The Z-Book On Scientific Research & Experimental Development: Deserving is Not Enough

iUniverse, 18 mai 2011 - 144 pages
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Why should you want to read The Z-Book?

This book is designed to give an overview of the SR&ED Program of the Canadian Tax Credits & Refunds System to the busy executive and the business owner/manager. In order to keep the Canadian businesses competitive in the present global market, the Canadian government offers one of the most generous incentives to Canadian businesses to encourage them to engage in scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED). It is also available to foreign corporations conducting SR&ED in Canada. It is estimated that only a very small fraction of those eligible actually apply for this credit. It is also estimated that in the last fiscal year tax credits running into billions of dollars were approved, including refunds to eligible businesses. There is no upper limit set by the Government as to the amount of tax credits it is willing to give to eligible businesses with regard to SR&ED.

This information might make it worthwhile for you to take the time to read this book because it talks about millions of dollars in potential tax benefits and possibly cash refunds to you and to your business over the years and in some cases even in just one year!


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