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.6. The rest of Thomas Rogers [children] came over, and are maried, and have many children.1

Thomas Tinker, and his wife and sone, all dyed in the first sicknes.

And so did John Rigdale, and his wife.

James Chilton and his wife also dyed in the first infection. 10. But their daughter Mary is still living, and hath .9. children;"

and one daughter is maried, and hath a child; so their increase is 10.


Edward Fuller and his wife dyed soon after they came •4• ashore; but their sone Samuell is living, and maried, and

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hath 4 children or more.5


John Turner and his 2. sones all dyed in the first siknes. But he hath a daugter still living at Salem, well maried, and approved of.

Snow; ELIZABETH, 1639, married Jonathan Higgins; JOHN, 1642; MARY, 1644; JAMES (1648-1678), married, 1670, Mary Paine; and others. N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., XLVIII. 71. 1 These children have not been identified. A John Rogers is believed to have been one of the sons.

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2 James Chilton probably came from Canterbury, where is a record of the baptism of daughter, Isabell, January 15, 1586-87. She is supposed to be the "Isabella Tgrilton" of the Leyden records, who married, July 22, 1615, Roger Chandler from Colchester. The second child MARY married, about 1627, John Winslow (1597-1674). Their children were: JOHN, married (1) Elizabeth and (2) Judith ———, and died in 1683; SUSANNAH, married, about 1649, Robert Latham; MARY (1630–1663), married, in 1651, Edward Gray; SARAH, married, in 1660, (1) Myles Standish, Jr., and died in 1726; Edward (1634-1682), married (1) Sarah Hilton; JOSEPH, married Sarah

-, and died in 1679; SAMUEL (1641-1680), married Hannah Briggs; ISAAC (16441670), married, in 1666, Mary Nowell; and Benjamin (1653-1676). The will of Mary Chilton is in the files of Suffolk County Register of Probate, and is reproduced in Mayflower Descendant, 1. 65.

3 Susannah Latham and her daughter MERCY, born June 2, 1650.

4 Ann

He married, April, 1635, Jane, daughter of John Lothrop, and died October 31, 1683. His will and inventory are in Mayflower Descendant, 11. 237. Their children were: HANNAH, married, 1659, Nicholas Bonham; SAMUEL, born 1638, married Anna Fuller; SARAH, born 1641, and died young; MARY, born 1644, married Joseph Williams; and others.

Francis Eeaton his first wife 1 dyed in the generall sicknes; and he maried againe, and his 2. wife dyed, and he maried .3. and had by her 3 children. One of them is maried, 4. the and hath a child; the other are living, but one of them is an ideote. He dyed about 16. years agoe.

His sone Samuell, who came over a sucking child, is allso maried, and hath a child."

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Moyses Fletcher, Thomas Williams, Digerie Preist, John Goodman, Edmond Margeson, Richard Britterige, Richard Clarke. All these dyed sone after their arivall, in the generall sicknes that befell. But Digerie Preist had his wife and children sent hither afterwards, she being Mr. Allertons sister.^ But the rest left no posteritie here.

Richard Gardinar became a seaman, and died in England,

or at sea.

Gilbert Winslow, after diverse years aboad here, returned into England, and dyed ther.


Peter Browne maried twise. By his first wife he had .2. children, who are living, and both of them maried, and the one of them hath 2 children; by his second wife he had 2. more.' He dyed about 16 years since.


1 Her name was Sarah

? The name of the second wife is not known; that of the third was Christian Penn. By his first wife he had SAMUEL, married, before 1647, Elizabeth, and, in 1661, Martha Billington. His inventory is in Mayflower Descendant, 11. 172; Rachel, married, in 1646, Daniel Ramsden, and had a son, DANIEL, born September, 1649. And by his third wife BENJAMIN, born about 1627, and married, in 1660, Sarah Hoskins.

Not identified.

Two daughters, MARY, married Phinehas Pratt; and SARAH, married John Coombs, are named.

5 Martha, supposed to be widow of is in the Mayflower Descendant, 1. 79; v. 29.

• Two daughters of Peter Browne by his first wife were MARY and PRISCILLA. Mary married, before 1647, Ephraim Tinkham, and of her children EPHRAIM alone was born before 1651. Priscilla married, in 1650, William Allen.

"The name of his second wife was Mary, and a son PETER is given.

Ford. The inventory of Browne's estate

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Thomas English and John Allerton dyed in the generall siknes.

John Alden maried with Priscila, Mr. Mollines his doughter, and had issue by her as is before related.1

Edward Doty and Edward Litster, the servants of Mr. Hopkins. Litster, after he was at liberty, went to Virginia, and ther dyed. But Edward Doty by a second wife hath ·7. children, and both he and they are living.2

Of these 100 persons which came first over in this first ship together, the greater halfe dyed in the generall mortality; and most of them in 2. or three monthes time. And for those which survi[v]ed, though some were ancient and past procreation, and others left the place and cuntrie, yet of those few remaining are sprunge up above 160 persons, in this 30 years, and are now living in this presente year, 1650 besides many of their children which are dead, and come not within this account.

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And of the old stock (of one and other) ther are yet living this present year, 1650. nere 30 persons. Let the Lord have the praise, who is the High Preserver of men.


1 The children were: 1. ELIZABETH (1622-23-1717), married, 1644, William Pabodie (1620-1707). They had five children before 1651: John, Elizabeth, Mary, Mercy and Martha. 2. JOHN (1625-26-1702), married Elizabeth. 3. JOSEPH (1627-1697), married Mary Symonson. His will is in N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., LII. 362. 4. SARAH (c. 1629-1687), married Alexander Standish. 5. JONATHAN (163233-1697-98), married, 1672, Abigail Hallett. 6. RUTH (c. 1636-1674), married John Bass. 7. ZACHARIAH, married Mary. 8. MARY (c. 1643- ), married Thomas Delano. 9. DAVID (1646–1719), married Mary Southworth. See N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., LII. and LV.

• Edward Dotey married, in 1635, as is supposed for his second wife, FAITH, daughter of Tristram Clark. He died in August, 1655, and the will and inventory are in Mayflower Descendant, 111. 87. Their children were: EDWARD, married, in 1663, Sarah, daughter of John Faunce, and died, 1690; JOHN, married, about 1667, Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Cooke, and died 1701; DESIRE, married, in 1677, William Sherman; THOMAS, married Mary; SAMUEL; ISAAC, born 1648; Joseph and others. But see Savage, 11. 62, and Mayflower Descendant, vi. 245.

1 Twelfe persons liveing of the old stock this present yeare, 1679.

Two persons liveing that came over in the first shipe 1620, this present yeare, 1690. Resolved White and Mary Chusman,' the daughter of Mr. Alderton.

And John Cooke, the son of Frances Cooke, that came in the first ship, is still liveing this present yeare, 1694; and Mary Cushman is still liveing, this present yeare, 1698.

1 The following memoranda are in a later hand.
Obviously, intended for Cushman.

The Bradford Manuscripts


HE manuscript "History of Plimoth Plantation" by Governor William Bradford was certainly in his hands. until the year 1651. On his death it passed to his son, Major William Bradford (1624-1704), and from him to his son, Major John Bradford (1653-1736).1 On one of the blank leaves at the commencement of the volume is found the following note: "This book was rit by Goefner William Bradford and gifen to his son mager William Bradford and by him to his son mager John Bradford. Rit by me Samuel Bradford Mach 20, 1705 [-06].” While the manuscript was with Major William Bradford it was freely used by Nathaniel Morton, when compiling his New Englands Memoriall, published in 1669.

On the publication of the Memoriall some of the Plymouth Church expressed their opinion that Morton had been "too sparing and short" on the ecclesiastical affairs of the plantation, and he prepared "something more particular" relating to the Church of Plymouth. Soon after its completion this was loaned "to a reverend friend at Boston, where it was burned in the first fire that was so destructive to Boston, in November, 1676." The reverend friend was Increase Mather, whose church, house and library (in part), were lost in the fire. From what Mather writes in his Relation of the Troubles which have hapned in New England, printed in 1677, he had seen also the original History, for he says: "I have read a large Manuscript of Governour Bradfords (written with his own hand) being expressive of what the first planters in this country met with ... from the year 1620. to the year 1647."2 Morton's sum

1 See N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., IV. 39.

Relation, To the Reader. Mather had relations with William Bradford, the younger, of whom he obtained materials on Indian affairs.

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