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John Allerton and Thomas Enlish were both hired, the later to goe msaste]r of a shalop here, and the other was re•2• puted as one of the company, but was to go back (being a sea

man) for the help of others behind. But they both dyed here, before the shipe returned.

There were allso other .2. seamen hired to stay a year ·2· here in the country, William Trevore, and one Ely. But when their time was out, they both returned.

These, bening aboute a hundred sowls, came over in this first ship; and began this worke, which God of his goodnes hath hithertoo blesed; let his holy name have the praise.

And seeing it hath pleased him to give me to see .30. years com

pleated since these beginings; and that the great works of his providence are to be observed, I have thought it notunworthy my paines to take a view of the decreasings and increasings of these persons, and such changes as hath pased over them and theirs, in this thirty years. It may be of some use to such as come after; but, however, I shall rest in my owne benefite.'

I will therfore take them in order as they lye.

Mr. Caruer and his wife dyed the first year; he in the spring, she in the sommer;2 also, his man Roger (Wilder), and the litle boy Jasper [More] dyed before either of them, of the commone infection. Desire Minter returned to her freinds, and proved not very well, and dyed in England. His servant boy Latham, after more then 20. years stay in the country, went into England, and from thence to the Bahamy Ilands

in the West Indies, and ther, with some others, was starved 1 In the following notes an attempt has been made to give the names of those referred to in Bradford's “View,” which would include the passengers of the Mayflower and their increase to the year 1650. A perfect list cannot be compiled, nor is the material available sufficient to give a full genealogical record.

? See vol. 1. p. 216.

for want of food. His maid servant maried, and dyed a year or tow after, here in this place. His servant, John Howland, maried the doughter of John Tillie, Elizabeth, and they are

both now living, and have · 10. children, now all living; and •15. their eldest daughter hath .4. children. And ther .2.

daughter,one, all living;+andotherof their children mariagable. So . 15. are come of them.

Mr. Brewster lived to very old age; about ·80. years he was when he dyed, having lived some ·23. or · 24. years here in the countrie; and though his wife dyed long before, yet she

dyed aged. His sone Wrastle dyed a yonge man unmaried; · He died February 23, 1672–73, and his will and inventory are in Mayflower Descendant, II. 70. His widow died December 21, 1687, aged 80, and her will is in

Ib. III. 54.

· These children were: DESIRE, married, 1643, John Gorham, and died late in 1683. The inventory of her estate is in Mayflower Descendant, IV. 217. John, born 1626, married October 26, 1651, Mary, daughter of Robert Lee. JABEZ, married Bethiah and died about 1712. Inventory in Ib. vii. 199. Hope, born 1629, married John Chipman, and died January 8, 1683-84. JOSEPH, married, 1664, Elizabeth Southworth, and died January, 1703-04. Will and inventory in Ib. vi. 86. ISAAC, married Elizabeth, daughter of George Vaughan, and died March 9, 1723–24. Will in lb. vi. 147. ELIZABETH, married July 10, 1651, John Dickinson. LYDIA, married James Brown. Will and inventory in Ib. vii. 163. RUTH, married, 1664, Thomas Cushman, and died in following year. Hannah, married Bosworth.

3 Desire Howland, married, 1643, John Gorham, and had Desire, born April 2, 1644; married John Hawes; TEMPERANCE, born May 5, 1646; ELIZABETH, born April 2, 1648; JAMES, born April, 1650, and others. Savage, Genealogical Dictionary, II. 281; Davis, Landmarks, 121.

• Hope Howland married John Chipman, and had ELIZABETH, born June 24, 1647, and others. Savage and Davis.

5 On Brewster's death, see p. 342 supra. His wife, Mary, died at New Plymouth, April 17, 1627. Their children were JONATHAN (1593-1679), married April 10, 1624. Lucretia Oldham, of Darby, supposed to be a sister of John Oldham. PATIENCE c-1634), married, in 1624, Thomas Prence (1600–1673). FEAR ( -1634), married Isaac Allerton,q.0. -, died at Leyden, June 20, 1609. Love ( -1650), married in 1634 Sarah, daughter of William Collier of Duxbury. After his death she married Richard Parke or Parks. WRESTLING.

1 Name is unknown.

·4· his sone Love lived till this year 1650. and dyed, and left .4:

children, now living. His doughters which came over after him are dead, but have left sundry children alive;' his eldest

sone is still liveing, and hath .9.3 or 10. children; one ·2· maried, who hath a child or .2.4

Richard More his brothers dyed the first winter; but he is ·4· maried, and hath •4. or.5. children, all living.

Mr. Ed: Winslow his wife dyed the first winter;' and he ·2· maried with the widow of Mr. White, and hath :2. children

living by her marigable, besides sundry that are dead. 8 1 The children of Love Brewster were: SARAH, married Benjamin Bartlett. NATHANIEL, married Sarah — William (1645-1723), married, in 1673, Lydia, daughter of George and Sarah Partridge. WRESTLING ( -1697), married Mary — His will and inventory are in Mayflower Descendant, 11. 203.

? Fear left one son, Isaac ALLERTON, and Patience left five, the names, according to Savage were, THOMAS, REBECCA, HANNAH, MERCY and Sarah.

3 The children of Jonathan Brewster were: WILLIAM, born 1626, married Mary Peime (?) of London, and may have removed to England. MARY, born 1627, married November, 1645, John Turner of Scituate. JONATHAN, born 1629. RUTH (1631-1677) married, in 1651, John Pickett of New London. BENJAMIN (1633-1710), married, in 1660, Ann Darte. ELIZABETH, born 1637, married, in 1653, Peter Bradley of New London. GRACE (1639-1684), married, in 1659, Daniel Wetherell of New London (1630-1719). Hannah, born in 1641, married Samuel Starr of New London.

• John Turner had four children born before 1651: JONATHAN (1646), JOSEPH (1647), JOSEPH (1648) and EZEKIEL (1650). Deane, Scituate, 360.

6 Even the surname of this brother is unknown. Richard Moore may be the person whose deposition is printed in N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., L. 203: “The Deposition of Richard Moore Senr, aged seaventy yeares or thereabouts. Sworn saith that being in London att the House of Mr. Thomas Weston Iron monger in the year 1620. He was from thence transported to New Plymouth in New England." This, if the date is correctly given, would make him about seven years of age when he came to New Plymouth.

& The name of his first wife was Christian Hunt, who died in March, 1677, aged 60 years; that of his second, Jane, daughter of Richard Hollingsworth. He had a son CALEB, and a daughter, SUSANNA, who married Samuel Dutch. Mayflower Descendant, ill. 193.

? Elizabeth Barker, to whom he was betrothed in Leyden, April 27, 1618.

8 He married in 1621 Susanna, widow of William White. Children: ELIZABETH, married Robert Brooks; JOSIAH (1629–1683), married, in 1651, Penelope, daughter of Herbert Pelham.

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One of his servants dyed,' as also the litle girle,” soone .8. after the ships arivall. But his man, Georg Sowle, is still

living, and hath .8. children.3 •4: and he maried againe; and hath ·4· children, -3. wherof are

William Bradford“ his wife dyed soone after their arivall; 5 maried.

Mr. Allerton his wife dyed with the first, and his servant, John Hooke. His sone Bartle 8 is maried in England, but I know not how many children he hath. His doughter Remem

ber is maried at Salem, and hath -3. or ·4· children living.' .8. And his doughter Maryismaried here, and hath .4. children.10

1 Elias Story

Ellen Moore, sister of Richard Moore.

George Soule married Mary Becket. His will and inventory are in Mayflower Descendant, 11. 81. Children: George, married Deborah and died in 1704. His will is in Ib. vii. 211. She died about 1709. ZACHARIAH (1627–1663), married Margaret. The inventory of estate is in Ib. v. 110. JOHN (1632-с. 1707), married Esther - Inventory of estate is in Ib. iv. 159. NATHANIEL, married Rose and died before 1699. The settlement of estate is in Ib. vii. 72. BENJAMIN. Patience, married John Haskell. ELIZABETH, married Francis Walker. Mary, married John Peterson.

• Who died 9 of May, 1655. - An entry on the ms. in another hand. • Dorothy, daughter of Henry May. See N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., L. 462.

. He married, in 1623, Alice Carpenter, daughter of Alexander Carpenter, and widow of Edward Southworth. By his first wife he had John, married Martha, daughter of Thomas and Martha Bourne, and died in 1678, without issue. By his second wife Governor Bradford had: William (1624-1704), married (1) Alice, daughter of Thomas and Welthean Richards, of Weymouth. His will and inventory are in Mayflower Descendant, iv. 143. MERCY, born in 1627, and married, in 1648, Benjamin Vermayes, of Boston. JOSEPH (1630-1715), married, in 1664, Jael, daughter of Rev. Peter Hobart of Hingham. Papers on his will are in Mayflower Descendant, v. 217.

7 Mary Norris, of Newbury, Berks., whom he married at Leyden, November 4, 1611.

8 Bartholomew, born in Holland about 1612.

• She married Moses Maverick. Savage gives the names of six children born before 1650:Rebecca, baptized August, 1639; MARY, 1641-1656; ABIGAIL, 1645; ELIZABETH, 1646, and died young; SAMUEL, 1647; and ELIZABETH, 1649.

10 Mary (1616–1699), married, in 1635-36, Elder Thomas Cushman, whose will is in

Him selfe maried againe with the doughter of Mr. Brewster,
and hath one sone living by her, but she is long since dead.
And he maried againe,” and hath left this place long agoe.
So I account his increase to be .8. besides his sons in England.

Mr. Fuller his servant dyed at sea;3 and after his wife •2• came over, he had tow children by her, which are living and growne up to years; but he dyed some · 15. years agoe.

John Crakston dyed in the first mortality;5 and about some ·5. or.6. years after, his sone dyed; having lost him selfe in the wodes, his feet became frosen, which put him into a feavor, of which he dyed.

Captain Standish 6 his wife dyed in the first sicknes,' and ·4· he maried againe, & and hath .4. sones liveing, and some are dead.

Mr. Martin, he and all his, dyed in the first infection; not long after the arivall.9

the Cushman Genealogy, 91. The four children were: THOMAS (1637-1726) who married (1) Ruth, daughter of John Howland; SARAH, married John Hawks of Lynn; LYDIA, married William Harlow, Jr.; ISAAC (1648-1732), married Mary Rickard.

1 Fear Brewster, who died December 1, 1634. The son was Isaac, born in 1630, and removed to Virginia. His will is in Mayflower Descendant, vii. 173.

2 The name of his third wife was Joanna, who lived until 1682. Isaac Allerton died in 1659. His will and inventory are in Mayflower Descendant, 11. 155. On Allerton, see N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., VIII. 265; XLIV. 290.

3 William Butten.

• He died in 1633. His wife Bridget Lee was his third wife. Dexter, The England and Holland of the Pilgrims, 615. Their children were: SAMUEL, married Elizabeth and died in 1695. The settlement of the estate is in Mayflower Descendant, v. 65. MERCY, married, 1650, Ralph James.

s He came to Leyden from Colchester, with daughter Anna, who married Thomas Smith. Dexter, 610.

6 Who dyed 3. of Octob. 1655. — An entry on the ms. in another hand. 7 Her name was Rose.

8 Barbara. Their children were: ALEXANDER, married Sarah, daughter of John Alden; Myles, married Sarah, daughter of John Winslow; Jostah, married, in 1654, Mary, daughter of John Dingley; CHARLES; LORAH; and John.

• He came from Billerica in Essex.

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