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Little Manito

Sixth ward.

Powers, gener- SECTION 6. The authorities thereof shall have ally.

perpetual succession, and in the name of said corporation, may sue and be sued, complain and de: fend in any court, make and use a common seal and alter it at pleasure, and may receive by be. quest, gift, grant, devise or purchase, and hold and convey such real and personal estate as the

purposes of the corporation may require. Bridge across

SECTION 7. The city of Manitowoc shall herewoc river. after be liable for the maintenance, care and con

struction of the bridge across the Little Manitowoc river, included in the territory above de

scribed. Vacancy in SECTION 8. A vacancy is hereby declared to

exist in the offices of the Sixth ward of said city, and the mayor of said city is hereby authorized by and with the consent of the board of aldermen to fill such vacancies by appointment; the persons so appointed to hold their positions until the next annual municipal election, and until their successors are elected and qualified. At the first annual election in said ward one alderman shall be elected for one year, and one for two years. Thereafter the elections in said ward shall be conducted in the same manner and for the same times or terms as in the other wards of said city.

SECTION 9. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Approved April 18, 1891.

No. 622, A.]

[Published April 21, 1891.

AN ACT to amend chapter 124 of the laws of 1887,

entitled "An act to revise, consolidate and amend
the act incorporating the city of Sheboygan,
and the acts amendatory thereof."

(See Vol. 2.)


No. 336, S.]

[Published April 29, 1891.


AN ACT to authorize the village of Kilbourn City

to use the Wisconsin river for water works and other municipal purposes, and improve the navigation thereof.



The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented

in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. For the purpose of improving, con- Dam across structing and maintaining water works, for the Wisconsin supply of water to the inhabitants of the village of Kilbourn City, in the county of Columbia, and to provide for lighting the streets of said village by electricity, and furnishing light and power to the inhabitants thereof, and improving the navigation of said river, in said village, said village of Kilbourn City is hereby authorized and empowered to build, construct and maintain, or aid in the building, construction and maintenance of a dam across the Wisconsin river at said village.

SECTION 2. The said village of Kilbourn City is May borrow hereby authorized and empowered to borrow not issue bonds to exceed the sum of thirty thousand dollars, to therefor. be used in carrying out the provisions of this act, and to issue its negotiable, interest-bearing bonds or certificates of indebtedness therefor, to be paid within twenty years from the time of incurring such indebtedness; provided that the whole amount so borrowed, together with the existing indebtedness of said village, shall not in the aggregate exceed five per centum on the value of the taxable property in said village, to be ascertained by the last assessment for state and county taxes previous to the incurring of said indebtedness; and said village shall, at or before the time of issuing any such bonds or cer. tificates, or of borrowing such money, provide for a direct annual tax, sufficient to pay the interest on such debt, as it falls due, and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof within the time above limited.

Proposition to -SECTION 3. No debt shall be contracted under be submitted his act, and no euch bonds or certificates of in- the people.


debtedness shall be issued, unless within two years from the time this act shall take effect, the proposition for the issuing of the same and the incurring of such indebtedness for the purposes herein provided, shall have been submitted to the electors of said village and adopted by a majority voting thereon. Such proposition shall be submitted at an annual charter election, or a special election called for that purpose; ard in either case, notice of the submission of such proposition to the electors, shall be given in the same manner as is required by chapter 40, of the revised statutes, to be given of a special election. The vote on such proposition in every case shall be by ballot, and the

village board shall prescribe the form thereof. The votes shåll be canvassed, returned, and the result declared, as in other elections.

SECTION 4. Compensation for lands overflowed or taken under this act, may be obtained and shall be made in accordance with the provisions of chapter 146, of the revised statutes.

SECTION 5. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Approved April 16, 1891.

Compensation for overtlowed lands.

No. 339, S.)

[Published May 23, 1891.


AN ACT to amend section 6, of chapter 96, of the

laws of 1891, entitled, “ An act to create a municipal court in and for the county of Langlade"

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented

in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:

Amends sec.

ter 96, laws of 1891.

SECTION 1. Section 6, of chapter 96, of the laws buchap. of 1891, is hereby amended so as to read as fol

lows: Section 6. The municipal judge of the county of Langlade shall have cognizance of,

and jurisdiction to hear, try and determine all and proceed.

actions and proceedings at law, wherein the




amount of debt, damages, demand, penalty or forfeiture, shall not exceed the sum of five hundred dollars, actions to recover the possession of personal property, with damages for the unlaw. ful taking or detention thereof, wherein the value of the property claimed shall not exceed the sum of five hundred dollars exclusive of damages. The said judge shall have jurisdiction of all crimes and misdemeanors occurring in said county, to the same extent and as fully as justices of the peace now, or may hereafter have, and shall also have jurisdiction to institute and conduct examinations in all criminal cases that may occur in said county, including, bastardy. Said judge shall have power and jurisdiction throughout said county, to cause to come before him persons who are charged with committing any criminal offense, ard to commit them to jail, or bind them

over, as

the case may require. Said judge shall further have all the jurisdiction, authority, powers and rights given by by law

to justices of the peace, together with the power and right, in his discretion, to charge the jury, upon written charges; and said judge shall be subject to the same prohibitions and penalties as justices of the peace. No justice of the peace within the said city of Antigo, shall exercise any jurisdiction in any criminal cases, but all such jurisdiction is vested in said court and the judge thereof. The proceedings and practice of said court shall, in all respects, be governed as far as practicable by the laws relating to justices' courts of this state, and transcripts of judgments of the municipal court may be filed and docketed with the clerk of the circuit court for said county with the same effect as may be transcripts of judgment rendered by justices of the peace of said county, and appeals from said court in all cases, both in civil and criminal cases, and other proceedings may be taken in the same manner and with like effect as are provided by law from justices' courts. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to give the said municipal judge cog. nizance of any actions mentioned in subdivisions 1, 2 and 3, of section 3573, of chapter 154, of the revised statutes of this state.

SECTION 2. All acts and parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.

SECTION 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Approved April 16, 1891.

No. 305, S.]

[Published May 4, 1891.


AN ACT in relation to persons and corporations

offering premiums for testing the speed of horses, and to prevent the fraudulent entering of horses to compete for such premiums.

Race horse not to be entered under false name or out of proper class.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented

in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. That in order to encourage the breeding of and improvement in trotting and pacing horses, in the state of Wisconsin, it is hereby made unlawful for any person or persons knowingly to enter or cause to be entered for competition or cause to compete for any purse, prize, premium, stake or sweepstake offered or given by any agricultural or other society, or by any association, or person, or persons, in the state of Wis. consin, or to drive any horse, mare, gelding, colt or filly under an assumed name, or out of its proper class, where such prize, purse, premiums, stake or sweepstake is to be decided by a contest

of speed. Penalty. SECTION 2. Any person or persons found guilty

of a violation of section one of this act, shall, upon conviction thereof, be imprisoned in the state prison for the period of not less than one year, nor more than three years, or imprisoned in the county jail of the county in which he is convicted, for any definite period not more than six months, and shall be fined in any sum not exceed

ing one thousand doilars. Change of SECTION 3. That the name of any horse for the name of horse.

purpose of entry for competition in any contest of

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