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10. Keep an accurate account of all moneys received into the treasury or paid therefrom.

11. Distribute the seeds, plants, trees, and shrubbery received by him, and not needed by the university, equally throughout the state, to farmers and others who will agree to cultivate them properly and return to the secretary's office a reasonable proportion of the products thereof, with a statement of the mode of cultivation, and such other information as may be necessary to ascertain their value for cultivation in the state.

12. Publish from time to time in the newspapers of the gtate, free of charge, information relating to agriculture, the mechanic arts, mining and metallurgy. En. March 12, 1872.

§ 1451. Term and compensation. The secretary holds office at the pleasure of and receives the compensation fixed by the board. En. March 12, 1872.

ARTICLE V. ACADEMIC SENATE OF THE UNIVERSITY. 1461. Academic senate. 1 1462. General powers of. $ 1463. Proceedings of.

$ 1461. Academic senate. The academic Senate is composed of the faculties and instructors of the university. En. March 12, 1872.

Cal.Rep.Cit. 123, 619.

$ 1462. General powers 'of. The senate must conduct the general administration of the university, regulate the general and special courses of instruction, receive and determine all appeals from acts of discipline enforced by the faculty of any college, and exercise such other powers as the board of regents may confer upon it. En. March 12, 1872.

$ 1463. Proceedings of. Its proceedings must be conducted according to the rules of order adopted by it, and every person engaged in instruction in the university may participate in its discussions; but the right of voting is confined to the president and the professors. En. March 12, 1872.


UNIVERSITY CADETS. $ 1473. University cadets.

1474. Officers of. $ 1475. Equipment of. § 1476. Retired oficers of. § 1477. Report of military instructor. $ 1473.

University cadets. The students of the university must be organized into a body known as the “University Cadets." En. March 12, 1872.

$ 1474. Officers of. The officers of cadets, between and including the ranks of second lieutenant and colonel, must be selected by the chief military instructor, with the assent of the president of the university, and must be commissioned by the governor. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1873-4, 35.

$ 1475. Equipment of. The adjutant-general of the state must issue such arms, munitions, accouterments, and equipments to the university cadets as the board of regents may require and the governor approve. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1873-4, 35.

$ 1476. Retired officers of. Upon graduating or retiring from the university, such officers may resign their commissions or hold the same as retired officers of the university cadets, liable to be called into service by the governor in case of war, invasion, insurrection, or rebellion. En. March 12, 1872.

$ 1477. Report of military instructor. The military instructor must make quarterly reports to the adjutantgeneral of the state, showing the number, discipline, and equipments of the cadets. En. March 12, 1872.


STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. 1487. Object of school. § 1488. Under control of board of trustees. § 1489. General powers and duties of board. $ 1490. Regular meetings of board.

1491. Special meetings of board. $ 1492. Time and place of meeting of joint board; powers and

duties. $ 1493. Apporticnment of pupils. (Repealed.)

$ 1494. General qualifications for admission as pupils. $ 1495. Pupils from state at large. $ 1496. Pupils from other states. $ 1197. Pupils to file certain declaration. 1498. Competitive examinations before county boards. (Re

pealed.) 1499. Manner of examination. (Repealed.) 1500. Persons passing to be admitted as pupils, in what order.

(Repealed.) $1501. Principal to make annual report. $1502. Principal may be permitted to attend county institutes. $ 1503. Issuance of certificates or diplomas of normal school.

1504. Secretary and board of trustees. (Repealed.)

1505. Supervision by superintendent of public instruction. $ 1506. Biennial appropriation to be made. (Repealed.) $ 1507. Orders on controller, how drawn.

$ 1487. Object of school. The state normal schools have for their objects the education of teachers for the public schools of this state. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1887, 137.

Cal.Rep.Cit. 86, 632.

See Const. Cal., art. IX, sec. 6, authorizing normal school to be established as part of the common-school system.

$ 1488. Under control of board of trustees. The state normal schools shall be under the management and control of boards of trustees, constituted as provided in section three hundred and fifty-four of the Political Code of the state of California. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1887, 137.

State normal schools and trustees of: See ante, sec.



Acts establishing and relating to normal schools: post, Appendix, title Normal Schools.

$ 1489. General powers and duties of board. The powers and duties of each board of trustees are as follows:

1. To elect a secretary, who shall receive such salary (not to exceed one hundred and fifty dollars per annum) as may be allowed by the board;

2. To prescribe rules for their government and the government of the school;

3. To prescribe rules for the report of officers and teachers of the school, and for visiting other schools and institutions;

4. To provide for the purchase of school apparatus, furniture, stationery, and text-books for the use of pupils;

5. To establish and maintain model and training schonls

of the kindergarten, primary, and grammar grades, and require the students of the normal schools to teach and instruct classes therein;

6. To elect the president of the school, and to elect the teachers, upon their nomination by the presiaent of the school, fix their salaries, and prescribe their duties; provided, that after the president or a teacher has served successfully and acceptably in the school for tne period of two years prior to or after the passage of this act, his or her appointment thereafter may, at the discretion of the board of trustees, be made for a term not to exceed four years, unless removed for cause;

7. To control and expend all moneys appropriated for the support and maintenance of the school, and all moneys received for tuition or donations;

8. To cause a record of all their proceedings to be kept, which shall be open to public inspection at the school;

9. To keep open to public inspection an account of receipts and expenditures;

10. To annually report to the governor a statement of their transactions, and of all matters pertaining to the school;

11. To transmit with such report a copy of the president's annual report;

12. To revoke any diploma by them granted, on receiv. ing satisfactory evidence that the holder thereof is addicted to drunkenness, is . guilty of gross immorality, or is reputedly dishonest in his dealings; provided, that such person shall have at least thirty days' previous notice of such contemplated action, and shall, if he ask it, be heard in his own defense.. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1873-4, 75; 1887, 137; 1897, 234; 1899, 77.

Cal.Rep.Cit. 136, 215; 136, 217.

Acts establishing and relating to normal schools: See post, Appendix, title Normal Schools.

§ 1490. Regular meetings of board. Each board of trustees must hold two regular meetings in each year, and may hold special meetings, at the call of the secretary, when directed by the chairman. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1887, 138.

$ 1491. Special meetings of board. The time and place of regular meetings must be fixed by the by-laws of the board. The secretary must give written notice of the time and place of special meetings to each member of the board. Each member shall be allowed his expenses in attending the meetings of the board, the bills to be audited the same as any bills for the maintenance of the school. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1887, 138; 1897, 235.

$ 1492. Time and place of meeting of joint board; pow. ers and duties. There shall be a joint board of state Dormal school trustees, to be composed of the governor, the superintendent of public instruction, the presidents cf the different state normal schools, the chairman and two other members of each normal school board. The two members besides the chairman of each local board shall be selected by the respective local boards for every joint meeting. Said joint board shall meet on the second Friday of April in each year, alternately at the different state normal schools. The first meeting after the passage of this act shall be at San Diego, the second meeting at San Francisco, the third at San Jose, the fourth at Chico, and the fifth at Los Angeles. Thereafter the places of meeting shall be in the order mentioned above. Special meetings may be called at any time and at any place by the governor for the transaction of any urgent business affecting the welfare of any or all the state normal schools, when in his judgment it is necessary. The governor shall be ex-officio chairman of said joint board of normal school trustees.

The powers and duties of said joint board of normal schools trustees are as follows:

1. To prescribe and enforce a uniform series of textbooks for use in the state normal schools; the state series of text-books shall be used, when published, in the grades and classes for which they are adapted.

2. To prescribe and enforce a uniform course of study, and time and standard for graduation from the state normal schools.

3. To prescribe a uniform standard of admission for students entering the normal schools, and for transfer of pupils from one normal school to another; provided, that a student for good cause may, upon recommendation of the president of the school from which he seeks to be transferred, enter any other normal school and without ex

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