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Φιλοσοφίαν δε ου την Στωικήν λέγω, ουδε την Πλατωνικήν, ή την Επικουρείον τε και 'Αρισ-
τοτελικήν αλλ' όσα είρηται παρ εκάστη των αιρεσέων τούτων καλώς, δικαιοσύνης μετά ευσεβούς
επιστήμης εκδιδάσκοντα, τούτο σύμπαν το 'ΕΚΛΕΚΤΙΚΟΝ φιλοσοφίαν φήμι. - CLEM.
ALEX. Strom. L. I.

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LOX DOX: Printed by WARD & GRIFFITH, 16, Bear Alley,

Farringdon Street,



For JULY, 1846.

Art. I. Passages in the Life of a Radical, By Samuel Bamford.

2 vols. Fourth Edition London : Simpkin, Marshall, & Co. Samuel Bamford's evident and proper wish to make his literary labours profitable, would have been much more amply gratified had he learned, or been willing, to make suitable arrangements with the booksellers. His book was first introduced to us by the Quarterly Review ; and we immediately determined to bring it without delay before the notice of our readers. But no copy could we anywhere procure; nor could we learn where one ought to be obtained. Other books demanded notice; and had not our good will towards Mr. Bamford, and, still more, our regard for his 'order', been too lively to require a remembrancer, we should most likely have dismissed the matter from our mind. But the extracts we had seen in the Quarterly Review had stirred up many thoughts within us, and we wanted to express them. After a few months' interval, therefore, we tried the London “Trade again, but with as little success as formerly. We sent to Lancashire, but the Manchester booksellers were as helpless as their London brethren. At last, through a friend, who happened to hear of our distress, a stationer in an isolated Lancashire village undertook to obtain a copy; but, after all, he got it viâ London, and through whom we know not. Mr. Bamford's book is worthy to be sold by thousands; and long before this time it might, with proper



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