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WM. L. MURFREE, St. Louis, Mo.
ARDEMUS STEWART, Philadelphia, Pa.
8. $. MERRILL, St. Louis, Mo.
W. L. STONEX, Goshen, Ind.
J. R. BERRYMAN, Madison, Wis.
D. R. N. BLACKBURN, Albany, Oregon.
M. D. EWELL, Chicago, Ill.
NATHAN NEWMARK, San Francisco, Cal.
JOHN A. FINCH, Indianapolis, Ind.
M. C. PHILLIPS, Oshkosh, Wis.
JAMES T. RINGGOLD, Baltimore, Md.
John W. SNYDER, Kansas City, Mo.
OSCAR L. QUINLAN, Baltimore, Md.
J. Ç. BAIRD, Cheyenne, Wyoming.
D. B. VAN SYCKEL, Kansas City, Kan.
J. L HOPKINS, St. Louis, Mo.
O. F. HERSHEY, Baltimore, MD.
OSCAR HALLAM, St. Paul, Minn.
WARD B. COE, Baltimore, Md.
ARTHUR P. WILL, Chicago, Ill.
JAS. J. C. HAMILTON, Seranton, Pa.
JAMES P. HARROLD, Rockford, ill.
D. M. MICKEY, Chicago, Ill.
MAX B. MAY, Cincinnati, Ohio.
WM. L. EVANS, Madison, Wis.





Hon. STEPHEN J. FIELD, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court.
Hon. John M. HARLAN, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court.
Hon. ALBERT H. HORTON, Chief Justice of Kansas.
Hon. S. D. THOMPSON, St. Louis.
Hon. SAMUEL MAXWELL, Chief Justice of Nebraska.
Hon. J. G. WOERNER, Judge St. Louis Probate Court.
Hon.ELI S. HAMMOND, United States District Judge,

Hon. ALEX. MARTIN, Dean of the Missouri State Law

School, Columbia, Mo.
H. S. KELLY, St. Joseph, Mo.
JOHN D. LAWSON, Professor of Law, Missouri State

University, Columbia, Mo.
HENRY WADE ROGERS, Northwestern University, Evan-

ston, Ii.
JAMES BARR AMES, Professor of Law in Harvard Law

W. F. ELLIOTT, Indianapolis, Ind.
L. HOCHHEIMER, Baltimore, Md.
W. W. THORNTON, Indianapolis, Ind.
H. CAMPBELL BLACK, Williamsport, Pa.
THOMAS A. POLLEYS, Madison, Wis.
JAMES M. KERR, Rochester, N. Y.
PERCY EDWARDS, Owosso, Mich.
D. H. PINGREY, Bloomington, Ill.





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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1894, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.


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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Recent Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon in our Notes of Recent Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.

Ackley v. The North Chicago Street Railroad Co. (III.)

Bill in Equity by Attorney to Recover Contingent

Fee, Ed. 501. Aldrich v. Concord & M. R. R. Co. (N. H.) Negligence

-Evidence of Alteration After Accident, R. D. 85. Anderson v. Rogers (Kan.) Banks and Banking-Pre

sentment of Check-Sending to Drawee for Collec.

tion, R. D. 112. Arthur v. Oaks (U. S. C. App.) Rights of Employees of

Railroads in Hands of Receiver, Ed. 395. Ault v. Blackburn (Wash.) Mortgage-Defense-Es

toppel, R. D. 160. Baker v. Baker (Ohio) Execution of Will-Position

of Signature, ann. case, 11. Baltimore &0. R, Co. v. State (Md.) Negligence-Im

puted Negligence-Driver of Carriage, R. D. 240. Bearley v. State (Ind.) Criminal Law-Larceny by

Husband from Wife, R. D. 379. Beatrice Gas Company v. Thomas (Neb.) Nuisance

Filthy Percolations, ann, case, 363. Beehler v. Daniels (R. I.) Negligence-Damages

Premises-Licensee-Fireman, R. D. 84. Benton v. Farmers' Mut. Fire Ins. Co. (Mich.) Insur

ance-Property Covered, R. D. 502. Birmingham Nat. Bank v. Bradley (Ala.) Negotiable

Instrument-Check Forgery-Indorser, R. D. 240. Blevitt v. Boorum (N. Y.) Parol Evidence Condi

tional Delivery of Sealed Instruments, R. D. 138. Bliss v. Johnson (Mass.) Negotiable Instrument

Pr pissory Note-Financial Reputation of Payee,

R. D. 502. Brass v. State (N. Dak.) State Regulation of Grain

Elevators, Ed. 157. Brown v. First Nat. Bank (Ala.) Negotiable Instru

ment-Bona Fide Purchaser-Estoppel, R. D. 278. Burdick v. People (III.) Constitutional Law- Rail.

road Company-Ticket Brokers, R. D. 42. Burke v. Dulaney (U. 8. S. C.) Negotiable Instrument

-Promissory Note-Parol Evidence, R. D. 82.

Canary & Lederer v. Lillian Russell (N. Y.) Theatri

cal Contract-Breach-Injunction, R. D. 396. Carpenter v. United States Life Insurance Co. (Pa.)

Life Insurance-Insurable Interest, ann. case, 30. Carter v. Producers' & Refiners' Oil Co. (Pa.) Corpora.

tion-Joint Stock Companies-Acts Ultra Vires, R.

D. 485. Caswell, In re (R. I.) Right of Newspapers to Obtain

Copies of Proceedings in Court, Ed. 1. Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. v. Honey (U. S. 0. C. of App.)

Negligence-Injury to Wife-Action by Husband

Contributory Negligence, R. D. 416. Chicago Deposit Vault Co. v. McNulton (U. S. 8. C.)

Receivers-Lease Extending Beyond Receivership,

R. D. 2. Cincinnati Oyster & Fish Co. v. National Lafayette

Bank (Ohio) Banks and Banking-Certified Check

-Liability of Drawer, R. D. 25. City Nat. Bank of Dayton v. Kusworm (Wis.) Duress

-Avoidance of Contract, ann. case, 90. City of Bloomington v. Legg (III.) Evidence of Other

Accidents in Negligence Cases, Ed. 335. City of Philadelphia v. Masonic Home (Pa.) Exemp.

tion of Charitable Institution from Taxation, Ed

81. City of Sioux Falls v. Kirby (S. Dak.) Municipal Cor

forations-City Ordinance-- Validity- Erections of

Buildings-Inspector's Assent, ann. case, 384. ' Clair v. State (Neb.) Criminal Law-Grand Jury-In.

flammatory Charge by Court, R. D. 65. Cole v. Satsop R. Co. (Wash.) Corporations-Action

on Stock Subscriptions, ann. case, 470. Commonwealth v. Clifford (Ky.) Embezzlement

What Constitutes, ann. case, 406. Cunningham v. Baker (Ala.) Garnishment- Person

subject to Process-Wrongful Arrest-Warrant, R. D. 376.

Cutter v. Pollack (N. Dak.) Assignment for Benefit

of Creditors-Insolvency-Chattel Mortgage, R. D.

Dailey v. State (Ohio) Public Highways-Shade Trees-

Rights of Adjoining Landowners-Telegraph Oom.

pany, R. D. 256.
Davidson v. Harmon (Minn.) Limitations-Partnership

Debt, ann, case, 167.
Davis v. Whitaker (N. Car.) Deeds – Registration,

ann. case, 147.
Doolittle v. Shaw (Iowa) Conversion – Hiring of

Horse, R. D. 483.
Duncan y. Willis (Ohio) Practice in Civil Cases-Par.

ties to Actions-Deceit in Sale, R. D. 357.
Duon v. Garrett (Tenn.) Principal and Surety-Bond-

Liability of Surety-Private Agreement with Prin.

cipal, ann. case, 490.
Duvall v. Pullman Palace Car Company (U. S. C. C. of

App.) Carriers of Passengers-Railroad Company

-Palace Car-Ejection, R. D. 856.
Edison v. Edison United Phonograph Co. (N. J.) Cor.

poration-Appointment of Receivers – Directors,

R. D. 188.
Englebert v. Kroxell (Neb.) Infants-Contracts-Dis.

afirmance-Return of Consideration, R. D. 219.
Everett v. Walker (Colo.) Process-Service by Pub.

lication-Attachment-Garnishment, R. D. 110.
Ewell v. Pitman (Ky.) Discharge in Bankruptcy-At-

tack in State Court, R. D. 485.
Famous Shoe & Clothing Co. v. Crosswhite (Mo.)

gotiable Instrument-Check - When Negotiable-

Bona Fide Holder, R. D. 296.
Fargo Gas & Coke Co. v. Fargo Gas & Electric Co. (N.

Dak.) Sale-False Representations-Duty of Pur.

chaser to Investigate, R. D. 378.
Fifield v. Common Council of City of Phoenix (Ariz.)

Municipal Corporations, Liability, Discharge of

Fireworks, R. D. 218.
First Presbyterian Congregation of Easton v. Smith

(Pa.) Negligence- Bursting Sewer Liability of
Contractor Municipal Corporation, ann. case,

Fitch v. Seymour Water Co. (Ind.) Water Companies

-Liability for Insufficient Supply, R. D. 320.
Fitzgerald v. Fitzgerald & Mallory Construction Co.

(Kan.) Railroad Company Construction Com.
pany-Common Directorg-Undue Influence, R. D.

Fornes v. Wright (Iowa) Partnership-Power of Law

Partner to Bind Firm, R. D. 26.
Foss, Ex parte (Cal.) Surrender of Criminal by For.

eign country in Absence of Extradition, Ed. 137.
Francis v. Western Union Tel. Co. (Minn.) Damages

against Telegraph Companies for Injuries to the

Feelings, Ed. 355.
Fredericks v. Illinois Cent. R. Co. (La.) Negligence

Dangerous Premises-Trespassers, R. D. 179.
Freiberg v. Stoddart (Pa.) Banks Insolvency-

Trust Creditors-Preferences, R. D. 163.
Garrett v. Lake Roland El. R. Co. (MU.) Elevated

Railroads on Streets-Taking Private Property-In

junction-Public Nuisance, pnn, case, 283.
Gasking y. Davis (N. Car.) Conversion of Logs-Dam.

ages-Increase in Value, R. D. 506.
Gear y. Gray (Ind.) Contract of School Teacher

Closing of School-Act of God, R. D. 256.
Girard v. St. Louis Car-Wheel Co. (Mo.) Release-

Pleading Necessity of Cancellation-Return of

Benefits Received, ann. case, 302.
Globe Iron Works Co. v. John B. Ketcham (Mich.) Ad.

miralty- Jurisdiction-Maritime Contracts, R. D.

Goodman v. Baerlocher (Wis.) Mechanic's Lien-De-

struction of Building-Effect, R. D. 445.
Grant v. Harkness (Kan.) Evidence – Expert Testi-

mony-Handwriting, R. D. 142.

Griggs v. Becker (Wis.) Foreign Judgment-Validity

-Jurisdiction, R. D. 43.
Gulf, C. & S. F. Ry. Co. v. Eddins (Tex.) Carriers of

Goods - Interstate Commerce-Limitation of Lia

bility, R. D. 62.
Gutta Percha & Rubber Manufacturing Co. v. Village of

Ogalaila (Neb.) Municipal Corporation – lavalla

Contract-Ratification, R. D. 162.
Goodlander Mill Co. v. Standard Oil Co. (U.S. C. C. of

App.) Negligence-Proximate and Remote Cause,

R. D. 504.
Hawkins v. Watkins (N. Y.) Negligence-Accidental

Shooting while Hunting, R. D. 3.
Holst v. Stewart (Mass.) Fraudulent Representations

-Sale of Farm, R. D. 199.
Hughes v. Allen (Vt.) Dower in Firm Property, ann.

case, 121.
Irwin v. Irwin (Okla.) Validity of Divorces by the Pro-

bate Court, Ed. 416.
Irwin v. McKechnie (Minn.) Courts-Garnishment in

State Court of Receiver Appointed by Federal

Court, R. D. 85.
Jacksonville, T. & K. W. Ry. Co. v. Lockwood (Fla.)

Trespass-Railroad Company-Damages, R. D. 237.
Johnson v. Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co. (Minn.)

Contract of Infant-Recovery of Price Paid-Fraud,

R. D. 338.
Jones, In re (Cal.) Contempt of Court, Ed. 375.
Kadish v. Garden City Equitable Loan & Bldg. Associ.

ation (III.) Building & Loan Association - Ultra

Vires Mortgage, R. D. 482.
Kalleck v. Deering (Mass.) Negligence-Master and

Servant-Owner of Vessel, R. D. 45.
Kaufman v. Stein (Ind.) Municipal Corporation-Fire

Limits-Nuisance-Injunction, R. D. 141.
Keel v. Board of Directors (Ark.) Constitutional Law-

Corporate Powers-Special Act, R. D. 318.
Kelly v. Kelly (Mass.) Marriage-Annulment-Jurisdic-

tion of Chancery Court, R. D. 158.
Kendall v. Parker (Cal.) Non-negotiable Note-In

dorsement by Payee-Liability to second Indorsee,

R. D. 339.
Keoning v. State (Tex.) Intoxicating Liquors-Club

House, R. D. 158.
Keifer v. Klinsick (Ind.) Wife's Separate Estate-Hus-

band Carrying on Business-Estos pel, ann. case,

Kinney v. Duluth Ore Co. (Minn.) Mechanic's Lien-

Assignment of Claim-Statement of Claim, app.

case, 345.
Kirkwood v. First National Bank (Neb.) Banks and

Banking-Certificate of Deposit-Negotiability, R.

D. 66.
La Grange Butter Tub Co. v. National Bank of Com

merce (Mo.) Corporations – Insolvency-Attach-

ment, R. D. 24.
Leuppie v. Osborn's Ex'rs (N. J.) Failure of Husband

to Support Wife-Advances by Third Person-Lia

bility, ann, case, 187.
Louisville, N. A. & C. Ey. Co. v. Carson (III.) Corpo-

ration-Contract-Lease-Ratification, R. D. 464.
McBroom v. Thompson (Oreg.) Liconse-Parol-Revo.

cation-Estoppel, R. D. 297.
McLaughlin v. McLaughlin (Cal.) Mutual Benefit As.

sociation-Change of Beneficiary-Requirements of

By-laws, ann. case, 427.
Mexican International Banking Co. v. Luchtenstein

(Utah) Contract-Sale of Lottery Ticket Prin

cipal and Agent-Pari Delicto, R. D. 336.
Miller v. Hyde (Mass.) Election of Remedies, ann.

case, 244.
Millward.Cliff Cracker Co., In re (Pa.) Corporation-

Irregular Execution of Notes -Powers of Oficers
R. D. 85.

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