Confessio Amantis of John Gower, Volume 2

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Bell and Daldy, 1857

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Page 16 - For er they wente than a two, A knave child betwene hem two They gete, which was after hote Paphus, of whom yet hath the note A certain ile, which Paphos Men clepe, and of his name it rofe. Confeflbr. By this enfample thou might finde, That word may worche above kinde. Forthy my fone, if that thou fpare To fpeke, loft is all thy fare, For flouthe bringeth in alle wo. And over this to loke alfo The god of love is favorable To hem, that ben of love ftable. And many a wonder hath befalle, Wherof to...
Page 9 - And thus was cefled the debate Of love, and flouthe was excufed, Which doth great harm, wher it is ufed, And hindreth many a caufe honeft. For of the grete clerk Grofteft I rede how bufy that he was Upon the clergie an heved of bras To forge and make it for to telle Of fuche thinges as befelle. And feven yeres befinefle He laide, but for the lachefle Of half a minute of an houre Fro firfte he began laboure He loft all that he hadde do.
Page 14 - And put unto her mouth the cup. And whan the bord was taken up, He hath her unto his chambre nome, And after whan the night was come, He laide her in bed all naked.
Page 206 - They knelen all, and with one vois The king they thonken of this chois : And after that they up arise, And gon aside, and hem avise, And at laste they...
Page 204 - They were into his chamber brought, But no man wot why they be wrought, And natheles the king hath bede That they be set in privy stede, As he that was of wisdom slih ; Whan he therto his time sih...
Page 367 - ... his god deceived — His ring, his mantle, and his beard, As he which nothing was afeard, All privily with him he bare ; And when the wardens were aware Of that, their god despoiled was, They thought it was a wondrous case, How that a man for any weal, Durst in so holy plac-e steal, And nam-e-ly, so great a thing ! — This tale cam-e unto the king, And was through spoken over-all. But for to know in special, What manner man hath done the deed, They soughten help upon the need, And maden calculation,...
Page 39 - ... gloss says. Compare Gower, Conf. Amant. ed. Pauli, ii. 39, where the same cat is brought forward as an example of the deadly sin of Sloth : — ' For he [a knight] ne wol no travail take To ride for his ladies sake, But liveth al upon his wisshes, And — as a cat wolde etc fisshes Withoute weting of his clees— So wolde he do, but netheles He faileth ofte of that he wolde.
Page 296 - Of stickes here and there a route And leide hem redy to his honde, Wherof he made his trusse and bonde. Fro daie to daie and in this wise This Ape profreth his servi"se, So that he had of wode inough.
Page 129 - A fhep right in the fame plite His wolle bereth, but on a day An other taketh the flees away. Thus hath he, that he nought ne hath, For he therof his part ne tath, To fay how fuche a man hath good Who fo that refon underftood It is unproperliche faid, That good hath him and halt him taid, That he ne gladdeth nought withall, But is unto his good a thrall And a fubgit thus ferveth he, Where that he fhulde maifter be, Suche is the kinde of thavarous.

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