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Par 18, 25


Business leagues, exempt_----
Buying and holding mineral and timber lands, doing business.---
Buying machinery, doing business -------
Buying materials, doing business_
Buying and selling securities and other property, doing business.--

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30, 32

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Capital stock, defined.-------
Carrying on or doing business :

Activities of new corporation ----
Basis of decision in doubtful cases.-
Illustrations of_----
Maintaining organization for future activities, constitutes------
Presumption of_-
Requisite amount of business to constitute.-------

Significance of term-------
Cemetery companies, exempt_

18, 24 Chambers of commerce, exempt------

18, 25 Civic leagues, exempt--

18, 25 Claims for exemption--

, 30, 32 Claims for refund, limitation of.

--- 43 Olaims of not doing business, how supported Corporation, defined -

2,3 Corporations, exempt_

------- 18, 19, 20, 80 Collection by distraint----

Collector, defined -
Collectors of internal revenue:

Authority to seize property--
Authority to collect tax, penalty and interest.

May make return, when------
Commissioner, defined--------
Commissioner authorized to summon witnesses.
Commissioner to decide claims for exemption --
Commissioner may make return, when.
Community chests, exempt---

-----------Common law trusts_--------

---Computation of tax:

Domestic corporations

Foreign corporations.
Controlling factors of :

Other organizations_-----

Cooperative banks, exempt---
Corporations :

Application of law to----
Domestic defined---------

Foreign defined.--------
Oredit unions, exempt--------

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Date of the allowance of the refund, defined ---------------
Date of original declaration of value-----

--- 10, 11




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Definitions :

Additional assessment-
Capital stock-----
Collector ---
Corporation --
Date of the allowance of the refund.------
Domestic corporation------
First return.-
Foreign corporation------
Income-tax taxable year---
Net income
Original declared value_-
Parent corporation.-----
Shareholder ---




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Taxable year...

United States_.
Disclosures required on parent corporation return-----
Disclosures required on subsidiary corporation return----
Domestic building and loan associations, exempt------
Domestic corporations :

Application of law to------
Application of tax.-
Computation of tax.-----
Definition --
Exempt classes of--------
Not doing business.
Value of stock declared by -------

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Educational organizations, exempt ---
Effect of extension of filing date-----
Effective date of Act----
Evidence of exemption----------
Examination of books by Commissioner------
Examination of witnesses by Commissioner---
Exempt corporations :

Agricultural organizations--
Associations of employees------
Benevolent life insurance associations -
Boards of trade..
Business leagues.--
Community chests_--.
Chambers of commerce---
Civic leagues --
Clubs --------
Cemetery companies-----
Cooperative banks..


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18, 23 18,24 19, 27 18, 24 18, 23



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Hxempt corporations Continued.

Credit unions_-
Crop financing corporations---
Domestic building and loan associations.
Educational organizations.--
Farmers' cooperative associations_-
Fraternal associations_----
Fraternal beneficiary societies---------
Fraternal orders_-
Fruit growers' cooperative associations.---
Holding companies_-
Horticultural organizations.
Instrumentalities of the United States ---
Insurance companies.--
Labor organizations--------
Literary organizations,
Mutual ditch companies---
Mutual hail, cyclone, casualty, fire insurance companies.-----
Mutual Irrigation companies_
Mutual or cooperative telephone companies_
Mutual savings banks_---
Real estate boards.----
Reciprocal underwriters --
Religious organizations---
Scientific organizations_-------
Social welfare organizations------
Teachers' retirement fund associations_---

Voluntary employees' beneficiary associations_-----thxemption :

Claims for-
Commissioner decides question of_--
Domestic corporations not doing business.------
Evidence of_---

--------- 7,
Foreign corporations not doing business in United
Legislative propaganda defeats---
Procedure when claimed-----

Procedure when claim is rejected ----
Extensions of time for filing returns_---

19, 26 19, 26 19, 26 19, 26 18, 23


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---------- 20.30.


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Hallure to file return on time, penalty-------
Failure to pay tax after notice and demand, penalty----------
Failure or refusal to surrender property rights, penalty-
False claim, penalty for------
Farmers' cooperative associations, exempt--------
First return, defined_
Foreign corporations:

Carrying on or doing business in United States illustrated--------
Computation of tax.
Defined --


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Initial returns required of exempt corporations.----

--------- 21, 80, 81 Instrumentalities of the United States------

------ 20 Illustrations :

Carrying on or doing business -
Oarrying on or doing business in United States by foreign corpora-


Not carrying on or doing business. Income tax taxable year defined -----------


10 Inspection of returns

35, 36 Interest and penalties

87, 88, 39
Interest on refunds and credits_--
Interinsurers, exempt.
Internal revenue officers :

Authority to administer oaths---
Authority to take evidence---

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43, 44

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Michigan partnership associations---
Mutual ditch companies, exempt-----------
Mutual hail, cyclone, casualty, fire insurance companies, exempt-------
Mutual irrigation companies, exempt--------
Mutual or cooperative telephone companies..
Mutual savings banks, exempt_-

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Parent corporation, defined----
Parent corporation returns -----
Partnerships :

Application of law to_------
California special ----
Controlling factors of_-----
Defined -------
Distinguished from association
Illinois limited ----
Michigan, association
Michigan limited..
New York limited

Pennsylvania limited-
Payment of tax__-
Penalties and interest :

For failing or refusing to surrender property rights
For failure to file return_r-
For failure to file return on time_--
For failure to pay after notice and demand.---
For false claim.------------------------------------------------
If tax not paid when due_--

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