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HYDROPATHY; OR THE WATER-CURE. Its Principles, Modes of Treatment, &c. Illustrated with

many cases. Compiled chiefly from the most eminent European authors on the subject. By Joel Shew, M. D. Second edition, revised and enlarged. In one thick vol 12mo. Price $1.

“Since the first edition of this work was published, the compiler has had numerous opportunities of testing the efficacy of the new system; and his former confidence in it is not the least diminished. That confidence is, if possible, growing more and more strong. The system, consisting as it does of an endless variety of applications of water, internal and external, warm, hot, or cold, as the case may require, is incomparably more effectual than any other, for speedily relieving pain, subduing inflammations and fevers of every kind, strengthening the body to the greatest possible extent; thus enabling it in the most effectual manner to resist disease. The new system is entirely without parallel-a significant fact to be pondered by the scientific objectors who decry it."-Author.

The excellent and able volume before us, which relates marvellous cures, cannot fail to be acceptable to our community. Dr. Shew has conferred a great boon upon the public, in introducing this system.”—N. Y. Express.

“ This work must have found friends, and we think deservedly so, for it has soon reached a second edition, which has been improved and enlarged. We can safely recommend it as a safe guide to health."--U. $. Gazette.

“The water treatment finds many disciples in Europe and this country. This work of Dr. Shew's is very lucidly drawn up, and is by far the most complete view of the practice under this method that has been given.". Y. Post.

“This system will cure most curable complaints, and Dr. Shew's valuable work claims for the water-cure great inherent efficacy. The book gives sound general views of health and of the treatment of disease, and we can safely recommend it to our numerous circle of readers.”--Evening Mirror.

LIEBIG'S ANIMAL CHEMISTRY. Animal Chemistry; or Organic Chemistry in its Applications

to Physiology and Pathology. By Justus Liebig, M. D., Ph. D., &c. Edited from the author's manuscript by W. Gregory, M. D. 1 vol. 12mo., printed in fine large type, and with a complete index. $1 00. “While we have given but a very imperfect sketch of this original and profound work, we have endeavored to convey to the reader some notion of the rich store of interesting matter which it contains. The chemist, the physiologist, the medical man, and the agriculturist, will all find in this volume many new ideas and many useful practical remarks. It is the first specimen of what modern Organic Chemistry is capable of doing for Physiology; and we have no doubt that from its appearance physiology will date a new era in her advance."--Quarterly Review.

LETTERS AND DESPATCHES OF CORTES, The Despatches of Fernando Cortes, the Conqueror of Mexi

co, addressed to the Emperor Charles V.; written during the Conquest, and containing a narrative of its events. Translated by George Folsom, Secretary of the N. Y. IIistorical Society. In 1 vol. Med. 8vo. $1 25. Large Paper copies, $200. "We venture to pronounce this one of the most curious and most interesting books that have made their appearance for some time. These despatches have never before been seen in the English language, and one of them at least has never been printed even in Spain. The very title is enough to arouse a deep interest. The Conquest of Mexico, written by the Conqueror himself, on the very field of battle! We can scarcely think of a rarer desideratum.”-N. Y. Courier.

“These very interesting records of a National Military Romance, which created a new world, and produced most marvellous changes by its influence on the old. The translation is ably performed.”—Literary Gazette.

“This is a volume which ought to find a niche in every well-furnished library. It presents a most extraordinary autograph picture by one of the most extraordinary characters of our modern history.-Globe.

" This book is a credit to the American press. The Despatches of Cortes are among the most interesting and singular documents ever penned. They give a minute and vivid account of his conquest, and of the wonderful scenes presented to his view on his first entry into the Kingdom of Mexico."-Britannia.

“This book has all the interest of a novel, and all the value of a history. What higher praise can we bestow upon such a work? This marvellous, this unparcheled story."Tablet.

“He preserves an interest in his narrative read even at this distance, when the mysterious novelties of the country, the importance of the facts, and the uncertainty of the result, have long ceased to impart an interest."-Spectator.

“This is one of the most curious publications of the day. A valuable historical document, containing an exact and picturesque representation of the habits and manners of a people long since extinct."-Bell's Weekly Messenger.



With over 200 neat engravings, most beautifully printed, in

quite a new and novel style. Price 25 cents. " As pretty a little book for little people as we ever saw. It is full of beautiful pictures, which convey some useful lessons to the child while he is thinking of nothing but pleasure. It strikes the great secret of education. The getting up of this book is unusually fine, and we learn it is the first number of a series corresponding to the name."-N. Y. Tribune.

DR. CHEEVER'S LECTURES ON BUNYAN. Lectures on the Pilgrim's Progress, and on the Life and

Times of John Bunyan. By the Rev. George B. Cheever, D. D. 1 thick vol. 8vo., printed in large type, with fine steel-plate engravings. $3 50; or in 15 numbers at 25 cents each.

CONTENTS.—1. Bunyan and his Times; 2. Bunyan's Temptations ; 3. Bunyan's Examination ; 4. Bunyan in Prison; 5. Providence, Grace, and Genius of Bunyan; 6. City of Destruction and Slough of Despond ; 7. Christian in the house of the Interpreter ; 8. Christian on the Hill of Difficulty ; 9. Christian's fight with Apollyon ; 10. Christian in the Valley of the Shadow of Death ; 11. Christian and Faithful in Vanity Fair ; 12. Doubting Castle and Giant Despair ; 13. The Delectable Mountains and Enchanted Ground; 14. Land Beulah and the River of Death ; 15. Christiana, Mercy, and the Children.

“We know of nothing in American literature more likely to be interesting and useful than these lectures. The beauty and force of their imagery, the poetic brilliancy of their descriptions, the correctness of their sentiments, and the excellent spirit which pervades them, must make their perusal a feast to all of the religious community."-Tribune.

DOWNING'S COTTAGE RESIDENCES. Designs for Cottage Residences, adapted to North America,

including Elevations and Plans of the Buildings, and Designs for Laying out Grounds. By A. J. Downing, Esq. 1 vol. 8vo. with very neat illustrations. Second edition, revised. $2 00. A second edition of the “Cottage Residences" is just published, as Part I.; and it is announced by the Author that Part II., which is in preparation, will contain hints and designs for the interiors and furniture of cottages, as well as additional designs for farm buildings.

One of the leading reviews remarked that "the publication of these works may be considered an era in the literature of this country.” It is certainly true that no works were ever issued from the American press which at once exerted a more distinct and extended influence on any subject than have these upon the taste of our country. Since the publication of the first edition of the « Landscape Gardening," the taste for rural embellishments has increased to a surpris ing extent, and in almost every instance this volume is the text-book of the improver, and the exponent of the more refined style of arrangement and keeping introduced into our country residences.

The “Cottage Residences" seems to have been equally well-timed and hap pily done. Country gentlemen, no longer limited to the meager designs of uneducated carpenters, are erecting agreeable cottages in a variety of styles suited to the location or scenery,

Even in the West and South there are already many striking cottages and villas built wholly, or in part, from Mr. Downing's designs; and in the suburbs of some of the cities, most of the new residences are modified or moulded after the hints thrown out in this work.

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DOWNING, ON LANDSCAPE GARDENING. A Treatise on Landscape Gardening; adapted to North

America, with a view to the improvement of Country Re. sidences. Comprising historical notices, and general principles of the art; directions for laying out grounds, and arranging plantations; description and cultivation of hardy trees; decorative accompaniments to the house and grounds ; formation of pieces of artificial water, flower-gardens, etc.; with remarks on Rural Architecture. New edition, with large additions and improvements, and many new and beautiful illustrations. By A. J. Downing. 1 large vol. 8vo. $350.

“This volume, the first American treatise on this subject, will at once take the rank of the standard work."-Silliman's Journal.

“ Downing's Landscape Gardening is a masterly work of its kind,-more especially considering that the art is yet in its'infancy in America."-Loudon's Gardener's Magazine.

" Nothing has been omitted that can in the least contribute to a full and analytical development of the subject; and he treats of all in the most lucid order, and with much perspicuity and grace of diction."-Democratic Review.

“ We dismiss this work with much respect for the taste and judgment of the author, and with full confidence that it will exert a commanding influence. They are valuable and instructive, and every man of taste, though he may not weed, will do well to possess il."- North American Review.

DOWNING'S FRUITS OF AMERICA. The Fruits and Fruit Trees of America ; or, the culture, pro

pagation, and management, in the garden and orchard, of fruit trees generally; with descriptions of all the finest varieties of fruit, native or foreign, cultivated in the gardens of this country. Illustrated with numerous engravings and outlines of fruit. By A. J. Downing. 1 vol. 12mo., (and also 8vo.

** This will be the most complete work on the subject ever published, and will, it is hoped, supply a desideratum long felt by amateurs and cultivators.

GARDENING FOR LADIES. Gardening for Ladies ; and Companion to the Flower-Garden.

Being an Alphabetical arrangement of all the ornamental Plants usually grown in gardens and shrubberies; with full directions for their culture. By Mrs. Loudon. First American, from the second London edition. Revised and edited by A. J. Downing. 1 thick vol. 12mo., with engravings representing the processes of grafting, budding, layering, &c., &c. $1 50. "A truly charming work, written with simplicity and clearness. It is deci. dedly the best work on the subject, and we strongly recommend it to all our fair countrywomen, as a work they ought not to be without.”—N. Y. Courier.

“ Mr. Downing is entitled to the ihanks of the fair florists of our country for introducing to their acquaintance this comprehensive and excellent manual, which must become very popular. Besides an instructive treatment on the best modes of culture, transplanting, bedding, training, destroying insects, &c., and the management of plants in pots and green-houses, illusirated with numerous plates; the work comprises a Rictionary of the English and Botanic names of the inost popular flowers, with directions for their culture. Altogether we should judge it to be the most valuable work in the department to which it belongs.”-Newark Advertiser.

“This is a full and complete manual of instruction upon the subject of which it treats. Being intended for those who have little or no previous knowledge of gardening, it presents, in a very precise and detailed manner, all that is necessary to be known upon it, and cannot fail to awaken a more general taste for these healthful and pleasant pursuits among the ladies of our country.”—N. Y. Tribune.

"This truly delightful work cannot be too highly commended to our fair courr trywomen."-N. Y. Journal of Commerce. “We cordially welcome, and heartily commend to all our fair

friends, whether living in town or country, this very excellent work.”-N. Y. Tribune.

THE BIRDS OF LONG ISLAND. Containing a description of the habits, plumage, &c., of all

the species now known to visit that section, comprising the larger number of birds found throughout the State of New York, and the neighboring States. By T. P. Giraud, jr. 1 vol. 8vo. Price $200.

This work, though designed chiefly for the use of the gunners and sportsmen residing on Long Island, will still serve as a book of reference for amateurs and others collecting ornithological specimens in various sections of the United States, particularly for those persons residing on the sea-coasts of New Jersey and the Eastern States.

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