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ENTERID, according to Act of Congress, in tho year 1850, by


in the Clerk's Ofice of the District Court of the United States for the Southern

District of New York.



CHAPTER I. Of the Kingdom of Granada, and the tribute which it paid to the Castilian crown,



Of the Embassy of Don Juan de Vera to demand arrears of tribute from

the Moorish Monarch, . . . . . .


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CHAPTER III. Domestic feuds in the Albambra-Rival Sultanas—Predictions concerning

Boabdil, the heir to tbe throne-How Ferdinand meditates war against Granada, and how he is anticipated, . . . . . 29

CHAPTER IV Expedition of Muley Abul Hassan against the fortress of Zahara,

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CHAPTER V. Expedition of the marques of Cadiz against Alhama, . . . . 88

CHAPTER VI. How the people of Granada were affected, on hearing of the capture of Al.

hama; and how the Moorish king sallied forth to regain it, . . 47

CHAPTER VII. How the duke of Medina Sidonia, and the chivalry of Andalusia, hastened to the relief of Albama,

• · 54 CHAPTER VIII. Sequel of the events at Alhama . . . . . .

CHAPTER IX. Events at Granada, and rise of the Moorish king Boabdil el Chico, . . 64

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