The Times History of Europe

Front Cover
Times Books, 2006 - History - 206 pages
This is a uniquely clear guide to 3000 years of history. It presents the history of Europe using clear text and full-colour maps. Europe's complex state-system, in which a large number of competing, sovereign, territorial states have been crammed together, pushing and tugging at each other's frontiers, seizing or driving out each other's populations, is an almost unique feature of the continent, one which sets it apart from most of the rest of the world. Without knowledge of it, no one can hope to understand Europe today. "The Times History of Europe" uses clear, authoritative texts and lavish full-colour maps to chart these historical developments simply and comprehensively. It reveals a relentless process of change, a kaleidoscope of constantly shifting borders, of dynastic ambition, of wars and treaties, and the growth and contraction of empires. From the rise of Greece and Rome to a Europe on the verge of a new superstate, this spectacular atlas presents a masterly overview of European history.

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