Existing Difficulties in the Government of the Canadas

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C. & W. Reynell, 1836 - Canada - 64 pages

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Page 31 - miles off; and being an impracticable system, felt to be intolerable by those for whose good it was professedly intended, it ought to be abolished, and. the domestic institutions of the province so improved and administered by the local authorities, as to render the people happy and contented. *****
Page 31 - It appears, therefore, that the Legislative Council, as at present constituted, has utterly failed, and never can be made to answer the ends for which it was created; and the restoration of legislative harmony and good government requires its reconstruction on the elective principle.
Page 31 - prejudicially affect any benefits now yielded to her, except the loss, if loss it can be called, of that patronage, the partial and impolitic distribution of which has ever proved unsatisfactory and injurious to the colony. " The affairs of this country have been ever, against the spirit of the constitutional
Page 70 - YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY REFERENCE DEPARTMENT This book i« under no circumstance* to be taken from
Page 40 - vus se jeter dans les sociétés les plus opposées, et la. presse anglaise a bientôt retenti d'injures contre celui qu'elle appelait radical, de louanges pour celui qu'elle
Page 40 - Quelques heures pour ainsi dire après leur arrivée le public fut averti qu'il y avait division parmi eux sur tous les points. Pouvait-on espérer qu'ils ne sèmeraient pas ici la division; qu'il y aurait entre eux unanimité sur nos difficultés politiques, et que la diversité connue de leurs opinions sur la politique de leur pays, ne serait pas le prélude à la même diversité d'opinions sur la politique
Page 40 - The mission of the Commissioners, together with that of Lord Gosford, is in my judgment ended. The sooner they leave Canada the better for all
Page 19 - Assembly having repeatedly declared its fixed determination not to sanction that which it must ever consider a tyrannical violation of its rights, and which the people of this province regard as a virtual dissolution of the constitution,
Page 31 - empire. Such a system of government, securing to the people inestimable blessings, would rather durably enlarge than impair the commercial relations with the parent state, in exchange for which we receive protection ; and could in
Page 41 - On aime à s'endormir sur le bord d'un précipice, à attendre le bonheur que promet un songe fugitif et trompeur; au lieu

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