Tracts Written in the Controversy Respecting the Legitimacy of Amicia, Daughter of Hugh Cyveliok, Earl of Chester, A.D. 1673-1679, Volume 80

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William Beamont
Chetham society, 1869

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Page 2 - Chester's Triumph in Honor of her Prince, as it was performed upon St. George's Day 1610, in the foresaid Citie. Reprinted from the original edition of 1610, with an Introduction and Notes.
Page 4 - XXXI. The Stanley Papers, Part II. The Derby Household Books, comprising an account of the Household Regulations and Expenses of Edward and Henry, third and fourth Earls of Derby ; together with a Diary, containing the names of the guests who visited the latter Earl at his houses in Laneashire : by William Farrington, Esq., the Comptroller.
Page 1 - That the accounts of the receipts and expenditure of the Society be audited annually, by three auditors...
Page 475 - Marriage itfelf. when he thought my Lord Coke faid, that the Common-Law had been altered in thofe particulars, which Sir Peter doth mention in thefe places that are cited before ; Indeed my Lord Coke tells us, that the Common-Law was taken and holden fometimes differently from what it is ta-49ken now, and withal, fol. 8. b. at [Page 49.] the bottom tells us, that if it be an antient Grant, it muft be expounded as the Law was taken at the time of the Grant ; And thefe Cafes which Sir Peter...
Page 475 - ... and could not be gotten without Industrie, as by nets, and other engines. Otherwise it is, if they were in a trunke or the like. Likewise deere in a parke, conies in a warren, and doves in a dove-house, young and old, shall goe to the heire.
Page 372 - Husband of Amicia, was not an equal Competitor at that time, to have Married a Lawful Daughter of the Earl of Chefter ; for we find the Lawful Daughters of this Earl Hugh were Married to the greateft Earls then in England: The Earl of Huntington, who was Brother to the King of Scotland, the Earl of Arundel, the Earl of Derby, and the Earl of Winchefter's...
Page 387 - ... 1515. Whereas no part of the eighth year of King Hen. 8. was in 1515. neither did Sir John die in the eighth year of the faid King. 21. He fays (page 335.) that Sir Randle Mainwaring, after the death of his firft Wife, married Eligabeth, the Daughter of Sir Ralph Leieejler of Toft, 6Edw. 6. 1551. but he cannot prove that they were married until the year 1552.
Page 475 - Eeelefue, of more than a third part, but of lefs he might ; But at this day the Law is taken, as Littleton here holdeth. But my Lord Coke fays not that the Law is altered therein from what it was ; fo alfo fol. 3. a. he fays, The Parifhioners or Inhabitants, or Probi homines of Dale, or the Churchwardens, are not capable to purchafe Lands, but Goods they are, unlefs 50it were in antient time, when fuch [Page...
Page 361 - Married unto him when 73he was in years, and fPage73i fhe her felf very young : So that he having been Earl no lefs than 28. years, it muft neceffarily follow that this Bertra was not born till four years after he came to the Earldome; nor is it any marvel he fhould then take fuch a young Wife, having at that time no Iffue-male to fucceed him in this his great Inheritance : thus Mr. Dugdale.
Page 478 - Liberum maritagium dicitur, ubi donator -cult quod terra sic data quieta sit et libera ab ' omni seculari servitio. And so, before Bracton, said Glanvill, lib. 7. ca. 18. Maritagium autem aliud nominatur liberum aliud servitio obnoxium. Liberum dicitur maritagium, quando aliquis liber homo aliquam partem terrce suce dot cum aliqua midiere in maritagium, ita quod ab omni servitio terra ilia sit quieta, fyc.