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STATEMENT relative to Business Corporations organized during the period beginning January 1, 1878, to and including Decem

ber 31, 1878, made pursuant to section 9 of chapter 611, Laws of 1875.


Date of issue of
liminary certifi.
Date of filing pre- tiual certificate of PRINCIPAL BUSINESS AND OBJECTS OF COR-
incorporation by


Secretary of State.

Location of principal bu. siness oflice,

Amount of Change of Change of original capital business capital. stock. location.

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Empire Button-hole Machine Co., limited.... December 11, 1877 January 2, 1878 Manufacture and sale of button-lole attachments

for sewing machines........

Troy, N. Y..
Excelsior Grain-binder Company, limited...,

New York city
New York Coffee Polishing Company, limited December 7, 1877 January 12, 1878 Cleaning, polishing, and renovating ooffees.. Brooklyn ....
The New York Railway Gate and Sigual Com-
pany, limited..

July 21, 1877 January 18, 1878 Manufacture and sale of gates and signals for

lighway, bridge, aud railroaul crossings........ New York city
F. and M. Schaefer Brewing Company.
January 4, 1878 January 24, 1878 Manufacture of beer and malt

New York city
Saranac Horse-nail Company

November 26, 1877 January 26, 1878 Making, rolling, and selling iron, and manufac-
The New York Stenographic Reporting-print-

turing and selling horse-sboe nails..

Plattsburgh ... ing Company, limited.

January 2, 1878 January 29, 1878 Stenographic reporting and transcribing, and

printing reports taken stenographically or oth-

New York city
Porter Manufacturing Company, limited..

The American Zoological and Botanical Gar-
den Company, limited.......

July 9, 1877 February 4, 1878 Establishing and maintaining a zoological and bo

tanical garden in the city of New York. New York city Jeremiah Quinlan Company..

February 8, 1878 February 16, 1878 Busing and selling glass ware, earthen ware,

ii'on ware, China and porcelain ware, druggists'
sundries, and cutting, ornamenting, etc., glass

New York city
The Long Cove Granite Company, limited January 25, 1878 February 16, 1878 Quarrying and selling grauite, and a retail gene.
Machine and Car Lubricating Company, lim-

ral country store business.,

New York city
February 11, 1878 February 25, 1878 Manufacture and sale of a lubricating compound
made from oils..

The Watkins Gas Company, limited. February 6, 1878 March 9, 1878 Manufacturing aud distributing gas for lighting
The Buffalo German Republican Printing As-



December 31, 1877 March 12, 1878 Printing and publishing a German newspaper,
New York and Athens Transportation Com.

and a general job printing business..

pany, limited..

New York Stenographic Reporting-printing
Company, limited

New York city
American Encaustic Filing Company, limited, March 14, 1878 March 27, 1878 Manufacture and sale of plain and encaustic tile,

and other articles from clay

New York city
The Bonsilate Company, limited.

March 29, 1878 April 3, 1878 Manufacture and sale of bonsilate, and similar
plastic substances......

National Hardware Company, limited.. January 18, 1878 April 6, 1878 Buiying, selling, and exchanging real estate, per

sonal property, hardware, and other merchan-

New York city
National Guarantee Company, limited.... February 7, 1878 April 11, 1878 Furnishing employment to employes; investi-

gating their character for enployers, and fur
nishing subscribers with information as to char.

acter, responsibility, etc., of other parties....... New York city Rome Trestle Company, limited

April 3, 1878 April 13, 1878 Buying and selling patents and patent rights, and

purchasing, seling, and licensing shop rights,
etc., to manufacture platform spring wagon

gearings or trestles, etc., and to manufacture, New York Physical and Optical Company,

buy, and sell the same.....

Rome.......... lunited


9, 1878 ) April 29, 1878 Manufacture, importation, purchase, and wie of

physical, optical, and mathematical instruments New York city

ited ......

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ited ....

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China and Japan Trading Company, limited,

New York city The Chemical Wood Coloring Company, lini. April 1, 1878 May 4, 1878 Buying, selling, manufacturing, coloring, etc.. of

real, imitation, artificial and stained woods, The Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power and Man

timber, lumber, and veneering.

New York city ufacturing Company.

April 23, 1878 May 6, 1878 Utilizing and developing the water power of the

hydraulic canal, and manufacturing of various
kinds in connection there with..

Niagara Falls..
The New York Metal Company, limited...


8, 1878 May 8, 1878 Making and manufacturing composition metals, New York city H. Prentiss and Company...


26, 1878 May 13, 1878 Manufacture and sale of small tools and machinThe American Type Machine Company, lim

ists' supplies..

New York city
ited ....

New York city
Export Lumber Company, limited.....

8, 1878 May 16, 1878 Purchase, sale, and storage of lumber.

New York city
Union Rice Company, limited
February 14, 1878 May 18, 1878 Buying and selling rice...

New York city
The Erie Basin Dock and Warehouse Compa-
ny, limited..

New York city
The Crary Clay Heater Company, limited.. May 24, 1878 June 7, 1878 Manufacturing, dealing in, and selling furnaces,

stoves, and other heating apparatus.

New York city
National Hardware Company, limited

New York city
Self-generating Gas Light Company, limited, May 31, 1878 June 12, 1878 Buying and selling inventions and patents for

generating gas, and for using fluids for lights,
and especially the patents issued to Ira w.
Shaler; and also manufacturing and selling all
carbureters, etc..

New York city
American Lumber Company, limited......... May 25, 1878 June 26, 1878 Manufacturing, buying, and selling luwber and

other building materials and coal....

New York city
Self-generating Gas Light Company, limited,

New York city
The Auburn Steam-leating Company, lim-

June 4, 1878 July 1, 1878' Heating public and private buildings by steam.. Auburn
The Eagle Fruit and Manufacturing Compa.
ly, limited...

June 20, 1878 July 22, 1878 Manufacture and sale of fruit and vegetable evap

orators; sale of rights to manufacture or 118e

fruit machines, and preparation of fruit, etc., The Watkins Glen Improvement Company,

for domestic use.

limited .......

March 13, 1878 July 29, 1878 Purchasing aud improving Watkins Glen, etc.;

constructing and furnishing houses and hotels,
utilizing the water power; manufacturing

making, and selling pictures and views of
The Arizova Milling and Mining Company,

scenery, etc.

Glen Mt. House
limited ....

· July 16, 1878 July 29, 1878 Milling and mining gold, and ores found with it.. Cattaraugus
The Empire Carbureter Company, limited... July 29, 1878 August 8, 1878 Manufacturing, selling, and leasing machines for
The Watkins Glen Improvement Company,

carbureting air or gas........


Glen Mt. House
Purdy and Huntington Company, limited.... July 31, 1878 August 15, 1878 Iniporting, exporting, buying, and selling cellu-
The New York and Coney Island Observatory

loid goods and other merchandise.

New York city and Signal Company .....

July 15, 1878 August 26, 1878 Const ucting and operating an observatory and
sigual station at Coney Island.

Coney Island..
College Point Rubber Company, limited.... September 3, 1878 September 17, 1878 Manufacture and sale of plain and ornamental

rubber goods....

New York city
Cattle Raising Company, limited

August 30, 1878 September 18, 1878 Buying, selling, and raising cattle and other live

New York city
The Rural Home Company, limited.

June 28, 1878 September 26, 1878 Editing, printing, and publishing a weekly jour

pal, and manufacturing, printing, purchasing, Port Royal Harbor Shipping and Improve

and selling books, etc..

ment Company, limited..

September 19, 1878 September 27, 1878 Conducting, in all its branches, a general slip.
ping and commercial business

New York city
Baker White Brass Company, limited. July 6, 1878 October 10, 1878 Amalgamation of metals, and the manufacture
Port Royal Harbor Shipping and Improve.

and sale thereof....

New York city ment Company, limited....

New York city The Arizona Milling and Mining Company, limited

Cattaraugus .. The Auburn Steam Heating Company, lim. ited


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Business Corporations-(Continued).


Date of issue of
iiminary certif.
Date of filing pre final certificate of PRINCIPAL BUSINESS AND OBJECTS OF COR-
incorporation by


Secretary of State.

Location of
principal bu-
siness office.

Amount of Change of Change of
original capital business
capital, stock. location.

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Manhattan Beach Bathing Company, limited, October 10, 1878 November 9, 1878 To own, hold, manage, and conduct the business

of bathing, entertainments, exhibitions, res-
New York, Catskill, and Athens Steamboat

taurants, hotels, etc. ......

Manhat. Beach
Company, limited

Metropolitan District Advertising Company,
limited, of New York, .

October 19, 1878 November 23, 1878 Manufacture, purchase, and sale of advertising

apparatus, and procuring and furnishing adBradley, Voorhies and Day Manufacturing

vertising facilities......

New York city
Company, limited

New York city
The Whitney Spring Company, limited.. November 15, 1878 November 25, 1878 Manufacture and sale of wagou and carriage
The American Manufacturers' Agency, lim-

springs, and other hardware..


October 5, 1878 November 26, 1878 Selling goods as mannfacturers' agents, and pur.

chasing goods for buyers on commission, and
Metropolitan District Advertising Company,

to act generally as commercial agents...... New York city
limited, of New York...

New York city
Monitor Mining Company, limited

Sell generating Gas Light Company, limited,

New York city
The Garden Growth Tea Company, limited... December 5, 1878 December 20, 1878 Buying and selling ten,coffee, groceries, and other


New York city
Empire Refining Company, limited......... December 3, 1878 December 21, 1878 Mining, transportation, refining, aud dealing in

crude petroleum and its products, and manu.

facture and sale of tin cans and other packages New York city
Brooklyn Coffee Polishing Company, limited, December 9, 1878 December 21, 1878 Polishing coffee and other grains ................. New York city
The Orleans County Co-operative, Associa-
tion, limited...

September 9, 1878 December 26, 1878 Dealing in, buying and selling general merchan.

dise, and agricultural implemente......... Albion
The Automatic Pump Company, limited...... December 17, 1878 December 31, 1878 Manufacture and sale of automatie, hydraulic

air pumpe, for pumping mineral water, lager

beer, etc.. American Agency, limited..

New York city

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Almond Academy, trustees of, may sell academy par of town hall....
Annual reports of, to Regents of University, relative to
Apparatus, text-books, etc., purchase of, appropriation for...
Dividends to, appropriations for......
Teachers' classes in, appropriations for ......
Ten Broeck Free Academy, act incorporating, amended..

By married women, relative to

Fire department, act to incorporate, amended .....

Appropriation for ...

Appropriation for.......
Arsenals and armories, appropriations for ...
Bureau of Military Statistics, appropriation for....
Extra clerks, services of, appropriation for..........
National Guard, appropriations for......
National Guard, disbanded organizations, may use moneys of
Postage and stationery for office of, appropriation for......

Of graduates of certain law schools. ....
Of graduates of certain law schools and others..

Exempted from act of 1875 creating board of town auditors....

35, 335



(See “State Museum of Natural History.”)

County societies, donations for .....
State society, appropriation for.
Warren County, board of managers of, relative to.....
Washington County, board of managers of, relative to
Western New York, directors of, may mortgage real estate

Bridge at Lawrence street, appropriation for....
City charter amended..
Funded debt, relative to.
New Capitol, appropriations for .
Registered certificates or scrip, issue of, upon surrender of bords.
Society for Relief of Orphan and Destitute Children ...



112, 363


219, 355



.... 183

State Normal School, appropriations for....
Wards, seventeen, created in.....

(See, also, “Albany County."')

Birds, pre

'vation of song and small, in.. ......
Cohoes, assessments for street improvements, relative to.
Cohoes, charter amended....
Coboes, fire department, reorganization of.
Cohoes, police act amended
Kelly, Jaines J., official acts as notary public, legalized
Poor, temporary relief of, relative to.
Quail, killing in, within three years, prohibited..
Watervliet, assessors, compensation of...
Watervliet, election of town officers by districts, act amended.
Watervliet, relief of poor in, relative to...
Watervliet, taxes, time for collection of, extended..
West Troy, outstanding indebtedness, tax for payment of, authorized
West Troy, police act, amended....
West Troy, village charter.....

(See, also, "Albany City.")

Village charter......

Bland, David, lands in Newtown, released to....
Butler, Florence, lands in New York, released to..
Byrne, Anna, lands in Brooklyn, released to.....
Casey, Alice, lands in Tompkins county, released to..
Chase, William H., lands in Brooklyn, released to
Clark, Hugh or Alexander, lands released to heirs of
Coggy, Mary, lands in Brooklyn, released to......
Debbage, Temmey E., lands in Oswego, released to..
De Courval, Mary M. J., may hold certain lands.
De Sallier, Joseph, lands in Jefferson county, released to,...
Elfring, Bernard, lands in Hempstead, released to....
Franklin, Joseph, lands in Onondaga county, released to.
Freund, Esther, lands in Westchester county, released to...
Funkenstein, lands in Rochester, released to
Gage, John C. and Silvanus D., lands in Madrid, released to
Huwerth, Wilhelmine, lands in Buffalo, released to....
Jamieson, James Fyfe, may take and convey real estate.....
Kennedy, Edward and others, lands in New York, released to ......
Leddy, Henry M., lands in Schuyler county, released to...
McGarry, Patrick, lands in Brooklyn, released to.........
Renton, Robert, relief of.........
Rusch, Louisa, lands released to executors of..
Spicer, Elizabeth D., personal property, released to
Taylor, Mary E., lands in Rochester, released to..
Thomas, Ann, lands in town of Freedom, released to

Almond, academy and town hall, lease or sale of academy part of ..
County treasurers' act of 1877, not to apply to ...
Wiles. George E., official acts as justice of the peace legalized.

Academy and town hall, lease or sale of academy part

(See “Poor and Poor-houses.")

Right of way of ....

Appropriation for

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