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No. 502, A.]

[Published April 28, 1891.


AN ACT to amend section 8, of chapter 8 of chap

ter 184, of the laws of 1874, entitled, “An act to revise, consolidate and amend the charter of the city of Milwaukee, approved February 20, 1852, and the several acts amendatory thereof," and the several acts amendatory thereof.

(See Vol. 2.)

No. 795, A.)

[Published May 4, 1891.


AN ACT to amend chapter 49, of the laws of

1887, entitled, "An act to incorporate the city of Onalaska."

(See Vol. 2.)

No. 811, A.]

(Published May 8, 1891.


AN ACT to authorize the city of Milwaukee to

raise a special tax in the Second ward of said city, for the purpose of raising a fund with which to pave and repave streets in said ward.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented

in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The common council of the city of May levy tax Milwaukee is hereby authorized to levy and raise to pave streets by taxation upon all taxable property, real and

May pave streets.

personal, within the Second ward of said city, in addition to the amount of money authorized to be raised by taxation for all purposes within said ward, now limited by law, for each of the years 1891, 1892, 1893 and 1894, a sum of money not exceeding one mill on the dollar in each of said years, upon all the taxable property within said ward, for the purpose of improving, repairing, paving and repaving streets and alleys in said Second ward.

SECTION 2. The common council of the city of Milwaukee, is hereby authorized to forthwith commence the improvement, repairing, paving and repaving said streets and alleys and complete the same within two years from the publication of this act, and for that purpose the said common council is hereby authorized to borrow money to pay for such work and the indebtedness so created shall be paid and discharged out of the moneys collected on the taxes levied under the provisions of section 1, of this act; provided, that the money so borrowed shall not create any corporate liability therefor, and the person or persons so loaning such money shall have no claim against the city of Milwaukee, or any of its officers for the moneys so advanced or loaned except in so far as the in. come of the tax herein authorized to be levied shall be sufficient to extinguish the same.

SECTION 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Approved April 20, 1891.

No. 393, A.]

[Published May 4, 1891.


AN ACT to amend chapter 244, of the laws of

1889, relating to improvement of streets in the city of Madison.

(See Vol. 2.)


taken from any of the public lands, until all pen-
alties and charges provided by law are paid.
Nothing in this chapter contained, nor the pay:
ment of any penalty therein provided, shall
affect the liability of any person, whether prose-
cuted before or after the issuance of such patent,

to punishment for any such trespass.
Duties of dis
trict attorneys,

SECTION 4. All sheriffs and town officers are sheriff, etc., as especially charged to immediately communicate

to trespasses.

to the district attorney, any and all informa-
tion received by them respecting the commis-
sion of any trespass or waste upon the public
lands, and to enter complaint against the of-
fender before some justice of the peace. Every
district attorney, immediately upon receiving
information of any such trespass upon lands in
his county, shall prosecute the proper criminal
action against such offender, and advise said com-
missioners thereof; and he shall, when required,
prosecute a civil action for damages for any such

a trespass, or to recover the possession of any ma. terials taken from any such land. The said commissioners may order to be paid to said district attorney, out of fines collected from the persons guilty of such offenses, a sum not exceeding ten per centum, and to the witnesses or other persons furnishing information of such offense, a sum not exceeding twenty-five per centum, of such fines

collected. Evidence on SECTION 5. In any civil or criminal action trial of action. growing out of a trespass upon any public lands

The certificate of the secretary of state, under the great seal, that any specified piece or tract of land belongs to the state, or is mortgaged to the state, or that the state has any interest, legal or equit. able, in such piece or tract of land, or that authority has been given by said commissioners to seize timber or either materials specified in this chapter, shall be presumptive evidence of the facts stated therein; and all descriptive lists of swamp lands, filed in pursuance of law in the office of the register of deeds, and a certificate of a register of deeds, that any particular tract of land within his county is described within the descriptive list of swamp lands filed in his office, shall be presumptive evidence of title in the state to any tract of land described in any such list or certificate.



SECTION 6. The commissioners of public lands Commissioners shall, from time to time, as shall be found neces. woodsmen to sary, employ competent, practical woodsmen, or protect lands men of sufficient skill for that purpose, to ex. from trespass. amine the public lands and protect them from trespass, or to aid in collecting damages for trespasses committed. The persons so employed shall receive for their services a sum not exceeding five dollars per day, to be fixed by such commissioners and their actual expenses as such expenses shall be fixed by such commissioners; in addition to such sum the commissioners of public lands may, in their discretion, either by previous arrangement with the persons so em. ployed, or subsequently, award to any such persons, in addition to the per diem, a sum not exceeding twenty per centum of the amount collected from trespassers on the public lands, by means of his services and the information fur. nished by him. The commissioners of public lands shall certify the accounts of persons so em. ployed by them, which shall be paid out of the state treasury; provided, that no more than four thousand dollars shall be paid out for this purpose during any one year; nor shall the commissioners of public lands create any indebtedness, in the protection of public lands from trespass, or in col. lecting claims for trespass thereon, in an amount exceeding said sum of four thousand dollars.

SECTION 7. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Approved April 20, 1891.


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