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NOV 14 1950



Published November 1912


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1631. Winslow on Allerton and the White Angel. Allerton's commission retained
by English partners. Sherley's letter of explanation. Question of responsibil-
ity. Allerton's course described in detail. Hatherley's declaration before Gover-

nor Winthrop. Allerton's confirmation and Winslow's statement. Confu-
sion in Allerton's accounts. His trading post taken by the French. Disciplined
by the church. French take trading house of New Plymouth. Josiah Winslow,
accountant. Sir Christopher Gardiner and his adventures. Winthrop's letter
and action of the Privy Council . .

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1634. A letter from Sherley. Killing of Hocking at Kennebec. Arrest of Alden.
Governor Dudley's letters. Commission for regulating plantations. Massa-
chusetts Bay and the Kennebec affair. Action of English proprietors. Stone
seizes a Plymouth ship at Manhattan. Killing of Stone by the Indians. Pesti-
lence among the Indians on the Connecticut River

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assigns the lands under patent. Old comers and purchasers. Bounds of reserved
tracts. Winslow unwilling to go to England. Sherley's offers of a meeting.
Fall in the price of cattle.

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1643. Death of Elder Brewster. His career and character. The providence of

God displayed. Confederation of the plantations. Jealousy between Uncas and

Miantunomo. Indians bound over to keep peace. Death of Miantunomo 342

1644. Proposal to remove to Nauset. Loss to the church. Relations with the In-
dians and acts of the Commissioners under the confederation. Narragansetts
dissatisfied. Conditions imposed for peace

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