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Opal, a precious stone of almost Pastry, the room where pastry was
Open, publicly [all colours Patch, a term of reproach [made
Operant, active
[racter Patched, in a parti-coloured coat
Path, to walk


Opinion, obstinacy, conceit, cha-
Opposite, adverse, hostile, adver- Pathetical, deeply affected [pose
Opposition, combat
Patient, to make patient, to com-
Or, before
Patine, a dish used with the cha-
lice, in the administration of
the Eucharist
Pattern, instance, example
Pavin, a dance
Paucas, few

Orbs, circles made by the fairies
Orchard, a garden [on the ground
Order, measures
Ordinance, rank

Orgulous, proud, disdainful
Osprey, a kind of eagle
Ostent, show, ostentation
Ostentation, show, appearance
Overblow, to drive away, to keep
Overture, opening or discovery [off
Ounce, a small tiger, or tiger-cat
Ouph, fairy, goblin

Ousel-cock, the cock blackbird
Out, be gone


Out, full, complete
Outlook, to face down
Outvied, a term at the game of
Outward, not in the secret of

Owe, to own, possess, govern
Ox-lip, the great cowslip

[blocks in formation]

Pay, to beat, to hit
Peat, a word of endearment
Pedascule, a pedant

Peer, to come out, to appear
Peevish, foolish

Peize, to balance, to keep in sus-
pense, to weigh down
Pelting, paltry, petty, inconsi-
Pennons, small flags [derable
Penthesilia, Amazon
Perch, a measure of five yards and
Perdurable, lasting [a half
Perdy, par Dieu, a French oath
Perfect, certain, well informed
Perfections, liver, brain, and heart
Perjure, a perjured person
Periapts, charms sewed up and
worn about the neck
Perspectives, certain optical glass-
Pervert, to avert
Pew-fellow, a companion
Pheere. See Feere [or curry
Pheeze, to teaze or beat, to comb
Pia mater, the membrane cover-
ing the substance of the brain
Pick, to pitch

Picked, nicely dressed, foppish
Pickers, the hands


Picking, piddling, insignificant Pickt-hatch, a place noted for brothels

Piece, a word of contempt for a
Piel'd, shaven

Pight, pitched, fixed
Pilcher, a pilche, the scabbard

Paper, to write down, or ap- Pilled, pillaged

[blocks in formation]


Pin and web, disorders of the
Pinnace, a small ship of burden
Pix, a small chest in which the
consecrated host was kept
Placket, a petticoat
Plague, to punish
Plain song, the chant, in plano
Plainly, openly
Plaited, complicated, involved
Planched, made of brands
Plant, the foot

Platforms, plans, schemes
Plavsive, gracious, pleasing, po-
Pleached, folded together [pular
Plot, piece or portion
Point, a metal hook fastened to


the hose or breeches Point, the utmost height Point-de-vice, with the possible exactness Points, tags to the laces Poize, weight or moment Polled, bared, cleared [fumes Pomander, a ball made of perPomewater, a species of apple Poor-john, hake dried and salted Popinjay, a parrot Popularity, plebeian intercourse Port, external pomp, figure Port, a gate Portable, bearable

Portance, carriage, behaviour

[blocks in formation]

Possessed, afflicted with madness
Potch, to push violently
Potents, potentates [fumes

Pouncet-box, a small box for per-
Power, forces, an army
Practice, unlawful or insidious
[able arts
Practise, to employ unwarrant-
Practisants, confederates in stra-
tagems [tatiously, to plume
Prank, to adorn, to dress osten.
Precedent, original draft
Precept, a justice's warrant
Precisian, a great pretender to
Prefer, to recommend, to ad.
Pregnancy, readiness [apposite
Pregnant, ready, plain, evident,
Pregnant enemy, the enemy of

Premised, sent before the time
Prenominate, already named
Pre-ordinance, ordinance already
established [a public room
Presence, the presence-chamber,
Presence, dignity of mien, form,
Prest, ready

Pretence, design, intention
Pretend, to intend, design
Pretended, purposed or intended
Prevent, to anticipate
Prick, the point on the dia!
Pricks, prickles, skewers
Pride, haughty power
Prig, to filch

Prime, youth, the vigour of life
Prime, prompt
Primer, more urgent, more im-
Primero, a game at cards
Principality, the first or princi-
pal of women

Principals, rafters of a building
Princox, a coxcomb, or spoiled
Probal, probable
Process, summons
Procure, to bring
Prodigious, portentous, ominous
Proface, much good may it do you
Profane, love of talk, gross of
Profession, end and purpose of
Progress, a royal journey of state
Project, to shape or form
Prompture,suggestion, temptation
Prone, sometimes humble
Prone, forward
Proof, confirmed state of man-
Propagate, to advance or improve
Propagation, getting
Proper, well-looking, handsome
Proper-false, proper or fair, and
false or deceitful
Propertied, taken possession of
Properties, incidental necessaries
to a theatre
Property, due performance
Property, a thing quite at disposa
Propose, to image, to imagine
Proposing, conversing [stat
Propriety, regular and prope
Prorogue, to lengthen or prolong
Provand, provender [vence
Provencial, Provencal, from Pro-
Provincial, belonging to one's pro
Provost, sheriff or gaoler [vince
Prune, to plume
Puck, or hobgoblin in fairy
Pugging, thievish [mythology

Possess, to inform, to make to Pun, to pound understand

Purchase, stolen goods


[blocks in formation]


[ocr errors]

Recollected, studied or often re-
Record, to sing

Recorder, a kind of flute or fla-
Recure, to recover
Red-lattice, the sign of an ale-
Reduce, to bring back [house
Reechy, discoloured by smoke,
Refell, to refute [smoky, greasy
Refer, to reserve to
Regard, look

Regiment, government, authority
Regreet, exchange of salutation
Reguerdon, recompence, return
Relative, nearly related, or con-

Quail, to faint, languish
Quaint, fantastical, graceful
Quaint-mazes, a game running
the figure of eight
Quaked, thrown into trepidation
Qualify, to lessen, moderate
Quality, confederates
Quality, profession, condition of
[of a quarrel
Quarrel, a quarreller, the cause
Quarry, the game after it is killed
Quart d'ecu, fourth part of a Remembered, remembering
French crown
[tion Remembrance, admonition
Quarter, the allotted posts, sta- Remorse, pity, tenderness of heart
Quat, a pimple
[settled Remotion, removal or remoteness
Queasy, squeamish, delicate, un- Removed, remote, sequestered
Quell, to murder, to destroy Render, to describe
Quench, to grow cool
Quern, a hand-mill
Quest, inquest or jury, search,
Question, conversation
Questrist, one who goes in search
Quests, reports [of another
Quick, lively, spritely, living
Quicken, to animate
Quiddits, subtilties
Quillets, law chicane [exercises
Quintain, a post set up for various
Quips, reproaches and scoffs
Quire, to play in concert
Quit, quitted

Quit, to requite or answer

Quittance, return of obligations
Quiver, nimble, active
Quote, to observe


Robato, an ornament for the neck
Rabbit-sucker, a sucking rabbit
Race, original disposition, inborn
qualities, a smack or flavour
Rack, wreck

Rack, to exaggerate
Rack, to harass by exactions
Rack, the fleeting away of the
Racking, in rapid motion [clouds
Rag, an opprobrious epithet
Ragged, rugged
Rake, to cover

Rank, rate or pace [and strength
Rank, grown up to a great height
Rapt, rapturously affected
Rapture, a fit

Rarely, curiously, happily
Rascal, applied to lean deer
Rash, heady, thoughtless, quick,


[blocks in formation]

Render, a confession, an account
Renege, to renounce
Repair, to renovate
Repeal, to recall
Reports, reporters
Reproof, confutation
Repugn, to resist
Reputing, boasting of
Requiem, a mass for the soul of a
person deceased

Resolve, to be firmly persuaded,
Resolve, to dissolve [satisfied
Respect, consideration, caution
Respective, respectable, respect-
ful, formal

Respective, cool, considerate
Respectively, respectfully
Retailed, handed down
Retire, to draw back
Reverb, to reverberate
Revolts, revolters
Rib, to enclose
Rid, to destroy
Rift, split
Riggish, wanton
Right, just, even
Right-drawn, drawn in a right
Rigol, a circle
Ringed, environed, encircled
Ripe, come to the height
Rivage, the bank or shore
Rivality, equal rank
Rivals, partners
Rive, to burst, to fire
Road, the haven where ships ride
Rogues, vagrants [at anchor
Romage, rummage
Ronyon, a scurvy woman
Rood, the cross
Rook, to squat down
Ropery, roguery

Rope-tricks, abusive language
Round, a diadem

Round, rough, unceremonious
Rounded, whispered
Rounding, whispering
Roundel, a country-dance
Roundure, circle

Rouse, a draught of jollity
Royal, due to a king
Royalize, to make royal

Royalty, nobleness, supreme ex.

Roynish, mangy or scabby
Ruddock, the red breast [boots
Ruff, the folding of the tops of
Ruffle, to riot, to create disturb-
Ruffling, rustling
Ruin, displeasure producing ruin
Rule, a method of life
Ruth, pity, compassion


Sacred, accursed
Sacrificial, worshipping
Sad, grave or serious
Sadly, seriously
Sadness, seriousness
Safe, to render safe
Sagg or swagg, to sink down
Salt, tears

Sanded, of a sandy colour
Satisfy, rest with satisfaction
Savage, silvan, uncultivated,
Savageness, wildness
Saucy, lascivious
Saw, anciently, not a proverb, but
the whole tenor of any discourse
Say, silk

Say, a sample, a taste or relish
Scaffoldage, the gallery part of
the theatre
Scald, a word of contempt, poor,
Scule, to disperse, to put to flight
Scaled, over-reached

Scaling, weighing

Scall, an old word of reproach
Scamble, to scramble
Scan, to examine nicely [tract
Scant, to be deficient in, to con-
Scantling, measure, proportion
Scapes of wit, sallies, irregulari-
Scared, frightened

Scarfed, decorated with flags
Scath, destruction, harm
Scath, to do an injury

Scathful, mischievous, destructive
Scone, a petty fortification
Sconce, the head

Scotched, cut slightly

Scrimens, fencers

Scrip, a writing, a list

Scroyles, scabby fellows

Sculls, great numbers of fishes
swimming together
Scutched, whipt, carted

Seal, to strengthen or complete
Seam, lard

Sear, to stigmatize, to close. See


Season, to temper, to infix, to
Seasoned, established or settled by
Seat, throne


Seated, fixed, firmly placed
Sect, a cutting in gardening
Securely, with too great confi-
Seel, to close up
Seeling, blinding

Seeming, specious, hypocritical
Seeming, seemly

Seen, versed, practised

Seld, seldom

Self-bounty, inherent generosity
Semblably, in resemblance, alike
Seniory, seniority

Sennet, a flourish or sounding

Sense, reason, natural affection,
feeling, sensual passion
Sensible, having sensation
Septentrion, the north
Sequestration, separation
Sere or sear, dry

[blocks in formation]

Setebos, a species of devil
Several, separated, appropriated
Server, an officer who placed the

dishes on the table
Shame, to disgrace
Shame, modesty [scaly wings
Shard-borne, born by shards or
Shards, the wings of a beetle
Shards, broken pots or tiles
Sharked, picked up as a
collects his prey
Sheen, shining, splendour, lustre
Sheer, pellucid, transparent
Shent, scolded, rebuked, ashamed,


Shent, to reprove harshly
Sheriff's-post, a large post set up
at the door of that officer for
affixing proclamations, &c.
Shive, a slice
Shot, shooter
Shovel-board, a game
Shoughs, shocks, a species of dog
Shouldered, rudely thrust into
Shrewd, having the qualities of a
Shrift, confession
Shrive, to confess, to call to con-
Shut-up, to conclude [fession
Side-sleeves, long sleeves
Siege, stool, seat, rank
Sight, the perforated part of a
Sightless, unsightly [helmet
Sign, to show, to denote
Silly, simple or rustic

Sooth, truth

Sooth, sweetness

Sorriest, worthless, vile
Sorry, sorrowful or dismal
Sort, to choose out
Sort, a company, a pack, ranks
and degrees of men
Sort, to happen, to agree
Sort, the lot

Sort and suit, figure and rank
Sot, a fool

Soul-fearing, soul-appalling
Sound, to declare or publish
Sound, soundly


Stoop, a measure some what more
than half a gallon
Stover, a kind of thatch
Stoup, a kind of flagon

Strachy, probably some kind of
domestic office
Straight, immediately
Strain, descent, lineage
Strain, difficulty, doubt
Strait, narrow, avaricious
Straited, put to difficulties
Strange, odd, different form

Strange, alien, becoming a stran-
ger, a stranger
Strangely, wonderfully
Strangeness, shyness, distant be-
Stranger, an alien


Sowl, to pull by the ears
Sorter, perhaps the name of a
Spanned, measured
Strangle, to suppress
Specialty, particular rights Stratagem, great or dreadful
Sped, the fate decided
Strict, hard
Speed, event
[bars, &c. Strive, to contend
Sperr, to shut up, defend by Stuck, a thrust in fencing. See
Spleen, humour, caprice, spirit, Stuff, baggage [Stoccata. Stock
[tuous speed Stuff, substance or essence
Spleen, violent hurry, tumul- Stuffed, plenty, more than enough
Spleens, inclination to spiteful Subscribe, to agree to
Spot, stain or disgrace [mirth
Spotted, wicked


Subscribe, to yield, to surrender
Subscription, obedience
Submerged, whelmed under water
Subtilty, deception
Subtle, smooth, level
Success, succession [cession
Successive, belonging to the suc
Successively, by order of succes-
Sudden, violent
Sufficiency, abilities
Suggest, to tempt, to prompt, to
Suggestion, hint
Suggestions, temptations

Sprag, or spackt, apt to learn
Spread, to stand separately
Sprighted, haunted
Sprights, spirits
Springhalt, a disease incident to
Springing, blooming, in the
Sprightly, ghostly [spring of life
Spurs, the longest and largest
Square, to quarrel [roots of trees
Square, regular, equitable, just,
suitable [sion, or complement
Square, compass, comprehen-Suited, dressed
Squarer, a quarrelsome fellow
Squash, an immature peascod
Squiny, to look asquint
Squire, a square or rule
Staggers, delirious perturbation
Stale, a bait or decoy to catch
Stale, a pretence
[save-reverence Stale, to allure

Silly, sooth, plain, simple truth
Sincere, honest
Sinem, strength
Single, weak, debile, small, void
of duplicity or guile
Sink-a-pace, cinque-pace, a dance
Sir, the designation of a parson
Sir-reverence, a corruption of
Sith, since
Sithence, thence

Sizes, allowances of victuals
Skains-mates, loose companions
Skirr, to scour, to ride hastily
Slack, to neglect


Sullen, obstinately troublesome
Summer-swelling, that


swells or expands in summer Summoners, summoning officers Sumpter, a horse that carries necessaries on a journey Superfluous, over-clothed Superstitious, serving with superStand, to withstand, to resist stitious attention [gined Standing bowls, bowls elevated Supposed, counterfeited, imaon feet [hawk Sure, safe, out of danger, surely Stannyal, the common stone- Sur-reined, over-worked, or ridStar, a scar of that appearance Stark, stiff Starkly, stiffly Starred, destined State, a chair with a canopy State, standing [over it

Slave, to treat as a slave [the silk
Sleave, the ravelled knotty part of
Sledded, riding in a sled or sledge
Slights, arts, subtle practices
Slips, a contrivance of leather, to
start two dogs at the same time
Sliver, to cut a piece or slice
Stops, loose breeches, or trow-Station, the act of standing
sers, tawdry dress

State, official state, dignity
States, persons of high rank

Statist, statesman

Slough, the skin which the ser- Statue, a portrait

pent annually throws off Slower, more serious Slubber, to do any thing carelessly, imperfectly, to obscure Smilingly, with signs of pleasure Smirched, soiled or obscured Smoothed, to stroke, to caress, to


[blocks in formation]

Staves, the wood of the lances
Stay, a hinderer, a supporter
Stead, to assist, or help [chine
Sticking-place, the stop in a ma-
Sticklers, arbitrators, judges,

Stigmatical, marked or stigma-
Stigmatick, one on whom nature
has set a mark of deformity
Still, constant or continual
Stilly, gently, lowly
Stint, to stop, to retard
Stith, an anvil

Stoccata, a thrust or stab with a
Stock, a term in fencing [rapier
Stock, stocking

Stomach, passion, pride, stub-
born resolution, constancy, re-

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Tent, to take up residence
Tercel, the male hawk
Termagant, the god of the
Termagant, furious
Tested, brought to the test
Testern, to gratify with a tester,
or sixpence

Tetchy, touchy, peevish, fretful
Tharborough, thirdborough,

Theme, a subject

peace officer

Theorick, theory

Themes, muscular strength

Thick, in quick succession




thickly inter

Thill, the shafts of a cart

Thirdborough. See Tharborough
Thought, melancholy
Thrasonical, boastful, bragging
Thread, fibre or part
Thread, to pass through
Three-man-beetle, an implement
used for driving piles
Three-pile, rich velvet
Thrift, a state of prosperity
Throes, emits as in parturition
Thrum, the extremity of a weav-
er's warp

Trade, a custom, an established

Tradition, traditional practices
Traditional, adherent to old cus-


Trail, the scent left by the pas-
sage of the game
Traitress, a term of endearment
Tranect, a ferry

Translate, to transfer, to explain
Trash, a hunting phrase, to cor-
Travel, to stroll
Traverse, a term in military ex-


Traversed, across

Tray-trip, some kind of game
Treachers, treacherous persons
Trenched, cut, carved
Trick, trick of the times
Trick, peculiarity of voice, face,


Trick, smeared, painted, in he-
Tricking, dress

Tricksy, clever, adroit

Triumphs, masques, revels pub-
lic exhibitions

Trojan, cant word for a thief
Troll, to dismiss trippingly from
the tongue
Trol-my-dames, a game
Trossers, trowsers
Trom, to believe
Truth, honesty

Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a

Turlygood, or turlupin, a species
of gipsy

Turn, to become acescent
Turquoise, a precious stone
Twangling, an expression of con-
Twigging, wickered

Thrumm d, made of coarse wool-Tyed, limited, circumscribed

len cloth

Tib, a strumpet

Tickle, ticklish

Tickle-brain, some strong liquor
Tight, handy, adroit

Tightly, cleverly, adroitly

Tilly-valley, an interjection of


Tilth, tillage

Timeless, untimely
Tinct, tincture

Tire, head-dress

Tire, to fasten, to fix the talons


Tire, to be idly employed on
Tired, adorned with ribands
Tod, to yield or produce a tod, or
twenty-eight pounds
Tokened, spotted as in the plague
Toll, to enter on the toll-book
Tolling, taking toll

Tomboy, a masculine, forward

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Vail, to condescend to look, to Undertaker, one who takes upon

[blocks in formation]
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