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Compen missioners shall have the power to fix the rate of their compensation,

and they shall not be removed by said board of fire commissioners except for cause, and after a reasonable opportunity to be heard in their defense

8 9. The said board of fire commissioners shall have the control and of board management of the said fire department, its officers and men, and shall

prescribe the rulesforits discipline and government, and the said board of commis. sioners. fire commissioners shall also have control and management of the public

property, now pertaining to the fire department of said city, and that shall hereafter pertain to the fire department created by this act, and shall from time to time, in their discretion, add to, acquire and dispose of said property, except real estate, which said real property shall be disposed of subject to the approval of the common council as the provisions of this act, and the exigencies of the department not inconsistent with this act may require, and shall pay over to the city chamberlain all moneys that may come into their hands from the sale of such property; the said board of fire commissioners are also hereby invested with all the discretionary powers necessary to the faithful execution of this act, including the proper selection of all the needed buildings and offices and complete equipment of the several companies with houses, engines, hose, hose-tenders, hook and ladder trucks, vehicles, horses and other apparatus, and by a two-third vote of all the members of said board of fire commissioners prescribed, control and regulate the expenditures of every kind of the department created

by this act. Treasurer 8 10. The chamberlain of the city of Cohoes shall be treasurer of partment

the fire department fund, and shall set apart annually on September fund.

first to the credit of said fund a sum equal to one-eighth of all the moneys raised by the common council for city purposes in each year, except such moneys as may be raised for extraordinary or special purposes or local improvements, and shall also credit to said fund any and all moneys received and collected for fines and penalties under this act, or received from the sale and disposal of property as provided in the preceding section, and shall pay out the same only upon the vouchers signed by not less than three commissioners besides the president, and countersigned by the president and clerk of said board, and then only

to the extent of the amount that is to the credit of said board for the Contract- current fiscal year; and the said board of fire commissioners shall ing of debts, etc.

make no purchases, nor contract any debts beyond the amount to their beyond credit in each year, and any debt or obligation contracted beyond that credit of sum shall not be a debt against the city of Cohoes, nor shall the city of fand.

Cohoes be liable for the same, but the said commissioners shall be per

sonally liable for such debts; and it is further provided that any comPenalty missioner voting for any purchase or obligation beyond the sum to for voting the credit of said fund shall be and shall be deemed to be guilty of a

misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of five hundred dollars or imprisonment for one year in state's prison, or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court, and any taxpayer may bring an action in any court having jurisdiction in the name of the city of

Cohoes against such offender for such fine and imprisonment. Money for 8 11. It shall be the duty of the common council, upon the recomof build mendation of the board of fire commissioners, to take all necessary ines, ap. proceedings in the manner provided by chapter nine hundred and etc., how twelve of the laws of eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, and the several

acts amendatory of said act, for the raising money for extraordinary or special purposes. To raise money to build or purchase buildings for

amount to

for saine.


the use of the fire department, and to purchase lots therefor or fire apparatus; the money so raised, in case it shall have been voted by the Collection taxpayers as provided by the acts above mentioned, shall be collected by the chamberlain the same as other general taxes, and kept by him How kept separate and distinct from other moneys, and shall be controlled and pended. appropriated by the board of fire commissioners exclusively to the object or objects for which it shall have been raised, and shall only be expended upon the same vote and paid out upon the same indorsements of vonchers as other moneys expended by this board.

§ 12. The chief engineer, or while he may be absent, the assistant Control of engineer, who shall be first at any fire, shall have sole control and di- ele, at rection of the fireman,* engines, hose, hose tenders, trucks, vehicles tires. and apparatus of the department during the existence of said fire. The Fire mar.

shal. chief engineer of the fire department of the city of Cohoes shall be fire marshal of said city, and the office of fire marshal in and for said city of Cohoes is hereby created. The said fire marshal shall have Inspec. power, and it shall be his duty as often as once in every six months, buildings. to visit, enter and inspect the several dwellings, buildings and outhouses in the city of Cohoes, at reasonable hours of the day, to ascertain if such buildings, dwellings and outhouses are safe from danger of fire, and whether they are provided with sufficient scuttles to their roofs with proper stairs or ladders leading thereto; and if found to be Notice of unsafe or without scuttles and ladders, it shall be the duty of said fire defects, marshal to notify, in writing, the owner or occupant of such dwellings, building or outhouse of the defect and danger complained of; imme- Repair. diately after such notification, it shall be the duty of the owner or occupant of such dwelling, building or onthouse to repair the same in such manner as to remove the defect complained of. Any person refus- Penalty ing to allow such fire marshal to enter or inspect any such dwelling, ject to building or outhouse in the manner aforesaid, or refusing or neglecting make re.

pairs, etc. to make such repairs after notice given as aforesaid, shall for each and every offense forfeit and pay to the city of Çohoes a penalty of fifty dollars, to be recovered with costs in any court having jurisdiction; which action shall be brought in the name of the city of Cohoes; it, Duty of

marshal shall also be the duty of said fire marshal to report any and all violations of the provisions of this act to the city attorney, who shall imme- lations. diately prosecute the offenders in any court having jurisdiction.

§ 13. The said board of fire commissioners shall, on or before the first Annual day of February in each year, report to the common council the receipts commisand expenditures of said department, with other facts pertaining sioners. thereto of public interest, including a complete inventory of all the property in their charge, and said report shall also exhibit a statement of all fire alarms and fires, as far as the same shall have been ascertained; it shall also exhibit a statement of all losses caused by such fires and all insurance thereon; it shall also show the number and names of all companies under their direction, the names of all officers and members of such companies, the name of all persons in the employ of said board and the compensation paid them.

§ 14. Until the organization under this act shall be put in working Present order, the present fire companies shall do duty at all fires that may panies. occur as heretofore, and thereafter, upon notice from the board of fire commissioners, the common council shall, by resolution naming them Honoratherein, honorably discharge the members of the present fire com- charge of panies from further duties as firemen, and such discharge shall entitle members.

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So in the original.

Plans and
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the firemen®so discharged to all the privileges and immunities of fire

men exempt by law. Fire dis- S 15. The said board of fire commissioners shall have power to estabtricts and lish fire districts and such system of alarms as in their judgment they

deem necessary, and they shall have power to employ persons to take charge of the same.

8 16. The said board of fire commissioners shall have power to decide

upon all plans and specifications, and the erections of such buildings ings.

as may hereafter be required for the use of the fire department of said Purchase city. All materials and supplies which may be required for the purplies, etc. poses of said department shall be purchased under their direction;

they shall also have power to decide upon the kind of apparatus which Proposals shall be used and purchase the same, but in all cases where any con

templated expenditure relating to the erection of buildings or repairs buildings, thereto shall amount to the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars or

upwards, the said board shall advertise for proposals therefor, and shall award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder.

$ 17. The said board of fire commissioners shall have power to adin depart. minister oaths and to issue subpænas compelling the attendance of

witnesses in cases of insubordination in the fire department under the Investi. control of said board; they shall also have power to conduct investigagations.

tions relating to alleged disorderly or improper conduct on the part of firemen, or any other person under the employ of said board, and in regard to all other matters under their control; and shall thereupon have the same powers to compel the attendance of witnesses, and to take testimony as now belongs to the justices of the justice's court of

said city. Inquiry 18. The said board of fire commissioners are also hereby empowes of fires. ered to inquire into the cause or origin of any fire that may occur in

said city of Cohoes, and for that purpose the said board of fire commissioners are hereby authorized to examine any person or persons on oath, and to issue their warrant for the attendance of witnesses, returnable forth with, or at such time and place within said city as they shall appoint therein, under which warrant it shall be the duty of the captain of the police of said city to cause, and if necessary, compel the witness or witnesses to whom said warrant shall be directed, to appear before said board of fire commissioners as in said warrant prescribed, or any such investigation, and any willful evasion of such process or refusal to testify, shall be, and be deemed to be, a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof by any court of competent jurisdiction, the offender shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five

hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the penitentiary not exceedWhen ing six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. If it shall

appear to the satisfaction of said board of fire commissioners, upon any be certi- such investigation, that any building in said city has been willfully captain of burned or fired, and if the party or parties charged with the offense police. be not in custody, the said board shall certify their conclusions upon

the evidence to the said captain of city police, who shall cause the party or parties charged,* and until the party or parties shall be in

custody all the proceedings of said board, together with the names of Testimo. witnesses, shall be kept secret. The testimony taken upon every such to be

ime hen investigation, when there shall be, in the judgment of the said board of turned to fire commissioners, reasonable grounds to believe that any building inal court. within said city has been willfully burned or fired, shall be returned

into caus.

conclusions to

* So in the original

Fire limits ህt oul


tion of

by them to the next criminal court of record having jurisdiction in case of felony, that shall be held in the county of Albany.

$ 19. The said board of fire commissioners shall have the power, and it shall be their duty, from time to time, by a resolution entered durius. in the minutes of their proceedings, to define in said city of Cohoes the limits and boundaries within which all dwelling-houses, churches, school-houses, stores, meeting-houses, store-houses, offices, shops, factories, mills, halls, theatres, laundries, barns, stables, woodsheds, outhouses, buildings and structures of every description, shall hereafter be built and constructed of brick, stone or iron, or of all said materials, and be covered with slate, tile, tin, gravel, or other safe materials against fire; such limits or boundaries, when so made and defined, Publicashall be published at length by said fire commissioners in all the newspapers in said city, such length of time, not less than one week, as said board of fire commissioners shall deem proper. The said board of Fire esfire commissioners shall have power, and it shall be their duty to require suitable fire escapes to be erected on any of the foregoing buildings, or buildings in any other part of the city they shall deem necessary for the protection of life. After the said limits or bounda- Construcries shall have been established, as provided in this section, it shall not buildings be lawful for any person, firm, corporation or association, to build or within erect within such fire limits, any dwelling-house, storehouse, office, shop, laundry, factory, mill, hall, theatre, church, school-house, store, meeting-honse, barn, stable, woodshed, outhouse, or other building or structure of any description, unless the same shall be built or constructed of brick, stone or iron, or of all said materials, and covered with slate, tin, tile, gravel or other material safe against fire. But this Proviso. section shall not be construed as to apply to the inside finish of any such building or structure, nor to prevent the erection of front or rear stoops, or stairs of wood not enclosed, nor of a bay window of wood, nor of a privy of wood, one story high; but no wooden cornice shall Cornices. be put up unless the same be covered with tin or iron or other safe material against fire ; nor shall it be lawful within said fire limits to Adilitions make any new addition to any such building or structure, or to any ings. building heretofore constructed, without using for such addition the materials herein required for the construction of new buildings. Any owner, occupier, builder, or other person offending against any of the Penalty. provision* of this section, shall, for each and every such violation, forfeit and pay the penalty of three hundred dollars, to be recovered in Ilow re. an action brought in the name of, and for the benefit of the said city of Cohoes, in any court having jurisdiction thereof. In any such action, Temporawhen brought in the supreme court, the said court, or any justice tion. thereof, or the county judge of Albany county, or the recorder of the city of Cohoes, may grant a temporary injunction, thereby enjoining and restrain* such owners, occupier, builder or other person from violating the provisions of this section during the pendency of such action ; and on the trial of such action, and in the judgment when no trial has Perpetual

injunction been had, the court shall have power to perpetually enjoin the defendant from constructing the said building or structure so being built in violation of any of the provisions of this section, and to order the same to be removed or taken down.

§ 20. All acts and parts of acts inconsistent with any of the provis- Repeal. ions of this act are hereby repealed.


821. This act shall take effect immediately.

*So in the orignal.




Chap. 100.
AN ACT relating to, and to reduce the expenses of the city

governinent of Long Island City.

Passed March 21, 1879; three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly,

do enact as follows : Estimates Section 1. On or before the first day of November in each year the of depart heads of departments in Long Island City shall submit written esti

mates in detail of the amounts that will, in their judgment, be required for the purposes of their respective departments during the ensuing

year. In no case shall the expenses of any department in any year Incurring exceed the amount appropriated therefor, as herein provided, without of liabill the consent of all the members of the common council. The heads of ties.

any department incurring liabilities, or making expenditures in any year in excess of the appropriation for such department for that year, shall be jointly and severally liable to said city on their official bouds,

executed, after the passage of thisact, for such excess. Salaries of § 2. At least ninety days prior to the time prescribed by law for the city onli

election or appointment of any city officer in said city, the common council may, by ordinance, fix and determine the salary of such officer for the ensuing term, but the amount so fixed shall not exceed the amount now allowed therefor.

§ 3. In addition to the amount required by law to be raised annually Al taxes by general tax, to pay the interest and installments of princeple* of the purposes public debt •of said city, and for the support and maintenance of the

public schools, the common council shall direct and cause to be raised annually by general tax, in the manner and at the time now provided therefor by law, such sum as shall be necessary to pay the salaries of all the city officers in said city, and also such further sum as in their judgment the wants and welfare of the city for the ensuing year may demand, and as they may, in and by the ordinance levying such tax, specifically appropriate to, and raise for, the following purposes, namely: for the maintenance of the police and health department, for the maintenance of the department of public works, for the maintenance of the finance department, for the maintenance of the fire depart

ment, for the maintenance of the poor, for the contingent expenses of Aggre. the city; but the aggregate amount raised in any one year under the gate

provisions of this section shall not exceed one and one-quarter per amuunt.

cent of the assessed valuation of all the taxable property in said city

for that year. Expenses

$ 4. The expenses of the water department of said city, exclusive of de printer the cost of fuel and necessary repairs, shall not exceed twelve thousand

dollars in any year. The board of water commissioners of said city shall not, without the consent of the common council, enter into any contract for the extension or repair of the water works, machinery or

property, or any part thereof, which shall involve an expenditure in Semi-an. excess of the sum of five hundred dollars; and said commissioners shall nual report.

present to the common council of said city a formal report in detail of

their administration of the affairs of the water department on the first Lands days of January and July respectively in each year. All land between

may be raised.


• So in the original.

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