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Number of 2nd. The number of pupils taught in each person to be Chief Superintendent of Schools for Upper Canada, chools, &c. school over the age of five and under the age of six

who shall hold his office during pleasure, and shall receive a salary Whole number of of teen years: the number between the ages of sixteen

of the same amount as that now provided by children of school

His salary. age, &c.

and twenty-one years; the whole number of chil law, or as may hereafter be provided by law, dren residing in each section, or part of a section, over the age of for the Superintendent of Education in Lower five and under the age of sixteen years.

Capada ; and shall be responsible to, and subject to the direction of,

the Governor-General, communicated to him through such DepartTime of keeping 3rd. T'he length of time a school shall have the schools open;

ment of Her Majesty's Provincial Government, as by the Governor branches taught, been kept in each such section or parts of sections,

may be directed in that behalf; and shall account for the contin&c. by a qualified Teacher; the branches taught, the gent expenses of his office, as provided in respect of

To account for

to a Buoks used, av. number of pupils in each branch, and the books used ; erage attendance,

other public offices ; and shall be allowed two the contingentexthe average attendance of pupils, both male and

penses of his

Clerks, who shall receive the same salaries as are felice female, in summer and in winter.

or shall be by law attached to similar offices in the To be allowed

two clerks; their The amount of 4th.--The amount of moneys which have been

education law of Lower Canada, to commence from

salaries. moneys received and expended, received and collected in each section or part of

the first of July, one thousand eight hundred and fifty. section-distinguishing the amount apportioned by

XXXV. And be it enacted, That it shall be the Duties of tho

Chief Superintenthe Chief Superintendent of Schools, the amount received from duty of the Chief Superintendent of Schools :

dent. County Assessment, the amount raised by Trustees, and the Firstly. To apportion, annually, on or before the

To apportion all amount from any other and what source or sources; also how such first day of May, all moneys granted or provided by moneys granted

by the legislature moneys have been expended, or whether any part remains unex the Legislature for the support of Common Schools for the support of pended, and from what causes ; the annual salary of Teachers, in Upper Canada, and not otherwise appropriated by common schools,

and in what ratio. male and female, with and without board.

this. Act, to the several Counties, Townships, Cities,

Towns and incorporated Villages therein, according to the ratio of The number of 5th.-The number of his and other School visits school visits and

| population in each, as compared with the whole population of Upper Jeetures.***care during the year; the number of school lectures

Canada ; or when the census or returns upon which such an appordelivered; the whole number of school-houses, their sizes, character,

tionment is to be made, shall be so far defective, in respect to any or school-houses, furniture and appendages, the number rented, the

County, Township, City, Town or Village, as to render it impracticafc. number erected during the year, and of what char

ble for the Chief Superintendent to ascertain from such data the share acter, and by what means.

of school moneys which ought then to be apportioned to such County, "Ol teachers,&c. 6th.—The number of qualified Teachers, their Township, City, Town or Village, he shall ascertain, by the best standing, sex, and religious persuasion ; the number, so far as he evidence in his power, the facts upon which the ratio of such apor private schools may be able to ascertain, of private Schools, the portionment can be moet fairly and equitably inade, and make it Mbraries, &c. number of pupils and subjects taught therein; the accordingly. number of Libraries, their extent, how established and supported; Secondly. To certify such apportionment made to

To certify such also, any other information which he may possess respecting the ' by him, to the Inspector-General, so far as it relates apportionment to educational state, wants and advantages in each Township of his to the several Counties, Cities, Towns and incorpo- Ger

General,andto the obarge, and any suggestions which he shall think proper to make

rated Villages in Upper Canada, and to give imme county clerks. with a view to the improvement of Schools and diffusion of useful diate notice thereof to the Clerk of each County, City, Town and knowledge.

Village interested therein, stating the time when the amount of VIII. Schoou Visitors AND THEIR Duties.

moneys thus apportioned, will be payable to the Treasurer of such Who shall be XXXII. And be it enacted, That all Clergymen

County, City, Town or Village. recognized by law, of whatever denomination, Judges,

Thirdly. To prepare suitable forms, and to give To prepare suita

ble forms, &c., Members of the Legislature, Magistrates, Members of County

such instructions as he shall judge necessary and for executing the

law, and transCouncils and Aldermen, shall be School visitors in the Townships,

proper, for making all reports, and conducting all Cities, Towns and Villages where they shall respectively reside :

proceedings under this Act, and to cause the same school officers.

with such general regulations, as shall be approved of by the CounProviso: As to Provided always, that persons holding the Commis

cil of Public Instruction, for the better organization and governcounty magis- siop of the Peace for the County only, shall not be

ment of Common Schools, to be transmitted to the officers required School Visitors within Towns and Cities : Provided also, that each Clergyman shall be a School Visitor in any Town

to execute the provisions of this Act. ship, Town or City where he may have pastoral charge.

Fourthly. To cause to be printed from time to To cause copies

of the school School

law, regulations, visitors

time, in a convenient form, so many copies of ihis XXXII. And be it enacted, That it shall be

&c., to be printed authorized to visit

Act, with the necessary forms, instructions, and

and distributed as the schools, at- lawful for each of said School Visitors, to visit, os tend

occasion may re

regulations to be observed in executing its provin examina. tions, and exa

quire. far as practicable, all the Public Schools in such

sions, as he may deem sufficient for the information mine into the state Township, City, Town or Village; especially to of each school,

of all officers of Common Schools, and to cause the same to be attend the quarterly examinations of Schools, and,

distributed for that purpose. at the time of any such visit, to examine the progress of the pupils, and the state and management of the School, and to

Fifthly. To see that ail moneys apportioned by To

To see that all

him, be applied to the objects for which they were school give such advice to the Teachers and pupils, and any others present,


apportioned by

granted ; and for that purpose to decide upon all as he may think advisable, in accordance with the regulations and

him are duly ap

him instructions which shall be provided in regard to School Visitors

matters and complaints submitted to him, (and not plied according to

law, according to law : Provided always, that a General Meeting of such

otherwise provided for by this Act,) which involve Visitors may be held at any time or place which

the expenditure of any part of the School Fund; and to direct the Proviso: General meetings may be appointed by any two Visitors, on sufficient

application of such balances of the School Fund, as may have been may be called. notice being given to the other Visitors in the Town

apportioned for any year and forfeited according to the provisions of ship, City, Town or Village; and it shall be lawful for such Visitors,

this Act : Provided always, that such balances of To direct the dis

posal of balances

the School Fund shall be expended in making up of such monero Duties and ob thus assembled, to devise such means as they may

in certain jects

cases the salaries of Teachers in the County to wbich of such deem expedient for the efficient visitation of the

and under certain meetings.

conditions, Schools, and to promote the establishment of Libra

they shall have been apportioned. ries and the diffusion of useful knowledge.

Sixthly. To appoint one of his Clerks as his

To appoint a Deputy, to perform the duties of his Office in case

Deputy and speIX. Duties or the Chief SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS.

of his absence ; and to appoint one or more persons, cini inspectors in Chief Superinten- XXXIV. And be it enacted, That the Governor as he shall, from time to time, deem necessary, to certain cas dont of Schools appointed. may, from time to time, by Letters Patent under the inspect any school, or inquire into any school

Great Seal of the Province, appoint a fit and proper' matier, in the County where such person or persons reside, and

school visitors.

mit them to local



1 deces



SECTION 1. Form of Notice to be given by the Toronship Clerk to the person designated

by the Municipal Authority to appoint the time and place of the first School Section Meeting.

Township CLERK's OFFICE,

--- - 18-
Sir, I have the honour to inform you, that in conformity with the 3rd
clause of the 18th section of the Common School Act, 13th and 14th Vict.,
Chap. 9, the Municipal Council of this Township has authorized and
required you, within twenty days aiter receiving this notice, to appoint the
time and place of holding the first School Meeting for the election of three
Trustees for School Section No. --, which School Section is bounded and
may be known as follows: (Here insert the description of it.] Copies of
your Notice are to be posted, in at least three public places in the School
Sectiou above described, at least six days before the time of holdiog such

I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,

A. B., Township Clerk. REMARKS. In potifying the formation of several School Sections, or the formation of parts of Sections, the phraseology of the notices should be varied, at the discretion of the Township Clerk, and in accordance with the proceedings and directions of the Council.

The Notices of School Assessments, and Assessments for the erection and furnishing of School-houses, for the purchasing of School Sites, &c., may be given in such a manner as the Council shall direct.

For Form of Deed for a School Site, &c., see Chapter I, Section 12.

the forms for calling annual and special school meetings in townships by School Trustees, given in the first chapter of these Forios and Instructions, will afford a sufficient directory to Trustees in Cities, Towns and incorporated Villages for calling similar meetings. The same reference may be made in respect to the forms of School Rate-bills and agreements with Teachers, as far as it may be thought expedient to adopt them.

3. School Trustees of Cities, Towns and Incorporated Villages, will also adopt such forms as they may think proper, in laying, from time to time, before their respective Councils estimates of the sums required by them for Common School purposes ; likewise in preparing for publication the annual reports of their proceedings, as required by the eleventh clause of the twenty-fourth section. To facilitate the performance of the duty required by the latter part of the same clause, a blank annual report will be prepared and transmitted to the Board of Trustees in each City, Town and incorporated Village. This remark does not, of course, apply to incorporated Villages the current year (1850,) until the end of which their present School Section divisions and Trustees remain unchanged, and will report as heretofore by filling up the blank reports provided for them.

4. The School Registers and Visitors' books kept in each Common School of any City, Town, or incorporated Village, are the same as those required to be kept in each Common School of a township ; respecting which, see remarks in chapter I of these Forms and Instructions.

CHAPTER . Section 2. Foron of intimating to Trustees the alteration of their School Section.


18 -Sır,--In conformity with the 4th clause of the 13th section of the Com

COUNTY BOARDS OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, AND LOCAL mon School Act, 13th and 141h Vict, chap. 9. I have to acquaini you that SUPERINTENDENTS OF SCHOOLS. the Municipal Council of this Township has altered the School Section of which you are Trustee, in the following inanner : [Here insert the changes 1. The Duties of County Councils, or the Councils of Unions of which have been made, and the description of the new School Section.) Counties, (see 48th section) are so clearly stated in the several clauses These changes will go into effect from and after the twenty-fifth day of

of the twenty-seventh Section of the Act, that it is needless to make any next December, according to the 4th clause of the 18th Section of the Act. You will please communicate this notice to the other Trustees of your

explanatory remarks in reference to them ; nor is it necessary to furuish School Section. lam, Sir,

any forms for bonds of security required of County Treasurers or SubYour obedient Servant,

Treasurers of School moners, or forms of notices required of each County A. B., Township Clerk.

Clerk to each Local Superintendent of his appointment and of the amount To D. E.,

of money apportioned to the Township or Townships of his charge, and Trustee of School Section No.- Township of

to the Chief Superintendent of the name and address of the County REMARK. In giving notice of the formation of Union School Sections, see the remarks Treasurer and of each Local Superintendent of Schools in the County, at the end of the following section 3.

and also transmitting to the Chief Superintendent a copy of all the proceedings of the County Council on School matters, and an abstract of

the auditors' annual report to the Council. SECTION 3. Form of intimarng to the Local Superintendent of Schools the alteration of a School Section,

The Treasurer of each County, City or Town (see section 42) should Township Clerk's Office,

either apply personally, or appoint some person at the Seal of Govern- 18

ment, to apply and receive the Legislative School Grant apportioned to SIR, --In conformity with the 4th clause of the 18th Section of the Com.

such County, City or Town. The proper form of a Power of Attorney for mon School Act, 13th and 14th Vict. Chap. 9, I have to acquaint you that the Municipal Council of this Township has altered School Section, No. that purpose must be familiar to every officer concerned ; also that each -, in the following manner: (Here insert the changes which have been euch Power of Attorney must be witnessed, signed, and forwarded in made, and the description of the nero School Section.] These changes go

duplicate into effect from and after the twenty-fifth day of next December, according to the 4th clause of the 18th Section of the Act.

2. On the fidelity and ability with which County Boards of Public I am, Sir,

Instruction fulfil the junctions assigned to them in the 29th section of Your obedient Servant,

the Act, depend the character and efficiency of the Schools as affected by A. B., Township Clerk.

the character and qualifications of the Teachers. Much has been said The Local Superintendent of Schools

about incompetent Trustees and their employment of incompetent Teachfor the County or Township of

ers; but Trustees cannot employ such Teachers by means of the School N. B. When the Union School Section is formed or altered, as authorized by the 5th

Fund, unless surh Teachers are licensed to teach. It therefore remains Proviso of the 4th clause of the 16th Section, the Clerk of the Township in which the School-house of such Union Section is situated, should communicate the requisite notices

with the County Boards (chiefly with the Local Superintendents) to say to the parties concerned. See 6th proviso of the 4th clause of the 18th Section, compared whether a peony of the School Fund shall be misapplied in payment of with the 4th Section of the Act.

any intemperate, immoral, or incompetent Teacher, Ia giving certificates of qualification, County Boards should not, therefore, regard individual

applicants, but the interests of youth, the destinies of the rising and CHAPTER IV.

future generations of the country. As the fifteenth Section of the Act

recognizes the validity of Local Superintendents' certificates of qualificaFORMS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR COUNCILS AND TRUS. tions until the expiration of the current year (1850,) the functions of TEES IN CITIES, TOWNS, AND INCORPORATED VILLAGES.

County Boards in this respect will hardly commence until the year 1851,

before which time a Programme of Examination and Instructions, as 1. The forty-seventh and twenty-fifth sections of the Act require the authorized by the twenty-ninth Section of the Act, will be provided, Mayors of Cities and Towns aud the Town: Reeves of Incorporated according to which the future examinations and classification of Teachers Villages to call the first School Meetings in their respective Municipalities

will be conducted and determined. for the election of Trustees. The sections of the Act referred to are so explicit as to the manuer in which such notices should be given, that it

3. No Local Superintendent will need a form for notifying the Troswould be superfluous to insert any form for them in this place.

tees of each School Section within his jurisdiction of the amount of the

School Fund apportioned to such Section for any oue year; or of a form 2. According to the twenty-sirth section and the ninth clause of the of cheque upon the County Treasurer or Sub-Treasurer for school noenty-fourth section, the annual and special meetings for the election of

moneys in behalf of legally qualified Teachers. No explanation can Trustres, and for any other school purpose, are to be called by the Board

make the important duties of each Local Superintendent plainer than the of School Trustees of each City, Town, or Incorporated Village.



The several clauses of the thirty-first Section of the Act; and the form of notices in every such case should be signed, in behalf of the Board

conducting the correspondence which the duties of his office requires, je of Trustees, by the Chairman of Secretary, -should be given to left to his own judgment. The Chief Superintendent of Schools will the taxable inhabitants of the city, town, ward, or village concerned.

| furnish each Local Superintendent with a blank annual report for himself and should specify the object of the meeting called. With these remarks, and for the Trustees of each School Section witbio bis charge.


the youth of the neighbourhood. We entirely concur with the National 1. Appeals to the Chief Superintendent of Schools, &-c.-All parties concerned in the Board of Education in Ireland, in the following estimate of the qualities operation of the Common School Act have the right of appeal to the Chief Superintendent of Schools; and he is authorised to decide on such questions as are not of a good Teacher :otherwise provided for by law. But for the ends of justice-to prevent delay,

" A Teacher should be a person of Christian sentiment, of calm femper, and discretion; and to save expense, it will be necessary for any party thus appealing to the Chief

he should be innbued with the spirit of peace, of obedience to the law, and of loyalty to Superintendent : 1. To furnish the party against whom they may appeal, with a correct

his Sovereign ; he should not only possess the art of coininunicating knowledge, but be copy of their communication to the Chief Superintendent, in order that the opposite

capable of moulding the mind of youth, and of giving to the power, which education party may have an opportunity of transmitting, also, any explanation or answer that

confers, a useful direction. These are the qualities for which Patrons (or Trustees of such party inay judge expedient. 2. To state expressly, in the appeal to the Chief

Schools, when making choice of a Teacher, should anxiously look." Superintendent, that the opposite party has thus been notified of it. It must not be supposed that the Chief Superintendent will decide, or torin an opinion, on any point affecting different parties, without hearing both sides-whatever delay may at any time be

4. Trustees will always find it the best economy to have a commooccasioned in order to secure such a hearing.

dinus School-house, kept comfortable, and properly furnished. It is as 2. The foregoing directions do not, of course, refer to communications asking for difficult for pupils to learn, as it is for the master to teach, in an unfuradvice on doubtful points, or prudential measures of a local or general

nished and confortless school-house. 3. Communications generally. The parties concerned are left to their own discretion as to the forms of all communications, relating to Common Schools, for which specific

5. In the selection of Books to be used in the school, from the genorForms are not furnished in the foregoing pages. 4. All communications with the Government, relating to Schools conducted under the

al list authorized according to law, the Trustees should see that buvono authority of the Corninon School Act, 13th and 14th Victoria, Chapter 9, should be made series of Reading books, one Arithmetic, or one for the beginners and through the Education Office, Toronto.

another for the more advanced pupils, one Geography, &c. should be 5. Communications with the Government, not so made, are referred back to the Education Office, to be brought before His Excellency through the proper Department

used in any one school, in order that the scholars may be classified in the which occasions unnecessary delay and expense.

several branches which they are studying Heterogeneous school books

(however good each book may be in itsell) render classification impossiCHAPTER VI.

ble, increase the labour and waste the time of the Teacher, and retard the

progress of the pupils. But the Teacher and pupils labour at the grealGENERAL REGULATIONS FOR THE ORGANIZATION, GOVERNMENT AND

est disadvantage, when they are compelled to use books which are as DISCIPLINE OF COMMON SCHOOLS IN UPPER CANADA;

various as the scholars' names.
Adopted after mature consideration, by the Council of Public Instruction, as authorized
by the Act, 13th and 14th Victoria, Chapter 9, Section 38.

Section 3.-Duties of Teachers.
Section 1. Hours of Daily Teaching, Holidays and Vacations.

The sixteenth section of the School Act prescribes, in explicit and 1. The hours of teaching each day shall not exceed six, exclusive of all

compreheusive terms, the duties of Teachers ; and no Teacher can lethe time allowed at noon for recreation. Nevertheless, a less nunber of

gally claim his salary who disregards the requirements of the law. hours for daily teaching may be determined upon in any school, at the

Among other things, the Act requires each Teacher to “maintain propor option of the Trustees.

order and discipline in his school, according to the forms and regulations. 2. Every alternate Saturday shi Il be a holiday in each school.

which shall be provided according to law.” The law makes it the duty 3. There shall be three vacations during each year; the first, eight days,

of the Chief Superintendent of Schools to provide the forms; and the at Easter ; the second, the first two weeks in August ; the third, eight

Council of Public Instruction prescribe the following regulations for the

guidance of Teachers in the conduct and discipline of their schools. days, at Christmas.

4. All agreemenis between Trustees and Teachers shall be subject to the It shall be the duty of each Teacher of a Common School ;fore going regulations ; and no Teacher shall be deprived of any part of his 1. To receive courteously the Visitors appointed by law, and to afford salary on account of observing allowed Holidays and Vacations.

them every facility for inspecting the books used, and to examine into the state of the school; to have the Visitors' book open, that the Visi

tors may, if they choose, enter remarks in it. The frequency of visits Section 2. Duties of Trustees.

to the school by intelligent persons, animates the pupils, and greatly 1. The full and explicit manner in which the duties of Trustees are enu

aids the faithful Teacher. merated and slated in the several clauses of the twelfth section of the Act, 2. To keep the Registers accurately and neatly, according to the preTenders is unnecessary to do more, in this place, than make some expository scribed forms ; which is the more important under the present School remarks on the nature of the general duties of Trustees, and the relations Act, as the 31st section of it authorizes the distribution of the local school subsisting between them and the Teacbers whom they employ. The law fand according to the average attendance of pupils attending each school.. invests Trustees with most important functions ; they are a corporation, 3. To classify the children according to the books used ; to study and as such, the ownership and control of the School Site, School-house, those books himself; and to teach according to the jinproved method and all the property attached thereto, is vested in them; they are to provide recommended in their prefaces. and furnish the School-house and premises, and apparatus and text-books

4. To observe himself, and to impress upon the minds of the pupils, the for the School ; and they alone have authority to employ the Teacher.

great rule of regularity and order, -A TIME AND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING, Their duties are, therefore, of the greatest importance, and they should be

AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PROPER TIME AND PLACE. well understood. 2. While the Trustees employ the Teacher-agree with him as to the

5. To promote, both by precept and example, CLEANLINESS, NEATperiod during which he shall teach, and the amount of his remuneration-

Ness, and DECENCY. To effect this, the Teacher should set an exaample

of cleanliness and neatness in his own person, and in the state and genthe mode of teaching is at the option of the Teacher : and the Local

eral appearance of the school. He should also satisfy himself, by personal Superintendent and Visitors alone have a right to advise him on the subject.

inspection every morning, that the children have had their hands and The Teacher is not a mere machine, and no Trustee or Parent should

faces washed, their hair combed, and clothes cleaned and, when necesattempt to reduce him to that position. His character and his interest alike

sary, mended. The school apartments, too, should be swept and dusted prompt him to make his instructions as efficient and popular as possible ;

every evening. and if he does not give satisfaction, he can be dismissed according to the

6. To pay the strictest attention to the morals and general conduct terms of his agreement with his employers. To interfere with him, and

of his pupils, and to omit no opportunity of inculcating the principles of deprive him of his discretion as a Teacher, and then to dismiss him for

TRUTH AND HONESTY ; the duties of respect to superiors, and obedience: inefficiency, which is the natural and usual result, is to inflict upon him a

to all persons placed in authority over them. double wrong, and frequently injures the pupils themselves, and all parties concerned. It should then be distinctly understood, as essential to the

7. Toevince a regard for the improvement and general welfare of his Teacher's character, position and success, that he judge for himself as to

pupils, to treat them with kindness combined with firmuess; and to aim the mode of teaching in his school, including, of course, the classification

at governing them by their affections and reason, rather than by harsh

ness and severity. of pupils, as well as the manner of instructing them. It is, nevertheless, the duty of the Trustees to see that the school is conducted according to 8. To cultivate kindly and affectionate feelings among his pupils ; to the regulations authorized by law.

discountenance quarrelling, cruelty to animals, and every approach to

vice. It is therefore important that Trustees should select a competent Teacher. The best Teacher is always the cheapest. He teaches most and inculcates the best habits of learning and mental developement, in a

Section 4.-Duties of Visitors. given time; and time and proper habits are worth more than money, 1. The thirty-second section of the Aet provides that all Clergymen botb to pupils and their parents. Trustees who pay a Teacher fairly and

ees who pay a Teacher fairly and recognized by law of whatever denomination, Judges, Members of the punctually, and treat him properly, will seldom want a good Teacher. | Legislature, Magistrates, Members of County Councils, and Aldermen, To omploy an incompetent person, because he offers his incompelent ser-I shall be School Visitors; and tbe thirty-third section of the Act previces for a small sum, is a waste of money, and a mockery and injury of scribes their lawful duties.


13th and 14th Victoria, chapter 9.

Authorized and required by the third clause of the Thirty-fifth section of said Act.

holders of the said School Section, that a Public Meeting will be held at --, on ---, the day of , at 10 of the clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of electing a fit and proper person as Trustee, as directed by law. Daied this day of -- 18

A. B., ? Householders,

C. D., ) School Section, No. REMARK. The mode of proceeding, at a School Meeting thus called, is prescribed in the 6th section of the Act.

SECTION 5. Form of Notice of a School Meeting, to fill IPA VACANCY created by the

death, permament absence, incapacity from sickness, refusal to serve, resignation, &c., on the part of a Trustee.

SCHOOL NOTICE. Notice is hereby given to the Freeholders and Householders of School Section, No. -, in the Township of - - that a Public Meeting will be held at ---, on the day oi -, at the hour of Ten of the clock, in the forenoon, for the purpose of electing a fit and proper person as School Trustee, in the place of ---, (tieceased, removed, incapatiated from sickness, absent, resignation, or who has refused to serve, as the case may be.] Bated this --- day of A. B., | Survicing Trustees, or Trustee, - 18

C. D., S (as the case may be.) REMARKS. A Trustee who refuses to serve when elected, forfeits the sum of one pound five shillings, but having accepted office, if he shall at any time refuse or neglect to perform the duties of that office he shall forfeit the suin of five pounds, recoverable for the purposes of the School Section ; but a Trustee cannot be re-elected without his own consent. (See Eth section of the Act;) The mode of proceeding at a meeting called as above is the same as at an ordinary Annual School Section Meeting, and is prescribed in the 6th section of the Act.


In conformity with the Common School Act, 13th and 14th Vict., chap. 9, Section 4–14.
SECTION 1. Form of Notice of a first School Section Meeting.

Sch001. NOTICE.
The undersigned inform the Freeholders and Householders concerned,
that the Municipal Council of this Township has formed a part of the Town-
ship into a School Section, to be designated School Section, No.--, and
to be limited and known as follows:--[Here insert the Description of the

The undersigned having been authorized and required by the Municipal Council 10 appoint the time and place of holding the first meeting, for the eiection of Trustees for the School Section aboye described, hereby notifies the Freeholders and Householders of said School Section, that a Public Meeting will be held at --- on - day, the - of , at the hour of 10 o'clock, in the forenoon, for the purpose of electing three fit and proper persons as School Trustees of the said Section, as required by the School Act, 13th and 14th Vict. chap. 9, sect. 4.

Given under my hand, this —- day of --, 18—-.. [Name]

REMARKS. Should the person authorized and appointed by the Municipal Council to call the first School Section Meeting refuse or neglect to do so, he penalty of one pound five shillings, recoverable for the purposes of such School Section ; and, then, any two Householders are authorized, within twenty days, on giving six days' notice, to call a meeting for the election of Trustees. The form of their notice to be posted in, at least, three public places in the School Section concerned, and at least, six days before the time of holding such ineeting-should be as fo

SCHOOL Norice. In conformity with the 9th section of the Common School Act, 13th and 14th Vict., chap. 9, the undersigoed, Householders of School Section, No. -, in the Township of --- , hereby give notice to the Freeholders and Householders of said School Section, that a Public Meeting will be held

- , on - day, the of , at the hour of 10 o'clock, in the forenoon, for the purpose of electing School Trustees for the said Section.

Dated this day of __-18

SECTION 6. Forin for Trustees calling SPECIAL Meetings. REMARKS- It belongs to the office of Trustees to estimate and determine the amount of the Teacher's salary and all expeuses connected with the school ; but it appertains to the majority of the Freeholders and Householders of each School Section, at a public meeting called for the purpose, to decide as to the manner in which such expenses shall be provided for, whether by voluntary subscription, by rate-bill on parents or guardians sending children to the school, or by rate on all the Freeholders and Householders of the School Section according to property. But should not a sufficient sum be thus provided to meet the expenses incurred for School purposes, the Trustees are authorized by the latter part of the 7th clause of the 12th section, to provide the balance in such manner as they may think proper. But for all the money received and expended by them, the Trustees must account annually to their constituents as prescribed in the 18th clause of the 12th section. Besides calling Annual School Section Meetings, Trustees are authorized to call Special Meetings to consider the site and erection of a school-house. the mode of raising a teacher's salary, or for any school purpose whatever. The object or olyjects of cach school meeting should be invariably stated in the notices calling it ; and the notices calling any school meeting, should in all cases be put up six days before holding such meeting. One forin is sufficient for calling a special school section meeting of any kind.

SPECIAL SCHOOL NOTICE. Notice is hereby given to the Freeholders and Householders of School Section No. -, in the Township of that a Public Meeting will be held at , on the day of at the hour of of the clock in for the purpose (Here state the object or objects of the meeting.) Dated this - day of - 18

E. F.)

C. Di Householders.

ê. D: } Trustees.

SECTION 2. Form of Notice, signed by the Chairman and Secretary of a School Section

Meeting, to be transmitted by the Secretary to the Local Superintendent of Schools intimating the election of one or more persons as Trustee or Trustees.

---- -- -- 18Sır,-In conformity with the Common School Act, 13th and 14th Vict., chap. 9, seci. 5, we have the honor to inform you, that, at a meeting of the Freeholders and Householders of School Section, No.-, in the Township of -, held according to law, on the day of --, [Here insert the nome or numes or address of the person or persons elected] ---- chosen School (Trustee or Trustees) of said Section

We have the honor to be, Sir,

Your obedient Servants,

D. 'Chairman,

To the Local Superintendent of Schools

For the Township ol



SECTION 7. Form of Agreement between Trustees and Teacher. We, the undersigned, Trustees of School Section, No.--, in the Town. ship of by virtue of the au'hority vested in us by the 5th clause of the 121h section of the School Act, 13th and 14th Vict., chap. 9, have chosen

t the Teacher's name) who holds a certificate of qualification, to be a Teacher in said School Section ; and WE do hereby contract with and employ him, at the rate of (here insert the sum in words, in currency.) per apnum, from and after the day hereof; and we further bind and oblige ourselves, and our successors in office, faithfully to employ the powers with which we are legally invested by the said section of said Act, to collect and pay the said Teacher, during the continuance of this agreement, the sum for which we hereby become bound-the said sum to be paid to ihe said Teacher (quarterly, foc., as the case may be,) Aod the said Teacher hereby contracts and binds himself to teach and conduct the School, in said School Section, according to the regulations provided for by the said School Act. This agreement to continue (here insert the period of agreement) from the date thereof.

A. B. )
Dated this day of — , 18—.

C. D. Trustees. (Witness)

E. F.)
O. K.

G. H., Teacher. REMARKS. This agreement should be signed by, at least, tro of the Trustees, and the Teacher, and should be entered in the Trustees' book, and a copy of it given to the Teacher. The Trustees being a Corporation, their agreement with their Teacher is binding on their Successors in office; and should they refuse or wilfully neglect to exercise the corporate powers vested on them, they would be personally liable for the amount due a Teacher-see 16th clause of the 12th Secuion. As to the mode of settling disputes between Trustees and a Teacher, see the 17th Section. And, on the other hand, the Teacher is equally bound to faithfulness in the performance of his duties according to law. See section 16 ; and clause 8, of section 31.

SECTION 3. Form of a Notice of an ordinary ANNUAL SCHOOL Section Meeting, pur-
guant to the 12th clause of the 12th section of the School Act, 13th and 14th Vict., chap. 9.

The undersigned Trustees of School Section, No.-. in the Township of

-, hereby give notice to the Freeholders and Householders of said
School Section, that a Public Meeung will be held at ----, on the second
Wednesday in January, 18--, at the hour of Ten of the clock, in the fore-
noon, for the purpose of electing a fit and proper person as a School Trus.
tee for said Section.
Dated this day of --, 184,

A. B.,) Trustees of
C. D., { School Section,

E. F.S

No. —

REMARKS. The above notice should be signed by a majority of the existing or surviving
Trustees, and posted in, at least, three public places of the School Section, at least six

Section 8. Form of Warrant for the Collection of School Fees. days before the holding of the meeting. The manner of proceeding at the Annual Meet We, the undersigned, Trustees of School Section, No.-, in the Towning is prescribed in the 6th section of the Act.

ship of - in the County of

by virtue of the authority vested in us Should the Trustees neglect to give the prescribed notice of the Annual Section Meeting, they forfeit, each, the sum of one pound five shillings, recoverable for the purposes

by the 8th clause of the 12th sect. of the Act, 13th and 14th Vict., chap. ot the School Section, and then any two Householders of the School Section are author

hereby authorize and require you (here insert the name and residence of the ized within twenty days' notice, to call such meeting. Their form of notice should be

person appointed to collect the Ratc Bill,) after ten days from the date as follows:

hereof, to collect from the several individuals in the annexed Rate Bill, for the period therein mentioned, the sum of money opposite their respective

names, and to pay, within thirty days from the date hereof, the amount so Section 4. Form of Notice of an Annual School Section Meeting to be collecied, after retaining your own fees, to the Secretary-Treasurer, whose given by two Householders.

discharge shall be your acquittance for the sum so paid. And in default of

payment on demand by any person so rated, you are hereby authorized and SchooL NOTICE.

required to levy the amount by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of The Trustees of School Section, No.-, in the Township of ---,

the person or persons making default.

A. B.) having neglected to give notice of the Annual School Section Meeting, as

C. D. Trustees. prescribed by the 12th clause of the 12th section of the Common School

day of 18-..

E. F.) Aet, the undersigned hereby give notice to the Freeholders and House - 'To the Collector of the School Section No. , Township of

Form of Rate Bill, de authorized by the second and eighth clauses of the 12th section

of the Act--to be annexed to the foregoing Warrant. RATE Bill of persons liable for School Fees, in School Section, No.-, in

the Township of —, for the [Month or Quarter, f-c.,) commencing the - day of , and ending the day of —-, 18—,

in witness whereof, the said parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and seals in the day and year before mentioned.

J. D. (seal.)
F.H. (seal.)
S. M. (seal. Trustees.

I. B. (seal.)
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of

J. G. tuesses.

F. R. Witnesses,

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REMARKS. 1. If the Grantor be a married man, his wife's name must be inserted in the Deed, and this phrase added after the word “requisite :" And wife of the said

, hereby bars her dower in the said Lands. 2. When, however, the land has descended to the wife in her own right, she must, besides joining with her husband in the Conveyance, appear before two Justices of the Peace, to declare that she has parted with her estate in the land intended to be conveyed without any coerciou or tear thereof by or on the part of her husband ; and the Certificates of such Justices must appear on the back of the Conveyance the day of its execution. The form of the Certificate is as follows:-"We the undersigned Justices of the Peace for — do hereby cerufy that on this day of

, 18 , at

the within Deed was duly executed in the presence of

by wife of

- one of the Grantore therein named ; and that the said at the said time and place, being examined by us, apart from her husband, did appear to give her consent to depart with ber estate in the lands mentioned in the said Deed, freely and voluntarily, and without coercion or fear of coercion on the part of her husband, or of any other person or persons whatsoever."

* R. W J. P. " A.

M J . P." 3. If the Deed be for the Site of a School-house in a City, Town or Incorporated Village, the words, Board of School Trustees for such City, Town or Village should be inserted instead of the words “Trustees of School Section Number" - , &c., in the foregoing forin. See the Ath and 26th Sections of the Act.

[blocks in formation]

SECTION 9. Form of Receipt to be given by the Collector, on receiving the amount

named in the Rate Bill. RECEIVED from (here insert the person's name,) the sum of (here write the sum in words,) being the amount of his (or her) Rate Bill, for the Month or Quarter, &c.,) ending on the — -- day of 18 . Dated this day of - 18

A. B., Collector. EXPLANATORY REMARKS on the Imposition and Collection of Rate Bills, &c.

1. The Collector should take a Receipt from the Secretary-treasurer, for all moneys paid him. The Secretary-treasurer should also take a Receipt from the Teacher for all inoneys paid him. The taking and giving receipts for money paid and received will prevent errors and misunderstandings. * 2. The Trustees can raise the school fees by voluntary subscriptions, if they please. They can also appoint the school Teacher to act as Collector, if he chooses to accept of the appointment, and to give the required security. The Trustees can also, if they judge it expedient, impose any Rate Bill which they may think necessary for renting, and repairing and furnishing a School-house, or for the Teacher's salary, upon the inhabitants of their School Section, or they can apply to the Municipality of their Township to impose and collect such rate for those purposes.

3. As the School Accounts of each year must be kept separate by the Chief Superintendent of Schools, so must the Rate Bills. The Rate Bills and the Warrants can be made out for a month, or for one or more Quarters of a year, at the same tiine, as the Trustees may think expedieni.

4. Those parents and guardians who pay the Rate Bills to the Secretary-treasurer, or Collector, within len days from the date of such Rate Bill, and without being called upon fer it, will be exempt from paying the Collector's Fees.

5. The Collector, by virtae of the Warrant from the Trustees, can enforce payment of the Rate Bill by distress and the sale of goods, from any person who resides, or has anada and chattels within the limits of the School Section. For the mode of proceeding by the Trustees in case of personN latod, who may not at the time of collecting the Rate Bill reside or have goods and chattels within the lion'ts of the School Section, see cleucnth division of the 12th section of the Act.

6. The Trustees should make the apportionment for Fuel in money, as one item in the Rate Bill, and then exercise their own discretion as to whether the itein for fuel should be paid in money or wood-fixing the price per cord, to be allowed for the wood, describing the kind of wood, and the manner in which it should be prepared for the Bchool. In case any person should fail to pay the amount of his wood-bill, in the manner and at the time prescribed by the Trustees, the payınent should, of course, be enforced in the same manner as that of the School Teacher's wages, and the amount, thus collected, paid for the purchase of wood.

SECTION 13. Form of the Annual Report of School Trustees to the Local Superin

tendent of Schools. Note. A copy of a blank form of the Annual School Report to be filled up and forwarded to the Local Superintendent before the 15th of January in each year, will be furnished to each set of Trustees. For the items of inforination to be included in the Report, see the 19th clause of the 12th Section of the Common School Act, 13th and 14th Vici., chap. 9.

According to the thirteenth section of the Act, any Trustee wilfully signing a false report, will render himself liable to a severe penalty; and also, according to the sixteenth clause of the troelfth section, in the event of his refusing or wilfully neglecting, at any time, to pertorin his duty.

N. B. Remarks on the Duties of Trustees will be found in the General Regulations, chapter VI, section 2. The of School Books authorized by the Council of Public Instruction for Upper Canada, are : The National Books, Lennie and Kirkham's Grammar, and Morse's Geography

It is to be observed, that, according to the fifteenth clause of the twelfth section, it is the duty of each Corporation of Trustees to procure annually, “ for the benefit of their School Section, some periodical devoted to Education." The price of such a periodical is, of course, to be charged by the Trustees to the contingent expenses of their School Section, and included in the School Rate.

be paid in mokind of wood, and the manage the amount of his wood

SECTION 10. Form of Trustees' Order upon the Local Superintendent. To the Local Superintendent of Schools for the Township of

Pay to (here insert the Teacher's name) or Order, out of the School Fund apportioned to School Section, No.-, in the Township of ---, the sum of here urile the sum in words)

A. B ) Dared this day of , 184,

C. D., Trustees.

E. F.S. REMARKS. No part of the School Fund is allowed to be paid for any other purpose than for the salary of the Teacher; and the Local Superintendent is not authorized to give a cheque upon the County Treasurer or Sub-treasurer to pay the School Fund moiety of a Teacher's salary to any other than the Teacher interested, or to some person authorized by the Teacher to receive it.


SECTION 1. Form of a Teacher's Receipt. 1. Form of a Receipt to Parents or Guardians on the payment of their Rate Bill.

RECEIVED from (here write the name of the Pupil or person paying) the sum of there write the sum in words) currency, in payment of the Raie' Bill due from [here write the name of the person in whose behalf payment is made) to School Section No.--, in the 'Township of , for the (monih or quarter) ending the day of — , 18 Dated this ---- day of — 18

A. B., Teacher. REMARKS. When the payment of the Rate Bill is made by the Parent or Guardian concerned, the receipt should state it accordingly.

The payınent of the Rate Bill to the Teacher, within the time which may be prescribed by the Trustees, will exempt the person thus paying it from the payment of the Collector's fees. The Teacher should, of course, apprise the Collector of all payments made to him, so that the Collector may not be at the trouble of calling upon such persons; and should the Teacher not inform the Collector of such payments within the time prescribed by the Trustees, he should be liable to pay the Collector the usual Fees for the unnecessary trouble imposed upon him by such Teacher's neglect.

2. Form of a Receipt to Trustees.

RECEIVED from the Trustees of School Section No. --, in the Township of-_ -, the sum of (here write the sum in words) currency, in payment of my salary in part (or in full) for the [month or quarter,) ending the — day of — , 18-,

A. B., Teacher. SECTION 2. Form of Teacher's Circular Notice of the Quarterly Eramination of his


School Section No. —

--- , 18 , Sir,-In conformity with the 3rd clause of the 16th Section of the Common School Act, 13th and 14th Vict., Chapi. - the Quarterly Examination of the School Section No. —, will be held in — day, the of

--, when the pupils of this School will be publiely examined in the several subjects wbich they have been taught during the quarter now closing. The Exercises will commence at y o'clock, X. M., and you are respectfully requested to attend them.

I am, Sir, your obedient Servant, To C. D., School Trustee, or Visitor.

A. B., Teacher. MARKs. A copy of the above Notice ought to be sent to each of the Trustees, and to as many Visitors of the School Section as possible. Clergymen are School Visitors of any Township in which they have pastoral charge; all Judges, Members of the Legislature, Members of the County Council and Justices of the Peace, are School Visitors of the Township in which they reside. The Teacher should address a circular notice to those of them who reside within two or three miles of his School; he is, also, required to give notice, through his pupils, to their Parents and Guardians and to the neighbour hood, of the Examination.

For Holidays and Vacations, see General Regulations, Chapter VI, Section 1. For Remarks on the Duties of Teachers, see the same Chapter, Section 3.

SECTION 12. Form of Need for the site of the Common School House, Teacher's

Residence, &c.
This Andenture, made the – day of

in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and , in pursuance of the Act to facilitate the conveyance of Real Property, between - , of the Township [Town or City] of - in the County of - and Province of Canada, of the first part, and the Trustees of School Section Number --, in the Township of , in the County of , and Province aforesaid, of the second part,

Insituegseth, that in consideration of — - , of lawful money of Cauada, now paid by the Trustees of the School Section aforesaid to the said party of the first part, who hereby grants unto the Trustees of the School Section aforesaid, their Successors and Assigns for ever, all that Parcel of Land, &c.

Is Trust for the use of a Common School, in and for School Section Number —, in the Township of , and in the County and Province aforesaid.

The said -- -- Cournants with the Trustees of the School Section aforesaid, that he bath the right to convey the said Lands to the Trustees of the School Section aforesaid. And that ibe Trustees of the School Section aforesaid shall have quiet possession of the said Lands : FREE FROM INCUMBRANCES. And the said - -- COVENANTS with the Trustees of the School Section aforesaid, that he will execute sucb further assurances of the said Lands as may be requisite.

SECTION 3. Form of a Teacher's School Register. [The form at present in use to be continued.)

Nore. As the first clause of the thirty-first Section of the Act contemplates the distribution of the School money to the several sections of a Township according to the attend ance of pupils at School, and not according to School population, the Teacher who faj's to keep a full and accurate account of the attendance of pupils at bis school, lessens ne resources of the School Section. No Teacher is entitled to his salary who neglects to keep a full and accurate School register. On the other hand, according to the thirteenth Section of the Act, any Teacher who shall keep a false School Register, or make a false School return, will render himself liable to a severe penalty.

N.B. The order of the Trustees delivered to a Local Superintendent will be the Superintendent's authority and receipt for the cheque upon the County or Sub-Trcasurer, and bat cheque will be the Treasurer's receipt for the amount specified on the face of it

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