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election, when it shall cease as to electors residing in the territory within which such election is to be held; but transfers may be made from one precinct or ward to another in the same county, or city and county, at any time except within twenty-five days immediately preceding any such election. The board having charge and control of elections in the several counties and cities and counties, may provide by resolution, for the registration of voters in their respective precincts, by the officer charged with the registration of voters. Upon the written request of the officer charged with the registration of voters, every iandlord or keeper of premises where lodgers abide shall furnish said officer a list of all lodgers occupying rooms or sleeping apartments or beds in the premises under his control. Such list shall be furnished upon blanks provided by said officer. Any landlord or keeper of premises where lodgers abide, who neglects or refuses to comply promptly with the provisions of this section shall be guilty of misdemeanor. Any voter registered in premises in which the landlord or keeper neglects or refuses to comply with this act shall be cited to appear before the election commissioners within five days in order to verify his right to vote. It shall be considered as a proper citation to such voter if the citation is addressed to the name of the party registered, the number of room and place of registration; and if the party cited does not appear, in answer to the citation, at the time appointed, his name shall be stricken from the register of voters. The landlord or keeper of premises from which the voter is registered shall also be cited to appear at the same time and place at which the citation of his alleged lodger is returnable. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1877-8, 27; 1889, 424; 1895, 229; 1899, 60. Cal.Rep.Cit. 56, 70; 56, 72; 56, 73; 96, 366; 96, 369 ;

119, 619; 127, 88. $ 1095. Names of electors to be entered. In the register of voters the clerk must, as hereinafter provided, enter the names of the qualified electors of the county, and the provisions of section one thousand and ninety-six of this code are hereby declared to be mandatory. Any officer charged with the registration of voters who neglects or refuses to make all of the entries provided for in section one thousand and ninety-six of the Political Code, or neglects or refuses to take the oath of the voter applying to him for registration in respect to the same, shall, upon conviction, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor for each and every such omission. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1899, 61; 1903, 257.

Qualified electors, who are: Ante, sec. 1083. $ 1096. Substance of entry. Such entry must show: 1. The name at length. 2. The age, omitting fractions of years. 3. The occupation. 4. The height. 5. The visible marks or scars, if any, and their location. 6. The country or state of nativity.

7. The place of residence (giving ward and precinct); and, in municipal corporations, by specifying the name of the street, avenue, or other location of the dwelling of such elector, with the number of such dwelling, if the same has a number, and if not, then with such description of the place that it can be readily ascertained and iden. tified. If the elector be not the proprietor or head of the house, then it must show that fact, and upon what floor thereof, and what room such elector occupies in such house.

8. If naturalized, the place of naturalization.
9. The date of the entry of each person.
10. The postoffice address.

11. The fact whether or not the elector desiring to be registered is able to read the constitution in the English language and to write his name, and whether or not the elector has any physical disability by reason of which he cannot mark his ballot; and if he cannot mark his ballot by reason of physical disability, then the nature of such disability must be entered. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1891, 281; 1895, 230; 1899, 61.

$ 1097. Rules governing entry. No person's name must be entered by the clerk unless:

1. Upon the production and filing of a certified copy of the judgment of the superior court directing such entry to be made.

2. If a naturalized citizen, upon the production of his certificate of naturalization, which certificate must be issued ninety days prior to the succeeding election, or upon his affidavit that it is lost or out of his possession,

which affidavit must state the place of his nativity and the time and place of his naturalization, together with his affidavit that he has resided in the United States for five years, and in this state for one year next preceding the time. of application, and that he would be an elector of the county at the next succeeding election; provided, however, if such naturalized citizen shall have been previously registered as a qualified elector in any of the counties, or cities and counties of this state, his name must not be entered by the clerk unless he produces a certificate of such registration, issued by the party authorized by law to issue such certificate, which certificate shall be prima Lacie evidence of his naturalization.

3. If born in a foreign country, upon his affidavit that he became a citizen of the United States by virtue of the naturalization of his father while he was residing in the United States, and under the age of twenty-one years, and that he is or would be an elector of the county at the next ensuing election.

4. In other cases, upon the affidavit of the party that he is or will be an elector of the county at the next succeeding election. Such affidavit must be made before a county clerk or officer charged with the registration of voters or their deputies.

5. In every case the affidavit of the party must show all the facts required to be stated in the entry on the register, except the date of the entry. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1873-4, 15; 1880, 78; 1883, 284; 1899, 61.

Cal.Rep.Cit. 56, 71; 56, 72; 56, 73.

Subd. 1. Registration in another county-must be canceled: Post, sec. 1104.

Elector of the county, qualifications of electors: Ante, sec. 1083.

Subd. 2. Returns of assessor: See secs. 1098-1103.

1098. Assessor's roll of electors. (Repealed.) En. March 12, 1872. Rep. 1899, 63. 1099. What enrollment must show. (Repealed.)

En. March 12, 1872. Rep. 1899, 63.

$ 1100. Duty of clerk or assessor relative to certain proofs produced. (Repealed.) En. March 12, 1872. Rep. 1899, 63.

$ 1101. Assessor must make monthly returns of enrollment. (Repealed.) En. March 12, 1872. Rep. 1899, 63.

$ 1102. Duty of clerk upon receipt of the return. Upon the receipt of such return, the clerk must at once enter upon the great register the names contained and the statements made in such return. En. March 12, 1872.

Cal.Rep.Cit. 129, 563.

$ 1103. Affidavits must be filed in the clerk's office for five years. The clerk must preserve all affidavits made before himself or his deputies for the purpose of procuring registration, for at least five years from the dates thereof. After said affidavits and duplicates shall have been preserved for five years, upon order of the board of supervisors, they may be destroyed. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1899, 62; 1903, 257.


$ 1104. Persons not to be registered in different counties. No person must cause himself to be registere enrolled in one county when his registration in another remains uncanceled. En. March 12, 1872.

Punishment for fraudulent registration: Pen. Code, sec. 42.

$ 1105. Cancellation of entry. There must be left opposite each name in the great register a blank for cancellation. Cancellation is made by writing in such blank the word "canceled," and a statement of the reasons therefor, and by writing in red ink across the face of the affidavit used in procuring such registration the same words as are used in making the cancellation in the great register. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1899, 62.

Cal. Rep.Cit. 122, 178.
When entry canceled: Post, sec. 1106.

f 1106. When entry must be canceled. The clerk must cancel the entry in the following cases: 1. At the request of the party registered.

2. When he knows of the death or removal of the person registered..

3. When the insanity of the person registered is legally established.

4. Upon the production of a certified copy of a judge ment of the conviction of any elector of any infamous

crime, or of the embezzlement or misappropriation of any public money, in full force against the person registered, or upon information of such conviction obtained as hereinafter provided.

5. Upon the production of a certified copy of a judgment directing the cancellation to be made.

6. Upon a certificate of the board of election of any precinct, sent up with the election returns, stating the death or removal, within their own knowledge, of the person registered.

7. When it appears by the returns made by the board and clerks of election that the respective party did not vote during the next preceding two years at any general or special election.

8. The clerk shall cancel upon the great register every name found thereon which is found upon the register of deaths, provided for in section three thousand and seventy-nine of this code.

9. Every judge before whom proceedings were had which result in any male person being declared incapable of taking care of himself and managing his property, and for whom a guardian of his person and estate is accordingly appointed, or which result in such person being committed to a state insane asylum as an insane person, shall file with the county clerk a certificate of that fact, and thereupon the clerk shall cancel the name of such person upon the great register, if found thereon.

10. The county clerk shall also, in the first week of September, in each year, examine the records of the courts having jurisdiction in cases of infamous crimes, and the embezzlement or misappropriation of public money within his county, and cancel upon the great register the names of all persons appearing thereon who shall have been convicted of an infamous crime, or of the embezzlement or misappropriation of public money in such court, and which conviction shall have been carried into effect. En. March 12, 1872. Am'd. 1873-4, 16; 1880, 78.

Subd. 9. Guardian and ward: Civ. Code, secs. 236-258; Code Civ. Proc., secs. 1747-1809. Committed to insane asylum: Civ. Code, sec.

258. Guardians of insane and incompetent persons: Code Civ. Proc., secs. 1763-1767.

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