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8. 2.

let us teach our trial patience, If you


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darkness do devour it up, so, Oxlips and the nodding violet quick, bright things come to grows quite overcanopied with confusion !. . Lys. a. I s. 1 bush woodbine, with sweet

If then true lovers have musk roses and with eglanbeen ever cross’d, it stands tine, &c. &c. . Oberon a. 2 as an edict in destiny ; then

were men, because it is a customary men you are in show, You cross.. Hermia a. 1 8. 1 would not use a gentle lady

In the wood, where often you and I, upon faint prim

To vow


and rose beds, were wont to lie, super-praise my parts ; emptying our bosons of when I am sure you hate their counsel sweet, there my me in your hearts.. . Helena Lysander and myself shall a. 3 8.2 meet.. Hermia a. 1. 8. 1

If thou dost intend, never I will aggravate my voice, so little show of love to her, so that I will roar you as thou shalt aby it.. Dem. a. 3 gently as any sucking dove, I will roar you and twere any I with the Morning's love nightingale., Bottom a. 1 8. 2 have oft made sport, and I am your Spaniel and

like a forester the groves may the more you beat me, I tread even till the eastern gate will fawn on you, use me but all fiery-red, opening on as your Spaniel, spurn me, Neptune with fair blessed strike me, neglect me, lose beams, turns into yellow me; only give me leave, gold, his salt-green streams. unworthy as I am, to follow

Obe. a. 3 s. 2 you. . Helena a. 2 8. 2

I have a reasonable good It is not night, when I do ear, in music, let us have the see your face, therefore I

bones and the tongs. . Bottom think I am not in the night, a. 4 s. 1

8. 2

nor doth this wood, lack" I have an exposition of

worlds of company ;

for you in my respect are all the world.. Helena a. 2 s. 2

I kaow a bank whereon the wild Thyme blows, Where

sleep come upon me.. Bot. a. 4 8. 1

It is nothing, nothing in the world, unless you can find sport in their intents, ex

& Nature here shows art,

tremely stretch'd and conn'd things with parted-eye, when with cruel pain, to do you

every thing seems double.. service. .Philo. a. 5 8. 1

Hermia. a. 4 8. 1 I love not to see wretched- Merry, and tragical, tediness o'er charged, and duty ous and brief, that is hot ice in his service perishing.. Hip. and wondrous strange snow ! a. 5 s. 1

How shall we find the concord It is not enough to speak, of this discord. . The. a. 5 s. 1

, but to speak true.Lys. a. 58. 1

Now they never meet, in Love looks not with the

grove or green, by fountain Eyes, but with the mind, clear or spangled star-light and therefore is winged Cupid sheen but they do square ; painted blind.. Helena a. 8. 1 that all their elves for fear,

Lovers, and mad-men hare creep into acorn cups, and such seething brains such sha- hide them there Puck. a. 28. 1 ping phantasies, that comprehend more than cool reason that through thy bosom ever comprehends. . The. a. 5 makes me see thy heart..

Lysander a. 2 s. 3 Love therefore, and tongue Not Hermia, but Helena, tied simplicity, in least do I love, who will not change speak most, to my capacity.. a Raven for a Dove. .LysanThe. a. 5 s. 1

der a. 2 s. 3

Nights swift dragons, cut My hounds are bred, out the clouds full fast, and yonof the Spartan kind, so flewd der shines Aurora's hərbinger 80 sanded and their heads

.. Puck a. 3 s. 2 are hung with ears, that Never so weary, never so sweep away the morning dew in woe, bedabbld with dew, &c... The. a. 4 s. 1

and torn with briars, I can My love to Hermia melted as

no further crawl, no further doth the suow, seems to me go, my legs, can keep no non as the remembrance of


desires.. Her. idle gaud, which in my child- a. 3 s. 2 hood I did doat upon.. Dem. Never did I hear, such a. 4 8.1

gallant chiding! for besides

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fountains, every region near,

school-days friendship, childseemed all one mutual cry,

hood Innocence ? We, HerI never heard so musical a mia, like two artificial God's discord, such sweet Thunder have with our neelds created .. Hip. a. 4 s. 1

both one flower &c... Helena a. 3 s.

2 Oh! that


Oh weary night ! oh long would teach my smiles such

and tedious night, abate thy skill. . Helena a. 1 s. I

hours, shine comfort from,

the East, that I may back to Over hill, over dale

Athens by daylight. . Helena

3 Through bush, through briar a. 3 8. 2 Over park, over pale Through flood, through fire Sleep that sometimes shuts I do wander every where up sorrow's eye, steal Swifter than the moon's sphere awhile from mine own comAnd I serve the fairy Queen

pany.. Hel. a. 3 8. 2 To dew her orbs upon the green

So doth the woodbine, the The cowslips tall her pension-honeysuckle, gently entwine,

the female ivy so enrings the In their gold coats, spots you barky fingers of the eln..

Titania a. 4 s. 1

see, Those be rubies, fairy favors In those freckless live their imagination, that if it would

but comprehend some joy, Fairy a. 2 s. 1

it comprehends some bringer One turf shall serve as

of that joy.--Or in the pillow for us both, one heart, night imagining some fear, one bed two bosoms, and one

how easy is a bush suptroth. . Lysander a. 2 s. 3

posed a bear. . The. a. 5 s. 1 O take the sense sweet of Say, what abridgment have mine innocence love takes you for this evening ?..The. the meanings in love's con

a. 5 s. 1 ference, I mean that my heart, unto yours is knit, so To you, your father should that, but one heart we can

be as a God, one that commake of it. Lys. a. 2 s. 3 posed your beauties; yea,

0, and is all forgot ! all and one to whom you are but

ers be

Such tricks hath strong


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as a form in was, by him oncé, I sat upon a promonimprinted, and within his tory and heard a mermaid power to leave the figure or on a Dolphin's back, uttering disfigure it.. The. a. 1 8. 1 such dulcet and harmonious

The course of true love breath, that the rude sea, never did run smooth.. . Lys. grew civil at her song, and a. 1 8. 1

certain stars shot madly To morrow night, when from their spheres, to hear Phæbe doth behold her the sea-maids music.. Oberon silver visage in the watery a. 2 8. 2 glass, decking with liquid Tempt not too much, the pearl, the bladed grass . Lys. hatred of my spirit !..Dem. a. 1 s. 1

a. 2 $. 2 Things base and vile, The will of man is by his holding no quantity, love reason swayed, and reason can transpose to form and

says you are the worthier dignity.. Helena a. 1 s. I maid ; things growing are

That will ask some tears in not ripe until their season, so the true performing of it, if I being young, till now, not I do it let the audience look ripe to reason, and tuching to their eyes. . Bottom a. 1 now the point of human skill,

Reason becomes the marshall Through this distempera- to my will, and leads me to ture we see the seasons alter;

your eyes, where I o'erlook hoary-headed frosts fall in love's stories written in love's the fresh lap of the crimson richest book..Lysander a. 2 rose, and on old Hiems' chin

s. 3 and icy crown

an odorous The sun was not so true chaplet of sweet

unto the day, as he to me ; buds, is as in mockery set. would he have stolen away The spring, the summer, the from sleeping Hermia ? I'll chiding autumn, the angry believe as soon, this whole winter, change their liveries;

earth may be bor'd, and that and the mazed world, by the moon may through the their increase now knows not centre creep, and so displease which is which.. Titania a. 2 her brother's noontide with

the Antipodes. . Hermia a. 3 Thou rememberest since 8. 2

8. 2


8. 2




There is no following her frenzy rolling, doth glance in this fierce riew, here there- from heaven to earth, from fore for a while I will remain, / earth to heaven, and as imaSo sorrow's heaviness doth gination bodies forth, the heavier grow, For debt that forms of things unknown, the bankrupt sleep doth sorrow poet's pen turns them to owe. . Dem, a. 3 8. 2

shapes, and gives to airy Then will two at once woo one, nothing, a local habitation That must needs be sport alone and a name. . The. a. 5 8. 1 And those things do best please The iron tongue of mid

me, night hath told twelve.. That befal preposterously.. The. a. 5 s. 1 Puck, a. 3 s. 2

To what my love shall I We must starve our sight compare thine eyne ? crsytal

? crsytal from lover's food, till morrow is muddy.. Dem. a. 3 s. 2 deep midnight.. Hermia a. 1

This sport well carried s. 1 shall be chronicled.. Hel. a. 1 We cannot fight for love 8. 2

4s men may do, We should Tis partly mine own fault, be woo'd and were not made which death or absence soon to woo.. Helena a. 2 s. 2 shall remedy. . Hel. a. 3 8. 2 Why should you think Thy threats have no more

that I should woo in scorn ? strength than her weak Scorn and derision prayers. . Lys. a. 3 8.2 come in tears ; look, when I Thou coward ! art thou



and bragging to the stars ? telling born, in their nativity all to the bushes that thou truth appears, &c., look’st for wars, and wilt not Lys. a. 3 s. 2 come. . Puck. a. 3 s. 2

Why should he stay whom These things seem small love doth press to go. . Lys. and undistinguishable, like a. 3 8. 2 far-off mountains turned into What tho' I be not so in clouds. . Dem. a. 4 8. 1 grace, as you, so hung upon

The lunatic, the lover, with love, so fortunate, but and the poet, are of imagina- miserable most to love untion all compact, &c., &c. lov'd, this you should pity The nnet's eye in




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