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allowed to range, and became so whilst on the dogger, a short familiar with its host, as to eat time since, caught a large codout of his hand, climb round his fish, in the stomach of which person, and go into his pockets was the scalp and part of the in search of food. In the month cranium of a human being; the of December, this animal was remains, no doubt, of some of delivered of four young ones, the many ill-fated mariners who who were also treated with all have met with a watery grave possible care by the owner of the in the vicinity of that dangerous house. The weather having be- part, during the tempestuous come very cold, the dam one gales of the late winter.-Chelmsnight removed her tender family ford Chronicle. from the flour to the bed, and SHOCKING CATASTROPHE. -A lodged them safely under the most melancholy and distressing blanket at her host's feet. On scene presented itself on Friday, seeing this, he took one of them, June 7th, at Hornaver's quay, and kept it in his hand on the near Pentille castle. A man pillow. The dam appeared a- having occasion to light the larmed, and ran about him, mak- lime-kiln, went down from the ing a plaintive noise ; but seem- kiln head, as is usual on such ingly assured that no harm was occasions, to make a hole, or to be done her young, she imme- what is termed a chimney, with diately brought the other three, a rod of iron, when he was sufone by one, and laid them on his focated by the gas arising from hand. The parent weasel has the culm. A second man went since been killed by accident. down to his assistance, who inCaledonian Mercury.

stantly shared a similar fate. The Duke of York, it is said, A third followed, and also lost won £25,000 on his horse Moses, his life. A fourth man had still at Epsom races. He took the the courage to descend to the asodds, which were six to one sistance of his unfortunate comagainst Moses, so that he could panions ; he took the precaution, lose but a small sum, and win to however, to tie a rope round his a large amount.

middle, but was no sooner down, Two ewes, of the black-faced than he dropped as the others breed, at Arnbarrow, in the pa- had done. He was immediately rish of Fordoun, lately produced, drawn up senseless, and after a on the same day, two lambs considerable time restored to each, a black and a white ; and life. The three men who had what makes the circumstance descended into the fatal kiln, more singular is, that they had were, after much difficulty,drawn previously formed a regard for up, but the vital spark was exeach other, and evinced through tinct. It is a lamentable circumthe season a great predilection stance that each of the sufferers to retire from the flock and has left a wife to deplore his unbrowse alone.--Aberdeen Chro- timely fate; and the children of nicle.

the three families amount to A RELISH FOR EPICURES.- twenty !-Cornwall Gazette. HARWICH, May 20.-A fishing RESPONSIBILITY OF JUDGES IN smack belonging to this town, HOLLAND.-A servant girl was erroneously convicted at Middle- SINGULAR MEDICAL CASE.-A burg of robbing her master; case of singular interest has, we the property was found locked understand, lately fallen under up in her box-her mistress had the observation of Dr. W. Pickplaced it there. She was flogged, ells, one of the physicians to the brand-marked and confined to dispensary of this city (Cork), hard labour in the rasp-house. that of a female, aged about Whilst she was suffering her twenty-five years, in which the sentence, the guilt of her mis- larvæ of a great number of intress was detected. The cele- sects of the beetle and fly kind brated Ploss van Amste was were discharged alive from the her advocate. The mistress was stomach. Several of the larvæ condemned to the serverest of the beetle kind, though disscourging, a double brand, and charged upwards of a fortnight hard labour for life. The sen- since, remain still alive, in health tence was reversed, a heavy fine and viguur. They consist, beinflicted on the tribunal, and gi- sides the head, of twelve joints, ven to the innocent sufferer as an and are furnished with six feetindemnification.

some exceed an inch in length. An immense large shark was The young woman laboured at observed last week off Calshot intervals, during a long time Castle, by Mr. Bailey, master past, under vomiting of blood, of the canteen there, who was and the most violent convulsions, in his boat at the time. He in- which have been considerably stantly rowed on shore, and hav- alleviated by the discharge of the ing procured a musket, with insects. The probable supposisome ball-cartridges, again put tion is, that the ova, or eggs, off to the spot. The monster were taken in by the mouth, and darted with great velocity to deposited and hatched in the wards the boat, when Mr. B. stomach. The case, we underdischarged the piece, within a stand, will shortly appear in a yard of the fish. On receiving detailed form in a distinguished the fire, it went off, but almost medical publication instantly returned, and with his It is very properly suggested, tremendous jaws wide open, at- that chemists preparing oxalic tacked the boat, and received a acid should give it some coloursecond shot, near the shoulders, ing, so as to destroy its similiwhich caused it a second time to tude to Epsom salts. disappear—but it came up again ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY IN LONin about seven or eight minutes, DON, MARCH 8.-A letter was to all appearance in a distressed read from M. Causes, respecting state. The effect of the first shot a very simple contrivance for a was visible on its belly, it having signal, in geodetical operations, gone quite through, and the which may be seen at an imblood discolouring the water. mense distance. This contrivance On a third shot being fired, it is nothing more than the comwent down, and was seen no mon reflecting speculum of a more. It is conjectured, that sextant, being about two inches' the fish was from 14 to 16 feet long, and an inch and a half in length.

broad, and mounted in such a

manner, that it may always re- alluded to, has arrived in Belfast, flect the solar rays to the given on his way to his father's, near distant point, notwithstanding Ballymony, and gives a melan. the motion of the sun. The in- choly description of the sufferings strument, thus mounted, he calls they endured. It appears that a“ Heliotrope;" and the reflec- this small schooner, sixty tons tive light was so powerful, that burthen, upset on the evening of at ten miles distance it was too the 11th of April, in a severe bright for the telescope of the gale of wind, when scudding untheodolite, and it was requisite der bare poles. There were on to cover part of the mirror. At board, Wm. Inglis, a native of twenty-five miles, the light ap- Fifeshire, master; James Moore, peared like a beautiful star, even a native of Belfast ; Alex. Hill, when one of the stations was en- a native of Ballycastle; Jane veloped in fog and rain ; and at Peterson, a Norwegian ; and a sixty-six miles distant, it was man of colour, seamen ; Mr. sufficiently powerful as a signal. Malcolm M'Gregor, a native of In fact, the only limit which ap Scotland ; and Mr. Hugh Fulton, pears to the use of this beautiful as above mentioned, passengers. instrument, is that which arises When the vessel upset, the rigfrom the curvature of the ging, was immediatey cut, and earth.

the foremast going over-board, On Sunday, the 26th ult. the she righted, but full of water, great polar bear belonging to Mr. the sea making a clear passage Wombwell's collection of wild over her; her cargo, being cotbeasts, was taken ill, in ap- ton wool, kept her afloat. In proaching the town of Leek, and this emergency, the people on expired in the course of the day, board clung to the rigging, but after a violent sickness, suppo- had not the means of getting sed' to be produced from the heat either food or water. In the of the weather, and the continu- middle of the night the black ed shaking of the caravan over man died in Mr. Fulton's arms. the Lancashire and Cheshire Some time afterwards James roads. A surgeon of Manches- Moore and another seaman died ter offered to purchase the body in a state of delirium, and were at a handsome sum for dis- swept overboard. Next day, Mr. section ; but the proprietor de- M'Gregor, the passenger, also elined accepting the offer, and died delirious. At this time, this huge native of the Polar when there were three human regions received honnourable in- beings alive on the wreck, a vesterment the band of the collec- sel came in sight, but she immetion playing a dead march, and diately proceeded on her course the keeper following as principal without giving any assistance. mourner.

(This vessel proved to be the - SHIPWRECK OF THE SCHOONER, Camillo, of Gibraltar, was bound LARK.—The Lark, Inglis, bound to Cadiz from the Havannah; from Jamaica to Belfast, has her master's name is Traverso, a been wrecked, when all on board native of Italy.) In some hours perished, except one passenger. after the other seamen died deMr. Hugh Fulton, the passenger lirious. The captain died in 36 hours, when, finding his end ap- means of saving his life. After proaching, being quite exhaust- having been on the wreck three ed, he shook hands with Mr. Ful- days and three nights, the Ameton, desired, if he should survive, rican brig Susan Jane providentithat he would acquaint his wife ally came in sight, and her huof his fate, and of his affection mane master, Samuel Freeman, for her in that awful moment; lost not a moment in sending he soon afterwards sank down, his boat to the wreck, and took and was also washed overboard. Fulton on board his vessel, where, Fulton, who is a young man, and by great assiduity and judicious very stout made, was now left treatment, he was gradually realone in this dreadful situation, stored. The Susan Jane was up to his middle in water, with-, bound to Cadiz, with Spanish out any sustenance or prospect troops on board, where they arof relief. He fortunately retain- rived in safety. The british coned his self-possession, though sul at Cadiz, Joseph Egan, Esq. frequently tempted to abandon generously did every thing in his all hope of life. He was dy- power for Mr. Fulton, providing ing of hunger and thirst ; the him with clothes and other neonly food he got was a dead rat, cessaries, and procuring him a which he devoured voraciously; passage home to his country. this, however, was prohably the


At the palace, every thing re- and departed, on the following mains the same, as at our last morning, in the Swift, for Dieppe. report ; it is said that the king We hear that our old friend will shortly be here; but it is so Brunton is to take a benefit at said more in hope than expecta- the King's theatre, in the Haytion, we fear, for not a circum- market; and is to be patronized stance upon which it can be fairly by the following distinguished grounded, has, as yet, occurred. personages-Dukes of York, We have had a pleasing increase Devonshire, and Northumberof fashionable company since last land and duchess, prince and week ; and the enlivening di- princess Esterhazy, marquis of vertisements of loo and music, Cholmondely, marchioness of have been nightly pursued, with Westmeath, earl of Essex, earl flattering success, at Lucombe's, of Egremont, earl and countess and at Tuppen's.

Cowper, dowager countess Yesterday fortnight, governor Clonmell, lord and lady OssulElphiston, his lady and family, ton, lady Perth, &c. &c. Miss Dr. Robinson and family, and Brunton, who is arrived in Lonmajor Grant and family, recently don, from Dublin, will appear passengers in the Sarah, from the that evening. We most heartily East Indies, reached this place, wish him a bumper.

On Wednesday his majesty state ; the French and Russian held a levee at his Palace in Pall- ambassadors also came in state. mall, which was very numerous- There were likewise present, the ly and splendidly attended. There Netherlands, the Wirtemburg, were upwards of 1000 present.- Bavaria, Sardinian, Neapolitan, His royal highness the prince of American, Swedish, Danish, PorDenmark was introduced to his tuguese, Prussian, and Spanish majesty agreeably to court eti ambassadors and ministers. The quette, in his majesty's closet, by lord mayor of London came in his royal highness the duke of his state carriage, accompanied York.

by the lady mayoress, attended The King's Drawing-Room. by the sword of state, the cap of -Thursday, his majesty held his maintenance, and the mace. His second drawing-room this season, lordship wore his splendid robes which was very splendidly at- of office.-The sheriffs of London tended. The king went from his and Middlesex also came in state. palace in Pall-mall in his private — There were likewise present, carriage, a few minutes after besides the cabinet ministers, the twelve o'clock, to his palace at great officers of state, the archPimlico, where his majesty dress- bishop of Canterbury, the attored in a field marshall's uniform, ney-general, &c. &c. &c. to hold the drawing-room. The Among the numerous presenking's guard of foot, and a de- tations at the drawing-room tachment of the life guards were the duchess of Richmond; marched into the palace-yard lady Selsey, on the coronation ; about half past one o'clock; their Miss Wykeham, ditto ; and Mrs. bands received the different F. Perkins, on her going abroad. branches of the royal family, The following is a description who attended and came in state, of the dress worn by the duchess with military honours, consisting of Richmond, on Thursday :--A of the duke of York, the duchess most magnificent silver lama of Kent, and the princess Sophia dress, richly striped with silver, Matilda. The duchess of Kent and roleaux of satin between, was attended by the baroness de elegantly ornamented round the Spadeth, general Wetherell, and bottom, with puffings of satin captain Conroy. The royal rela- intermixed with silver; body tives were joined by the princess and sleeves beautifully trimmed Augusta in the palace. The with silver and blond ; a train of whole of them, about two o'clock, rich white satin, embroidered attended the king in his closet, with silver all round. The whole where the princess of Denmark of this dress having such a beauwas introduced to his majesty. tiful effect was the admiration of His majesty, accompanied by his all the court : head-dress, a proroyal relatives, left his closet, and fusion of diamonds. proceeded to receive the compli- That noble structure, Battle ments of the foreign ambassa- Abbey, with its beautiful grounds, dors and ministers, and their is now inhabited by a gentleman ladies. Prince Esterhazy, the of the name of Alexander, who Austrian ambassador, accompa- gives eight hundred pounds anied by his princess, came in year for the same.

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