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replied, " It was given me by the also in attendance, together with curse of God!-I had two; one is a woman in whose house they taken from me, and I had rather lodged. have

than one only,” It now appeared that the pri“Will you give it to me then?” soner, in calling herself Helen asked the witness. “I will take Maxwell, had given her maiden care of it, and you shall see it name. The husband, a very whenever you please.” “I will young man, said his name was not give it to you now," replied Henry Donelly-he was a native the prisoner, “ but when it is of Dublin, and had passed the dead you may have it.” She greater part of his life in Edinthen walked towards the new burgh, as a writer to the signet buildings in Cockspur-street, -he had been unfortunate there, and, after loitering about there and had come to London in the for a few minutes, she suddenly hope of doing better, but was dashed the face of the child disappointed, and was, against the pavement. A gen- quently, in great distress. They tleman, passing in his carriage, had lodgings at present, he said, observed this violence, and, at No. 5, Church-street, St. rushing to the spot, snatched Giles's, and with some difficulty the child from her, and procured it was elicited from him, that he her to be conveyed to St. Mar- had recently suffered an imtin's watch-house.

prisonment for writing a fraduThe prisoner, before the magis- lent petition to the charitable. trate, denied the violence at- He did not appear surprised tributed to her, and strained the when he heard how his wife had child to her bosom with the ut- treated the child, but said she most fondness. She called her had lately lost a little boy, and self Helen Maxwell, and said she she had taken it to heart very was a stranger in London, hav- much. ing lately come from Edinburgh, The wretched woman, herself, with her husband.

now said she had been drinking The magistrate asked her a little porter, which some one where her husband was. She had given her, and it affected her leaned across the table, and, in a


and this, she suppossort of mysterious whisper, re- ed, was the reason why she had plied, that he was in prison. In behaved so madly. the same strange manner, she, She appeared, altogether, much also, communicated the informa- more collected than at her first tion that she should, ere long, examination; and the woman, give birth to a wretched infant. at whose house they lodged,

The worthy magistrate, Mr. stating that she invariably treatHalls, ordered that she and her ed her child with the greatest child should be taken care of in kindness at home, the magistrate St. Martin's workhouse for the ordered them to be relieved and night, and that the officers should discharged. make some inquiries respecting her.

A publican of Shields lately Yesterday they were again issued a bill, thanking his cusbrought up, and the husband

was tomers for the great encourage

brain ;





ment he had experienced since more, in Somersetshire, says a he reduced his ale to four-pence London paper,

was last week per quart, and stating that he burnt to the ground, from the would, on a certain day therein intense heat of the sun upon the named, give his customers a glass windows igniting the treat at threepence. The grati- thatch. tude of this landlord did not VIRTUES

TREADING stop here ; for he further pro- Mill.–At Union Hall, Hannah mised, if the public should con- Tomkins, a miserable woman of tinue to patronize him as they the town, was brought before R. had done,” he would give them G. Chambers, Esq. charged with a threepenny touch every now and having robbed another of that unthen !" -Sheffield Independent. fortunate class, of her clothes.

A man was crossing a small The magistrate asked the prisonrivulet, near Conniston lake, and er whether she had not got observed a toad sitting on the enough of the treading-mill at edge, which, on seeing him fell Brixton ? The prisoner begged into the water, where was for mercy's sake not to be sent large eel, which immediately to the treading-mill. She would gave it battle.

“ It seized it by prefer transportation ; for it was one of the hind legs,” says the much more honourable to go man,

" and shook it as a terrier over the water, than to be sent would a rat." Still the toad de

a rogue and vagabond to fended itself with great vigour, Brixton. She was sent back to till the eel actually severed its prison. It is a remarkable fact, leg from its body, which it swal- that, since the famous treadinglowed, and again returned to the mill has been erected at Brixton, charge, but with great care evad- the business of this office has ed coming in front, till espying greatly declined. The thieves one of the toad's unguarded mo- have gone to places where there ments, it seized the remaining is greater encouragement. The hind leg, which soon shared the mill is so constructed, that when fate of the former. There being a man ventures to be idle in it, no more prominent parts behind, he receives a knock on the head or any other part to seize upon, from a piece of wood, which is without rushing into the very put there to give them notice of heat of the battle, the poor toad what they are to do. was suffered to escape with the An inquest was held on Tuesloss of two of its most useful day morning, the 11th ultimo, members. Westmoreland Ga

on the body of a boy named Lee. zette.

On one of the late race days, his A country paper mentions, mother bid him do something, that a person was lately killed by which he refused. This refusal lightning, attracted, as it is sup- irritated her to such a degree, posed, by the money in his pockets. that she struck him with a knife This, we conceive, to be the which she had in her hand, and most conclusive argument that wounded him in the thigh. He has yet been adduced to prove was immediately taken to the the superiority of paper.



the wound A thatched cottage, at Wed- dressed ; but a mortification ensued, and he died on Saturday. colours, and perfects the sheet The agony and remorse of the by the simultaneous action of a mother has since been extreme. pair of cylinders. She was permitted, under the The Egham yeomanry cavalry care of a police officer, to attend had the honour of escorting his the funeral of her son, on Tues- majesty from his cottage, in day afternoon, and was with dif- Windsor great park, on Tuesday ficulty removed from the grave. evening, the 18th ultimo. His -A verdict of Manslaughter was majesty was pleased to express given against her.

his approbation of their soldierAt a sermon lately preached in like appearance. a village church, in Cornwall, ANIMAL SAGACITY.-Mr. Marin behalf of the poor Irish-every tin, keeper and gardener, a short one was moved to tears, with the time since, took the young of a exception of a peasant. Why fox, on the manor of Edward don't you cry, like the rest ?" Manwaring, Esq. of Whitmore, asked one who sat near him. one of which he had kept in the “ I don't belong to this parish,” garden, and had so far domestireplied the man.

cated the animal, that it became CAUTION.--At a petty sessions the familiar pet with the servants of the Bathforum magistrates, on of the establishment; but, not Friday, the dowager lady Trim- having forgot its dam, its cries in lestown was fined under the the night excited the attention of Walcot Police act, in the penalty the mother, who actually burof 40s. and costs, for suffering a rowed under the garden wall in fierce mastiff dog to go unmuz- several places; but, frustrated zled in the parish of Walcot, in her design, the subtle animal after being served with a notice ascended and entered a flue of to keep the same muzzled. the hot-house, and actually ex

BEAUTY.-Chenier, in his his- tricated her cub, returning tory of Morocco, says that to be through the same difficult pasfat is one of the rules of beauty sage.-Chester Guardian. among

the Moorish women. Το England imports butter from obtain this quality they take in- Ireland to the value, it is said, of finite pains-feed, when they be- £2,000,000, per annum ; while come nubile, on a diet somewhat the exportation of British manulike forced-meat halls, a certain factures, of all descriptions, to quantity of which is given them the whole of South America, daily ; and, in fine, the same care does not exceed £4,000,000, per is taken among the Moors to fat- annum. ten young women, as in Europe Last week, two females died to fatten fowls.

in Strathaven, in the prime of TYPOGRAPHY.-A curious spe- their age, in whose lives there cimen has just appeared of the was a remarkable coincidence. typographic art. A volume of They were very intimate before great popularity, called the Uni- marriage ; they were married versal Catechist, has been printed about the same time; their husin red and black, at a very inge- bands were brothers; they both nious machine, made for the died within twenty-five minutes purpose, which prints both the of each other;

were carried

under the same pall, and laid in on that memorable day. The the same grave.

marquis of Anglesea and lord Some days back a private of Hill were absentees ; the former the eighty-eighth, quartered in is in the Isle of Wight. The this town, requested his com- duke of York, as commander-inmanding officer to obtain him chief, was present. The dinner permission to change into the was served up on the costly Porforty-fourth regiment, now em- tuguese service of plate, which barking for India. On being was presented to his grace. The asked his motive for this singular other plate, and the service of wish, he replied, it was from no china presented to his grace by dislike to the regiment, or his the allied powers, were used on comrades, or his officers, and, the occasion. least of all, to his honour, nor Paris was visited, on Saturday from any partiality to the forty- night, June 15, by a violent fou or to India ;- but the thunder storm. The thunder truth is, I am married ; and as I rolled incessantly, from eleven hear my wife is coming to join, o'clock till half-past twelve, and I would fain be off first.-Cravan the rain fell in torrents. ExactHerald.

ly at twelve, a tremendous clap In the early part of the week burst over the Halle-aux-blés before last, a stranger went into (the corn warehouse and marthe shop of Mr. Bickerton, hair- ket), which was struck by the dresser, at Whitchurch, Salop, lightning. The magnetic needle and desired to be shaved ; after which surmounts that edifice, which he complained of being however, having attracted the very thirsty, and requested Mr. electric fluid, it followed the B. to fetch him a pint of beer. conductor, and sunk into the Mr. B. did so, and on his return well without doing any damage. found the stranger in a shocking Thunderbolts, also, fell the same state ; he having (while Mr. B. night in other parts of the capiwas absent) cut his tongue out tal. At a quarter past twelve with the razor used in shaving o'clock several houses in the him, and had actually thrown it Coq-Heron and Tussienne streets to the back of the fire. The were struck. Soon after, a thunstranger, who was evidently in- derbolt threw down two chimsane, was removed to the work- nies of a hat manufactory in house, and placed under medical another street, and damaged the

roof, and broke the windows of The anniversary of the battle the houses opposite. Another of Waterloo, was observed by the bolt fell in the Rue St. Denys, on military mounting guard in the the place where the electoral park, &c. wearing laurel in their assembly met last year, and in hats, caps, &c. In the evening the Communes des Vertus, the the duke of Wellington gave a lightning set fire to three houses, grand dinner to a party, at his which were entirely destroyed. house, Hyde-park-corner, of six- The most afflicting account, howty military officers, consisting ever, is the following, extracted chiefly of those who were of his from the Journal de Rouen : grace's staff, and had commands “A thunderbolt fell, in the evening of the 11th instant, at Hautot, the disturbance was still more department of the Lower Seine; violent, although in a thinner it struck a respectable individual, house. The active partisans of father of a numerous family, at the two performers seemed to the moment when he had return- have possession of the field, and, ed with his son from the labours as on the preceding evening, of the field, and was entering his nothing of the play or farce could cottage. He was surrounded be heard, except one song from by the electrical flame, and fell Miss Hammersley, which, for a dead in the presence of his family, moment, lulled the storm. composed of ten children, whose A Mad HORSE.-About two cries and tears were mingled months ago a valuable blood with the peals of the thunder and mare belonging to a Mr. Howe, the dash of torrents of rain. in Doughty-mews, Brunswick


THEATRICAL FRACAS.-The ear- square, was bitten by a dog of the lier part of last month the Liver- mastiff breed, which was suppool theatre was opened for the posed to be mad at the time, as season, with the play of Coriola- several other dogs were bitten nus, in which Mr. Vandenhoff by him, and were afterwards made his first appearance on his seized with the malady. This re-engagment in the theatrical being known, a veterinary surcompany. A number of persons geon attended the horse, and in the house, among whom were every means were adopted to preseveral individuals from Man- vent the disorder, such as purgchester, were very vociferous in ing, bleeding, &c. However, on behalf of Mr. Salter, who had Saturday se'nnight the stablebeen displaced to make room for keeper was not a little astonished Mr Vandenhoff, who, the Mana- at hearing the horse utter a kind gers were of opinion, was pre- of bark, and at finding her so ferred by the Liverpool public. vicious that no one dared to enOn Mr. Vandenhoff making his ter the stall. The enraged aniappearance the expressions of mal bit and destroyed her manapplause and disapprobation were ger, and almost knocked herself such as to astound the senses and to pieces.

to pieces. It was quite evident defy all description. In a short she had been seized with hydrotime Mr. Salter entered the up- phobia, and she was shot. The per side boxes, and was received mare was said to be worth ninety amidst a tumultuous discordance guineas. One of the dogs that of friendship and opposition. The were bitten at the same time beuproar continued long after the longs to a Mrs. Cole in the same curtain had fallen for the night; Mews, and similar symptoms apsome instances of violence occur- pearing in him he was also shot. red, and at last five forms were A MAN WITH THREE WIVES!!! torn in the gallery,


-For some time past, an honest thrown into the pit. Fortunately shoemaker, John Busbie, has the first of them did no personal lived in the village of Prestwick damage, but it had the instant Toll, with a woman whose claims effect of clearing the pit, and to the honours of his then the police officers « showed and his bed remained undisputed the door” to those in the boxes till Tuesday last. On that luckand gallery. On Tuesday night less day, the matrimonial happi



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