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in the hearing of each such inhabitant, or in case of his absence from home, by leaving a copy of this notice, or of so much there. of as relates to the time and place of such meeting, at least six days before the said time so appointed for the said meeting. "Dated, &c.

A. B., Town Superintendent of Common

Schools of the town of Trenton. A copy of the order forming the district should be annexed to this notice, as the most convenient mode of describing the district, and most likely to prevent errors.

The inhabitant serving the notice should keep a memorandum of the names of the persons notified by him, specifying the manner of notifying, whether by reading or leaving a copy, or the substance of the notice, at the place of abode of any absent voter ; and this memorandum, certified by him, should be delivered to the chairman or clerk of the district meeting and read, that it may be ascertained whether notice has been duly given so as to justify the voters in proceeding to the transaction of business; and the original notice and return should be filed with the district clerk, as evidence of the regularity of the organization. 19. FORM OF A RESOLUTION FOR THE ALTERATION OF À DISTRICT.

At a meeting of, &c.,

Resolved, That districts number 1 and number %, in the said town, be altered as follows, viz: by setting off the farms and parcels of land occupied by John Brown, Thomas Jones, and William Richards, from District number one, in which they have heretofore been included to District number two; so that the east boundary of District number one shall be the easterly line of the farms and parcels of lands occupied by A. B. C. D. &c., and the westerly boundary of district number two shall be the westerly lines of the farms and parcels of land occupied by the said John Brown, Thomas Jones and William Richards; the said John Brown having consented to be set off as aforesaid. The written consent of the trustees of the said districts number one and two, having been presented to the Town Superintendent, is filed with the town clerk ; [or, The consent of the trustees of the said districts respectively, (or of district No. 1 or 2, as the case may be,) not having been given to the said alteration, it is ordered that a notice in writing of such alteration signed by the Town Superintendent, be served on some one of the trustees of each of the said districts, (or of district No. 1 or 2.)]

In the above form, it will be seen that the new boundaries of the districts, caused by the alteration, are given. This is deemed very necessary in order to prevent all mistake or ambiguity, and to preserve a continual record of the actual bounds of the districts. If any of the persons, set off consent to the alteration, it should be stated, so that the trustees may know whether he is taxable for building a school-house.

The consent of trustees to the alteration, and in case of their not consenting, the notices to them, will be as before given under the 2d and 3d heads. 8. PROCEEDINGS IN THE FORMATION OR ALTERATION OF A JOINT DIS

TRICT, FROM TWO OR MORE TOWNS. The proceedings in the formation of a joint district will be in all respects similar to those previously given in relation to ordinary cises, with the following additions :

As there is no clerk assigned by law to the joint meeting, the officers present should sign the proceedings.

The caption should give the names of the towns to which the Town Superintendents belong ; and the resolutions should be recorded in each of those towns. 9. FORM OF CERTIFICATE TO TEACHER BY TOWN SUPERINTENDENT.

I hereby certify that I have examined A. B. and do believe that he (or she] is well qualified, in respect to moral character, learning and ability, to instruct a common school in this town for one year from the date hereof. Given under my hand at this day of

C. D., Town Superintendent of Com-


Having enquired into certain complaints against A. B., heretofore licensed as a teacher of common schools of said town, and being of opinion that he, the said A. B., does not possess the requisite qualifications as a teacher, in respect to moral character, [or “ in respect to learning,” or “in respect to ability in teaching,"? as the case may be,] and having given at least ten days previous notice in writing to said teacher, and to the trustees of the district in which he is employed, of the intention so to do, I have annulled and hereby do annul the said certificate and license so granted as aforesaid. Given under my hand this day of

C. D., Town Superintendent

of Common Schools. As a note in writing, containing the name of the teacher, and the time when his certificate was annulled, must be filed in the town clerk's office, to give it effect, the most convenient and effectual mode of complying with the law, will be to make out, sign and file a duplicate of the instrument itself.


OF COMMON SCHOOLS, TO BE MADE TO THE COUNTY CLERK. I, A. B. Town Superintendent of common Schools of the town of

in the county of in conformity with the statutes in relation to common schools, do report : that the number of entire school districts in said town, organized according to law, is [eight,] and that the number of parts of school districts in said town is five]; that the number of joint districts, the school-houses of which are situated wholly or partially in said town, is (thrue]; that he number of entire districts from which the necessary reports have been made for the present year, within the time limited by law, is [right.] and the number of parts of districts from which such reports have been made is [five.] That the number of schools for colored children taught by said town during the year aforesaid, for six months or upwards, by a duly qualilied teacher, was (two.]

And I do further certify and report, that the whole amount of money received by me, or my predecessors in office, for the use of common schools, during the year ending on the diste of this report, and since the date of the last report of said town, is $ of which sum the part received from the county treasurer is $ the part from

is $ and that we have collected the sum of

for penalties (if any has been collerted) (and if there be any other source from which any part has been received, here state it particularly.] That the said sum of meney has been appropriated to the several districts from which the necessary reports were received, for the purposes and in the proportion following, viz: the sum of $ for the payment of teachers' wages, and the sum of $ for the purchase of district libraries. That of the monies so apportioned, there has been paid over to or on the order of the trustees of the several districts entitled thereto, the

dollars and cents for teachers' wages, and dollars and cents of the library money; and that the balance of said monies so apportioned and not paid over, is now in my hands amounting in the aggregate to dollars and cents, and ready to be paid according to law. That the sum of $

was apportion by me to district No. for colored children in -aid district between the ages of four and 21 years, who have attended a school in district No. in said town, by a duly qualified teacher, for six months during the preceding year; and to district No. for colored children attending in said district; and that I have deducted the said several amounts from the sus hy me apportioned to the said districts No. and respectively. And I further certify that during the year before mentioned, I have not collected any fines, penalties or forfeitures: [or, And I further certify that during the year before mentioned, I have collected a penalty of $25, imposed on A. B. a trustee of district No.

in said town, for signing a false report; and that my costs and charges in such collection amounted to $ and the balance of such penalty was by me added to the school money received by me and apportioned as above mentioned.] That the school books most in use in the common schools of said town the following, viz: [here specify the principul books reported by the several trustees.] And I further certify the tables following,

sum of

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to be true abstracts from the reports of the trustees of the several districts and parts of districts as aforesaid :

Amount of money reWhole length of Length of time ceived by districts. time any school'such school has has been kept |been kept by li- For teach- For Libratherein.

censed teachers. ers' wages ries.

Districts and


Districts & parts
of districts from

which reports
O OD OR A CO No pode have been made.



Months, | Days. Months. Days.

Dols. Cts. Dols. Cts. 6

10 30.1.

5 15 4

17 88.

8.94 8 12

8 12
15 76.

7 88 8

21 51.

10 76 6

21 21.

10 62 4

16 06.

8 04 4

11 51

5 76 9 12

14 54.

7. 27

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Dated at Trenton, thiş first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and

A. B., Town Superintendent of Common Schools.

Number of volumes in district

libraries. Number of children taught. Number of children who have at

tended less than 2 months. Two months and less than four. Four months and less than six. Six months and less than eight. Eight months and less than ten. Ten months and less than twelve. Twelve months. Purchasing school house sites. Building school houses. Hiring school houses. Repairing school houses. Insuring school houses. Fuel. Supplying deficiencies in rate

bills. Book case, purchase of books

and school apparatus. Other purposes. No. of children exempted on ac

count of indigence of parents. Amount raised to pay the ex

penses of such exemptions. Number of children over 4 and

under 21 years of age. Number of times inspected by

town superintendent. Amount raised by rate bills for

teachers wages. Number of unincorporated select

and private schools, in said dis

trict. Average number of pupils attend

ing said schools. Number of children between 5

and 16 years taught in colored

schools. Amount of public money received

on account of such schools. Amount paid for teachers' wages

in colored schools, besides public money.

districts during the year. Amount of taxes levied in the several

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