A Collection of Letters Illustrative of the Progress of Science in England: From the Reign of Queen Elizabeth to that of Charles the Second

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Page 19 - ... this comfortable consideration, that her majesty do frely give unto me, by good warranty and assurance of her letters patents, her right and propriety to all thresor trouve', and such things commodious, as (under that name and meaning comprised) by digging or search any where in her graces kingdoms and dominions...
Page 98 - Hobbest met me in the Strand, and led me back to Salisbury house, where he brought me into his chamber, and there shewed me his construction of that Probleme, which he said he had solved, namely the Doubling of a Cube. He then told me, that Vicount Brounker * I insert this letter because it is a curious memorial of the Royal Society in embryo.
Page 4 - Honour that this I Dare saye without arrogancie, that to translate the variable historic of Plinie into our toonge, I wolde be ashamed to borowe so muche of the Latine as he Dothe of the Greke, althowgh the Latine toonge be accompted ryche, and the Englysshe indigent and barbarous, as it hathe byn in tyme past, muche more than it nowe is, before it was enriched and amplified by sundry bookes in manner of all artes translated owt of Latine and other toonges into Englysshe.10 115.
Page 19 - I, then (I say) be thowght to meane and intend good service toward the quenes majestic and this realme, if I will do the best I can at my own costis and chargis, to discover and deliver true profe of a myne, vayn, or owre of gold or silver, in some one place of her graces kingdoms and dominions, to her graces only use ; in respect, I mean, of any my demaund or part to be had thereof.
Page 18 - ... do entitle to her a proprietie, yet how seldome her grace hath hitherto receyved any commodity thereby, it is to your honor better known than unto me. But as for mines of gold and silver, to be in England or Ireland, many have written and reported both of old tyme and latter, as I think your honor hath ere this hard abundantly discoursed. The value of a myne is a matter for a kinges threasor ; but a pot of two or three hundred pounds, &c.
Page 98 - University) do willingly absent himself from the weekly meeting, without special1 occasion, by the space of six weeks together, he shall be reputed to have left the company, his name from thenceforth to be left out of the catalogue. 6. That if any man doe not duly upon the day appoynted...
Page 18 - ... premisses, one part of my present sute unto your honor is that, by your lordships wisdome, the Queens Majestie may be induced to think somwhat favorably (as very many other, noble and lerned, of forrayn lands do) of my great travailes, patience, constancy, costs, and credit, in matters philosophicall and mathematicall : and thereuppon, in the ende of my carefull race, to let some token of her Majesties royall good affection procede toward me, whome, your lordship knoweth (or may know) that emperors,...
Page 82 - London, who sent his partner to bury the old man: himselfe being hindred by a politicke gout, which made him keepe out of their sight that urged him to contribute to the parliament's assistance, from which he was exceedingly averse. So he was looked upon as one that absented himselfe out of malignancy, and his partner managed the whole trade.
Page 16 - Royall ; whereby, may have bin and are made liable to dispend of their owne yerely, thre, fowre, five, &c. of hundred pownds. To compare with any of them in desert publik or lerning, I neyther dare, nor justly can. But in zeale to the best lerning and knowledg, and in incredible toyle of body and mynde, very many yeres therfore onely endured : I know most assuredly that this land never bred any man, whose accownt therin can evidently be proved greater than myne. I trust that this my simple speche,...

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