a virgin, aged 52, took him for her husband, and advanced him to the empire, though a man of low descent.

+ This battle was fought near Chalons in Gaul: and Ferarius makes the slain one hundred and eighty thousand; Petavius says, Jornandes reckons one hundred and seventy thousand; and Idatius, three hundred thousand.

# It had six hundred and thirty bishops or pastors, and condemns Eutychesand his errors. eg cp

And in him the Imperial line of Theodosius the Great ends.

Eastern No Y. C. Emperors.



Hengist returns to Britain, takes the kingdom of

Kent, which he transmits to his posterity.
August 2, Majoranus deposed, and August 7, killed

by his general Ricimer. cp
November 19, Severus declared emperor of the West,

reigns 3 years, 9 months. cp August 15, Severus dies cp by poison, p and the Sen

ate send to Leo for another. Prosper of Acquitain dies. Anthemius, sent by Leo, crowned April 12, reigns á

years, 3 months. eg cp Ricimer rises against Anthemius ; July 11, kills him,

and sets up Olybrius, who reigns 3 months, 12

days. CP August 18, Ricimer, and October 23, Olybrius dies.



с р

[blocks in formation]

March 5, Gylcerius crowned at Ravenna, reigns 1

year, 3 months, 19 days. c p
In January, p Leo dies, eg c p and
Infant son of Zeno, by Ariadne, daughter to Leo, and

Verina eg c p reigns 3 months.
Leo II. dies, aged 1 year, 6 months; and his father
An Isaurian, reigns 17 years, 3 months. eg c
Nepos sent by Leo I. deposes Glycerius, and June

24, is crowned emperor of the West. c p
Childeric, king of the Franks, begins to beat the

Romans out of Gaul.
Nepos makes Orestes, a Goth, his colleague ; August

28, he deposes Nepos at Ravenna ; October 31, he

makes his son Momyllus emperor of the West. cpt Brother to Verina, eg drives Zeno into Isauria c p and

reigns 1 year, 6 months, c 2 years. eg Odoacer, king of the Heruli comes into Italy, and

takes Orestes ; August 23, is proclaimed king of Italy ; August 28, kills Orestes ; September 4, banishes Momyllus ; and entering Rome, puts an end to the western empire in 800. c p

[blocks in formation]

To the revival of the Western Empire.



Childeric wins a great part of Gaul.
More Saxons go into Britain under Ella.
Recovers the Eastern Empire, and Basiliscus starved

to death. eg cp
The Lombards, so called for their long beards, c p


from Scandia, take Pomerania, and keep it 40 years.

* Though Calvisius agree both in the beginning and end of the reign of Olybrius ; yet Calvisius plainly mistakes in making his reign 3 months, 23 days.

# For his low stature, he is called Augustulus c and Evagrius calls him Romulus. eg

And all the while, Zeno and his wife Ariadne live only on roots, herbs, and water.cp

Eastern No. Y. C. Emperors.




May 9, Nepos, late emperor, killed c p by his offi481

Vortigern, a British king, drove into a tower and

burnt, by his own people. * 486

Clovis, king of the Franks, extends his kingdom in

Gaul, c p and puts an end to the Roman power

there. 490

Theodoric, king of the Goths in Moesia,t marches

to Italy, and beats Odoacer in three battles. 491

Zeno dies, and his wife raises and marries Anastasius A Grecian below the Senatorian order : April 9,

crowned; reigns 27 years, 3 months, 3 days. eg cp 492

Ella begins the South Saxon kingdom in Britain. 493)

Theodoric kills Odoacer, and seizes the kingdom of

Italy. c p 494

Pope Gelasius calls a council of 70 bishops; in which

he asserts his primacy over all churches. 495

Cerdic, a Saxon, sails to Britain with 5 ships, and

beats the Britons. 5001

Theodoric enters Rome in great splendor.




February 2, Alaric, king of the Goths in Gaul, and

Spain, c p publishes his abridgement of the Theo

dosian Code. The Babylonian Talmud, collected by Rabbi Afer,

Clovis beats and kills Alaric, and takes part of his

kingdom. c p §
Cassiodorus sole Consul of Rome.
Proclus, the Mathematician flourishes.
July 9, ¢ Anastasius dies, aged 88, p and||
Set up by the Guards, eg c reigns 9 years, 23 days.
Arthur begins to reign in Britain 24 years.
Cerdic begins the West Saxon kingdom.
May 29, a great earthquake at Antioch, eg c p »


wherein three hundred thousand perish. v
Theodoric puts Boethius to death, and dies. c p
Priscian flourishes at Constantinople.
The Lombards seize Pannonia, c p and stay 42



519 526

Calvisius, by mistake, calls him Vortimer. + These were called, Ostro-Goths, or Eastern Goths ; those in Gaul and Spain, were called Visi-Goths, or Western Goths. cp

# He came to life in the tomb; whence his dolorous cries were heard; but his wife forbidding to open it, he dies for hunger, having gnawed the flesh of bis arms to the bone. c

§ Upon Alaric's death, his son succeeds to the kingdom in Spain only, and Theodoric takes the south eastern part of Gaul cp

|| He is killed by lightning, in an exceeding strong building, contrived by Proclus to secure him from it. cp

1 He was a Thracian of the meanest birth, being in his youth a swineherd, e and could not write his name. p

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