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p. 165.zif Hu mine lare zef Pou mine lore,
wel wult lusten, wel wolt i-hure,
and noht halden to wraJose and noht holde to wrappe
at ich wel leare. zef ich pewel leore.
14085 king answarede And Peking answerede
swa Hengest hit wolde. alse Hengest hit wolde.
Da saeide Haengest,

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14120 beoö beyne kine-borne
of Androeinnes kunne,
pas aÖele Bruttes;
and pus Ä duzeôe
stille be fordemeô.
14125 Ah ich pe wulle raede
of muchele pire neode,
pat pu bizite cnihtes
p. 167. pagode beod to fihte;
and bi-tache me aenne castel,
14130 oder ane kineliche burh,
pat ich mai inne ligge
while pa ich libbe.
c am uor pe iuaid,
aer fore icwene beon daed:
14135fare per ic auer fare,
naem ich naeuere bute care,
buten ich ligge faste
biclused inne castle.
Gif pu pis me wult don,
14140ich hit wulle mid luue a-fon,
and ich wulle biliue
senden after mine wiue,
pat is a Sexisc wimmon
of wisdome wel idon, -
14145 and after Rouwenne, mire dohter,
e me is swiôe deore.
Ä ich habbe mi wif,
and mine wine-maies,
and ich beo i pine londe
14150fulliche at-stonde,
pa bet ich wullen hiren pe,

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14120. beyne, ags. begen m.both, wie twene ags. tregen. kine-borne, royally born. Luces wes kineboren

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if pu bis zettest me.“ p. 168. answerede Vortiger, of aelchen vuele he wes war: 14155 Nim cnihtes biliue, and send aefter pine wiue, and aefter pine children, pan zungen and pan olden, and aefter pine cunnen, 14160 and afeoh heom mid wunne; penne heotope cumed, u scaet habben gaersume aehliche heom to ueden, and wurdliche scruden. 14165 Ah nulle ich castel na burh nane pe bi-techen, for men me wolden scenden i mine kine-lond: for ze haldeôpa haessene laze 14170 pat stod on eoure aelderen daze, and we haldeô Cristes laze, and wulledauere an ure daeze.“ azet spaec Haengest, ## Ä hendest: 14175 Lauerd, ich wulle pin iwil drizen her and ouer al, p. 169. and don al mine daede aefter pine rade. Nu ic wulle biliue 14180sende aftermine wiue, and aefter mire dohter pe me is swa deore, and aefter ohte mounen, pa bezste of mine cunne; 14185 and puzif me swa muchel lond

ef pou bis wolt granti me."
answerede Vortiger,
pat of ech vuele was war:
" Nim cnihtes swipe,
and send after pine wifue,
and after pine children,
pezong and pe heoldre,
and Ä cunne,
and onderfang heom mid winne;
wane hiito pe comep,
Ä salt habbe garisome
ehliche heom to fede,
and worpliche to scrude.
Ac nelle ich castel ne borh
manne pe bi-take
for men me wolde sende
in mine kinelonde,
Ä ich hebene men
ondes bi-toke.

Dezet spac Hengest,
cniht alre hendest:
Louerd, nou ich wolle
don alpine wille.

Nou ich wolle bliue
sende after mine wifue,

and pou zef me so mochel lond

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weniger schoeres, obwohl das Verb schaeren im folgenden Verse steht. Während der jüngere Text ags. sc durch s

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