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Kennedy, Thomas.
Keyes, Mrs. C. L
Kidd, Edward I...
Kinnaer, Andrew.
Kunkel, Marie.
Lander, Warren J..
Legler, H. E
Leonhardt, Chris.
Lichter, John..
Littlejohn, N. M
Maine, George
McCloskey, Henry F
McDonald, Arthur.
McGrew, J. B
Mc Mellan, George B
May, Robert.
Mead, William H.
Melvin, Mrs. Louis A.
Morse, J. F..
Moulton, Henry Z.
Monroe, W. S...
Norcross, Pliny
Kuott, K. A.
O'Rourke, M, L
Oehler, A. and Otto
Osborn, C. F.
Parry, W.T
l'aul, Geo. H
Perkins, Jas W
Perry, Geo. W.
Pettys, E. J.
Rasmussen, J.J.
Rossman, Philip.
Richardson, H. Stone.
Ryan, Caroline W
Sanger, Rockwell & Co,.
Sawyer & Weston
Siofield, E.
Schubert, Wenzel
Schuler, Fred C.
Sherry, Henry
Fhomer, Frank.
Simpson, Edward B.
Smith, P. H
Spear, Geo. 0..
Spuroner, John C
siein, C. R. & Co.
Sutherland, George E.

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to Southeastern Wisconsin Sheep Breeders' and Wool Growers' Association..
to Southwestern Wisconsin Industrial Association..
to Wisconsin Industrial Association,
to State Agricultural Society
to Wisconsin Dairym n's Association.
to State Horticultural Society,
to Wisconsin Wool Growers Association

to Wisconsin Wool Growers and Sheep Breeders' Association

to Burnett county
to Green Lake county
to Jackson county.
to Jefferson county.
to Kewaunee county
to Outagamie county.
to Winnebago county



at Baraboo
at Boscobel.
at Brodhead.
at Eau Claire.
at Marinette
at Stoughton..


stationery and stamps for employes...
for compensation of legislative employes.
pay for extra employes....
for chaplain services.
for purchase copies of annotated statutes of Wisconsin for certain members of

assembly and legislative employes...
increasing per diem of certain employes, session 1887

same 1889.
for completing transcribing of senate and assembly journals.
expenses, legislative visiting committee.
expenses special committee for investigation of state hospital.
expenses of investigating committee under joint resolution No. 21, S...

same under joint resolution No. 12, A.
expense of Sturgeon Bay Canal Investigating committee,

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stationery for state officers, departments, etc..

state public school.

for world's fair at Chicago.
to board of regents of normal schools at Platteville and Whitewater for extending

for payment of claims of persons injured in capitol disaster,
to Wisconsin Veteran's Home for maintenance of inmates, etc.

same to pay indebtedness, etc.
for expenses of attorney-general in prosecution of insurance companies, etc.

same of insurance commissioner
salary and expenses of state fish and game warden
state aid to county agricultural societies
for statue of Pere Marquette.
expenses of text-book commission,
for purchase of state maps .....:
to attorney general to pay certain costs.
expenses securing certain lands for state.
for purchase of copyright of town laws..
for funeral expenses. John Potter, Jr., and George L. Frost.
for funeral expenses of John Edwards
state pension agent.
stationery, etc., for adjutant general and quartermaster general
for purchase of volume 3 of Simmon's Digest.

same, vol. IV of
for purchase of Webster's dictionaries
for purchase of biographical sketches of members of constitutional convention
to provide for participation of Wisconsin in Yorktown centennial celebration.
for teachers' institutes.
for holding agricultural institutes,
not to be paid to agricultural societies until sworn statement is filed in office of the

secretary of state, signed by president and secretary, that gambling or sale of

liquor has not been permitted on grounds of society during fair
for lighting capitol building and grounds with electric light.
for compilation of town laws.
for compiling, perfecting and recopying records in adjutant-general's office pertain-

ing to rebellion.
for second edition of roster.
Sanborn and Berryman's supplement to revised statutes.

same of annotated statutes of Wisconsin
to purchase certain copies of History of Territory of Wisconsin
for contingent fund for prevention of Asiatic cholera..
for battery of light artillery,
for instruction to deaf mutes in incorporated cities and villages.
for purchase of executive residence......
for fifth normal school.

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