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came to be past away in parte of paymente, after the agreemente, she would be accepted but at 4/i. 155. [238] Also, being tender of their oaths, they brought in all they knew owing to the stock; but they had not made the like diligente search what the stocke might owe to any, so as many scattering debts fell upon afterwards more then now they knew of.

Upon this they drew certaine articles of agreemente betweene Mr. Atwode, on Mr. Sherleys behalfe, and them selves. The effecte is as folloeth.

Articles of agreemente made and concluded upon the 15. day of October, 1641. etc.

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Imp[rimis]: Wheras ther was a partnership for diverce years agreed upon betweene James Sherley, John Beacham, and Richard Andrews, of London, marchants, and William Bradford, Edward Winslow, Thomas Prence, Myles Standish, William Brewster, John Alden, and John Howland, with Isaack Allerton, in a trade of beaver skines and other furrs arising in New England; the terme of which said partnership being expired, and diverse summes of money in goods adventured into New-England by the said James Sherley, John Beachamp, and Richard Andrews, and many large returnes made from New-England by the said William Bradford, Ed: Winslow, etc.; and differance arising aboute the charge of 2. ships, the one called the White Angele, of Bristow, and the other the Frindship, of Barnstable, and a viage intended in her, etc.; which said ships and their viages, the said William Bradford, Ed: W. etc. conceive doe not at all appertaine to their accounts of partnership; and weras the accounts of the said partnership are found to be confused, and cannot orderley appeare (through the defaulte of Josias Winslow, the booke keeper); and weras the said W. B. etc. have received all their goods for the said trade from the foresaid James Sherley, and have made most of their returnes to him, by consente of the said John Beachamp and Richard Andrews; and wheras also the said James Sherley hath given power and authoritie to Mr. John Atwode, with the advice and con


sente of William Collier, of Duxborow, for and on his behalfe, to put shuch an absolute end to the said partnership, with all and every accounts, reconings, dues, claimes, demands, whatsoever, to the said James Sherley, John Beacham, and Richard Andrews, from the said W. B. etc. for and concerning the said beaver trade, and also the charge the said 2. ships, and their viages made or pretended, whether just or unjuste, from the worlds begining to this presente, as also for the paimente of a purchas of 1800li. made by Isaack Allerton, for and on the behalfe of the said W. B., Ed: W., etc., and of the joynt stock, shares, lands, and adventures, what soever in New-England aforesaid, as apeareth by a deede bearing date the 6. Nov'br 1627; and also for and from shuch sume and sumes of money or goods as are received by William Bradford, Tho: Prence, and Myles Standish, for the recovery of dues, by accounts betwexte them, the said James Sherly, John Beachamp, and Richard Andrews, and Isaack Allerton, for the ship caled the White Angell. Now the said John Attwode, with advice and counsell of the said William Collier, having had much comunication and spente diverse days in agitation of all the said differances and accounts with the said W. B., E. W., etc.; and the said W. B., E. W., etc. have also, with the said book-keeper spente much time in collecting and gathering togeither the remainder of the stock of partnership for the said trade, and what soever hath beene received, or is due by the said attorneyship before expresed, and all, and all manner of goods, debts, and dues therunto belonging, as well those debts that are weake and doubtfull [239] and desperate, as those that are more secure, which in all doe amounte to the sume of 1400li. or ther aboute; and for more full satisfaction of the said James Sherley, John Beachamp, and Richard Andrews, the said W. B. and all the rest of the abovesaid partners, togeither with Josias Winslow the booke-keeper, have taken a voluntarie oath, that within the said sume of 1400li. or theraboute, is contained what soever they know, to the utmost of their rememberance.

In consideration of all which matters and things before expressed, and to the end that a full, absolute, and finall end may be now made, and all suits in law may be avoyded, and love and peace continued, it is therfore agreed and concluded betweene the said John Attwode,

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with the advice and consent of the said William Colier, for and on the behalfe of the said James Sherley, to and with the said W. B., etc. in maner and forme following: viz. that the said John Attwode shall procure a sufficiente release and discharge, under the hands and seals of the said James Sherley, John Beachamp, and Richard Andrews, to be delivered fayer and unconcealed unto the said William Bradford, etc., at or before the last day of August, next insuing the date hereof, whereby the said William Bradford, etc., their heires, executors, and administrators, and every of them shall be fully and absolutly aquited and discharged of all actions, suits, reconings, accounts, claimes, and demands whatsoever concerning the generall stock of beaver trade, paymente of the said 1800li. for the purchass, and all demands, reckonings, and accounts, just or unjuste, concerning the tow ships Whit-Angell and Frendship aforesaid, togeather with what soever hath been received by the said William Bradford, of the goods or estate of Isack Allerton, for satisfaction of the accounts of the said ship called the Whit Angele, by vertue of a letter of attourney to him, Thomas Prence, and Myles Standish, directed from the said James Sherley, John Beachamp, and Richard Andrews, for that purpose as afforesaid.1

It is also agreed and concluded upon betweene the said parties to these presents, that the said W. B., E. W., etc. shall now be bound in 2400li. for paymente of 1200li. in full satisfaction of all demands as afforesaid; to be payed in maner and forme following; that is to say, 400li. within 2 months next after the receite of the aforesaid releases and discharges, one hundred and ten pounds wherof is allready in the hands of John Winthrop senior of Boston, Esquire, by the means of Mr. Richard Andrews afforesaid, and 8oli. waight of beaver now deposited into the hands of the said John Attwode, to be both in part of



'12 (3) 1646. Isaac Allerton for himself his heires execut. and administr: did Ratifie whatsoever Mr. Wm. Bradford Edw Winslowe and Capt Miles Standish Agents for Mr. Sherley Mr. Andrews and Mr. Beecham have done or hereafter shalbe done about the sale of any lands or goods and Cattle formerly his in propriety: provided they do cleerly acquitt him from all debts and demands due from the said Isaac Allerton to the said Mr. Sherley, Andrewes and Beecham and this was by him done the xiith (3) [May] 1646.” Aspinwall, Notarial Records, 21.

paimente of the said 400li. and the other 800li. to be payed by 200li. per annume, to shuch assignes as shall be appointed, inhabiting either in Plimoth or Massachusetts Bay, in shuch goods and comodities, and at shuch rates, as the countrie shall afford at the time of delivery and paymente; and in the mean time the said bond of 2400li. to be deposited into the hands of the said John Attwode. And it is agreed upon by and betweene the said parties to these presents, that if the said John Attwode shall not or cannot procure shuch said releases and discharges as afforesaid from the said James Sherley, John B[e]achamp, and Richard Andrews, at or before the last day of August next insuing the date hear of, that then the said John Attwode shall, at the said day precisely, redeliver, or cause to [240] be delivered unto the said W. B., E. W., etc. their said bond of 2400li. and the said 8oli. waight of beaver, or the due valew therof, without any fraud or further delay; and for performance of all and singuler the covenants and agreements hearin contained and expressed, which on the one parte and behalfe of the said James Sherley are to be observed and performed, shall become bound in the summe of 2400li. to them, the said William Bradford, Edward Winslow, Thomas Prence, Myles Standish, William Brewster, John Allden, and John Howland. And it is lastly agreed upon betweene the said parties, that these presents shall be left in trust, to be kepte for boath parties, in the hands of Mr. John Reanour, teacher of Plimoth. In witnes wherof, all the said parties have hereunto severally sett their hands, the day and year first above writen.

In the presence of






The nexte year this long and tedious bussines came to some issue, as will then appeare, though not to a finall ende with all the parties; but this much for the presente.

I had forgoten to inserte in its place how the church here had





Mr. Charles Chancy

formerly Minister of Ware

Wherein is proved the unlawfulneffe and dan ger of Rayling in Altars or Communion Tables, Written with his own hand before his going to New England, in the yeer, 1637.

Published by his own direction for the fatis faction of all fuch who either are, or justly might bee offended with his fcandalous fubmiffion, made before the High Commission Court Feb. 11. Anno, 863 5.

London, Printed 1641.

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