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know that their men already sent to Uncass (and other wher sent forth) have hitherto had express order only to stand upon his and their owne defence, and not to attempte any invasion of the Narigansetts country; and yet if they may have due reperation for what is past, and good securitie for the future, it shall appear they are as desirous of peace, and shall be as tender of the Narigansets blood as ever. If therefore Pessecuss, Innemo, with other sachemes, will (without further delay) come along with you to Boston, the comissioners doe promise and assure them, they shall have free liberty to come, and retourne without molestation or any just greevance from the English. But deputies will not now serve, nor may the preparations in hand be now stayed, or the directions given recalled, till the forementioned sagamores come, and some further order be taken. But if they will have nothing but warr, the English are providing, and will proceede accordingly.

Pessecouss, Mixano, and Witowash, •3• principall sachems of the Narigansett Indeans, and Amasequen, deputie for the Nyanticks, with a large traine of men, within a few days after came to Boston.

And to omitte all other circomstances and debates that past betweene them and the comissioners, they came to this conclusion following. [267]

1.” It was agreed betwixte the comissioners of the United Collonies, and the forementioned sagamores, and Niantick deputie, that the said Narigansets and Niantick sagamores should pay or cause to be payed at Boston, to the Massachusets comissioners, the full sume of · 2000 · fathome of good white wampame, or a third parte of black wampampeage, in •4: payments; namely, . 500• fathome within • 20. days, .500• fathome within ·4· months, . 500• fathome at or before next planting time, and . 500• fathome within 2. years next after the date

None of these Indians came into close relations with New Plymouth. • This is the third paragraph in the articles of peace as given in Plymouth Col. Rec., IX. 45, and all following paragraphs are numbered accordingly.

of these presents; which.2000 fathome the comissioners accepte for satisfaction of former charges expended.

2. The foresaid sagamores and deputie (on the behalfe of the Narigansett and Niantick Indeans) hereby promise and covenante that they (will] upon demand and profe satisfie and restore unto Uncass, the Mohigan sagamore, all shuch captives, whether men, or women, or children, and all shuch canoowes, as they or any of their men have taken, or as many of their owne canowes in the roome of them, full as good as they were, with full satisfaction for all shuch corne as they or any of theire men have spoyled or destroyed, of his or his mens, since last planting time; and the English comissioners hereby promise that Uncass shall doe the like.

3. Wheras ther are sundry differences and greevances betwixte Narigansett and Niantick Indeans, and Uncass and his men, (which in Uncass his absence cannot now be detirmined,) it is hearby agreed that Nariganset and Niantick sagamores either come them selves, or send their deputies to the next meeting of the commissioners for the collonies, either at New-Haven in Sep[tember), 1646, or sooner (upon conveniente warning, if the said comissioners doe meete sooner), fully instructed to declare and make due proofe of their injuries, and to submite to the judgmente of the comissioners (for the United Colonies), in giving or receiving satisfaction; and the said comissioners (not doubting but Uncass will either come him selfe, or send his deputies, in like maner furnished) promising (promise) to give a full hearing to both parties with equall justice, without any partiall respects, according to their allegations and profse (promises).

4. The said Narigansett and Niantick sagamores and deputies ? doe hearby promise and covenante to keep and maintaine a firme and perpetuall peace, both with all the English United Colonies and their successors, and with Uncass, the Monhegan sachem, and his men; with Ossamequine, Pumham, Sokananoke, Cutshamakin, Shoanan, Passaconaway, and all other Indean sagamores, and their companies, who are in freindship with or subjecte to any of the English; hearby

1 Both Bradford and the Plymouth Col. Rec. use the plural “ deputies," although only one deputy of the Nianticks was present.


ingaging them selves, that they will not at any time hearafter disturbe the peace of the cuntry, by any assaults, hostile attempts, invasions, or other injuries, to any of the Unnited Collonies, or their successors; or to the afforesaid Indeans; either in their persons, buildings, catle, or goods, directly or indirectly; nor will they confederate with any other against them; and if they know of any Indeans or others that conspire or in

RAV of tend hurt against the said English, or any Indeans subjecte to or in freindship with them, they will without delay acquainte

оазенон and give notice thereof to the English SOCANONOKET, SACHEM Commissioners, or some of them.

Or [and] if any questions or differences shall at any time hereafter arise or grow betwext them and Uncass, or any Endeans before mentioned, they will, according to former ingagments (which they hearby confirme and ratifie) first acquainte the English, and crave their judgments and advice therin; and will not attempte or begine any warr, or hostille invasion, till they have liberty and alowance from the comissioners of the United Collonies so to doe.

5. The said Narigansets and Niantick sagamores and deputies doe hearby promise that they will forthwith deliver and restore all such Indean fugitives, or captives which have at any time fled from any of the English, and are now living or abiding (with or] amongst them, or give due satisfaction for them to the comissioners for the Massachusets; and further, that they will (without more delays) pay, or cause to be payed, a yearly tribute, a month before (Indian) harvest, every year after this, at Boston, to the English Colonies, for all shuch Pequents as live amongst them, according to the former treaty and agreemente, made at Hartford, · 1638. namly, one fathome of white wampam for every Pequente man, and halfe a fathume for each Pequente youth, and one hand length (of wampum) for each mal-child. And if Weequashcooke refuse to pay this tribute for any Pequents with him, the Narigansetts sagamores promise to assiste the English against him. And they further covenante that they will resigne and yeeld up the whole Pequente cuntrie, and every parte of it, to the English collonies, as due to them by conquest.

6. The said Narigansett and Niantick sagamores and deputie doe hereby promise and covenante that within 14 days they will bring and deliver to the Massachusetts comissioners on the behalfe of (all) the collonies, (268) foure of their children, viz. Pessecous his eldest sonn, the sone [of] Tassaquanawite, brother to Pessecouss, Awashawe his sone, and Ewangsos sone, a Niantick, to be kepte (as hostages and pledges) by the English, till both the forementioned • 2000. fathome of wampam be payed at the times appoynted, and the differences betweexte themselves and Uncass be heard and ordered, and till these artickles (of agreement) be under writen at Boston, by Ienemo and Wipetock. And further they hereby promise and covenante, that if at any time hearafter any of the said children shall make escape, or be conveyed away from the English, before the premisses be fully accomplished, they will either bring back and deliver to the Massachusett comissioners the same children, or, if they be not to be founde, shuch and so many other children, to be chosen by the comissioners for the United Collonies, or their assignes, and that within • 20• days after demand, and in the mean time, untill the said. 4. children be delivered as hostages, the Narigansett and Niantick sagamores and deputy doe, freely and of their owne accorde, leave with the Massachusett comissioners, as pledges for presente securitie, •4 · Indeans, namely, Witowash, Pumanise (Pumamse), Jawashoe, Waughwamino, who allso freely consente, and offer them selves to stay as pledges, till the said children be brought and delivered as abovesaid.

7. The comissioners for the United Collonies doe hereby promise and agree that, at the charge of the United Collonies, the 4. Indeans now left as pledges shall be provided for, and that the.4. children to be brought and delivered as hostages shall be kepte and maintained at the same charge; that they will require Uncass and his men, with all other Indean sagamores before named, to forbear all acts of hostilitie againste the Narigansetts and Niantick Indeans for the future. And further, all the premises being duly observed and kept by the Narigansett and Niantick Indians and their company, they will at the

end of •2• years restore the said children delivered as hostiages, and retaine a firme peace with the Narigansets and Nianticke Indeans and their successours.

8. It is fully agreed by and betwixte the said parties, that if any hostile attempte be made while this treaty is in hand, or before notice of this agreemente (to stay further (former) preparations and directions) can be given, shuch attempts and the consequenets therof shall on neither parte be accounted a violation of this treaty, nor a breach of the peace hear made and concluded.

9. The Narigansets and Niantick sagamores and deputie hereby agree and covenante to and with the comissioners of the United Collonies, that henceforth they will neither give, grante, sell, or in any maner alienate, any parte of their countrie, nor any parcell of land therin, either to any of the English or others, without consente or allowance of the (said] commissioners.

10. Lastly, they promise that, if any Pequente or other be found and discovered amongst them who hath in time of peace murdered any of the English, he or they shall be delivered to just punishmente.

In witness wherof the parties above named have interchaingablie subscribed these presents, the day and year above writen.

John WinthROP, President. PESSEcouss his mark

MEEKESANO his mark

WITOWASH his mark ccc John Browne.

AUMSEQUEN his mark w Geo: FENWICK.

the Niantick deputy. EDWA: HOPKINS.

ABDAs his mark of O THEOPH: EATON.

Pummash his mark cmy.comy STEVEN GOODYEARE.

CUTCHAMAKIN his marko This treaty and agreemente betwixte the comissioners of the United Collonies and the sagamores and deputy of Narrigansets and Nian

· A comparison of the marks thus entered for the Indians with those in the Plymouth Col. Rec., IX. 48, shows that the imitation is crude and in neither instance can be taken as genuine representations of the signs. Gorton also gives the marks of Pessacus and Mixano in his Simplicities Defence. The Colony Records do not give the names of the English signers.

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