Petition from Lower Canada: With Explanatory Remarks


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Page 19 - that any word had been introduced which should have the appearance of ascribing to a class of his subjects of one origin, views at variance with the allegiance which they owe to His Majesty."1 26.
Page 16 - ... differences and the ever widening breach between the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council of this Province, — differences springing out of the very constitution of the latter body : nevertheless, your petitioners cannot avoid reminding *Your Majesty, that the aforesaid petition contained a prayer that the Legislative Council, as at present constituted, be abolished, and that the people of this Province be empowered to elect the second branch of the legislature in future, as the only...
Page 7 - British North American Land Company ;" and your petitioners also have reason for believing that Your Majesty's Government have likewise sold to the individuals aforesaid extensive tracts of land belonging to this province, and thereby have taxed this colony, contrary to the most important and indisputable of the birth-rights of British subjects, which were more particularly acknowledged and confirmed to colonies with local legislatures by the faith and honour of the British Parliament, pledged by...
Page 37 - Spanish origin, although the latter, during the continuance of their colonial state had been under the calamitous yoke of ignorance and absolutism ; and that we do not hesitate to ask from a prince of the House of Brunswick, and a reformed Parliament, all the freedom and political powers which the princes of the House of Stuart and their parliaments granted to the most favoured of the plantations formed at a period when such grants must have been less favourably regarded than they would now be.
Page 9 - Canadian subjects did not expect to be so soon called upon to resist similar unconstitutional encroachments and dilapidations, yet very recently the indisputable privileges of the Assembly have been again violated by the payment of the public servants, without the sanction or cognizance of the only body authorized to give such sanction. That the people of the Old Colonies, now the United States of North America, however much they were aggrieved by attempts at unconstitutional taxation, had much less...
Page 5 - People, and allied themselves with the factious minority opposed to the wishes and interests of the country ; and that even the sacred character of justice has been recently polluted in its source, by the appointing to the high office of Judge of the King's Bench, for the District of Montreal, a man who was a violent and decided partisan of the Administration of the Earl of Dalhousie, and the declared enemy of the laws which he is sworn to administer...
Page 9 - ... only body authorized to give such sanction. That the people of the Old Colonies, now the United States of North America, however much they were aggrieved by attempts at unconstitutional taxation, had much less to complain of, on the score of executive usurpation, than the people of this province; the Assembly having repeatedly declared its fixed determination not to sanction that which it must ever consider a tyrannical violation of its rights, and which the people of this province regard as...
Page 28 - ... after the information I have just given, the House will certainly believe it according to its duty to consider if it can, compatibly with the respect it has invariably manifested towards its Sovereign, renew any demands on this subject*.'" The House has certainly been wanting in respect on various occasions since that period, if renewing its demands in the most submissive and respectful terms deserves so to be considered.
Page 5 - Chief, of which the people of this Province have still to complain, were, for the most part, enumerated in the aforesaid petition to Your Majesty ; that since that time, the vindictive and bitter feelings, together with the arbitrary and unbecoming conduct which His Excellency has displayed towards the people of this Province, have created an universal feeling of discontent towards His Excellency's administration. " That among the just subjects of complaint against the present administration of this...
Page 18 - Act to incapacitate the Judges from sitting and voting in the Legislative and Executive Councils, and to secure the independence of the Judges.

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