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made it shall have the effect to vacate and set aside the judgment. Any four justices may, either before or after judgment by a department, order a case to be heard in Bank. If the order be not made within the time above limited, the judgment shall be final. No judgment by a department shall become final until the expiration of the period of thirty days aforesaid, unless approved by the chief justice, in writing, with the concurrence of two associate justices. The chief justice may convene the court in Bank at any time, and shall be the presiding justice of the court when so convened. The concurrence of four justices present at the argument shall be necessary to pronounce a judgment in Bank; but if four justices, so present, do not concur in a judgment, then all the justices qualified to sit in the cause shall hear the argument; but to render a judgment, a concurrence of four judges shall be necessary. In the determination of causes, all decisions of the court in Bank or in departments shall be given in writing, and the grounds of the decision shall be stated. The chief justice may sit in either department, and shall preside when so sitting, but the justices assigned to each department shall elect one of their number as presiding justice. In case of the absence of the chief justice from the place at which the court is held, or his inability to act, the associate justices shall select one of their own number to perform the duties and exercise the powers of the chief justice during such absence or inability to acto


(Statutes 1885, page 161.) § 1. The Supreme Court of the State of California, immediately upon the taking effect of this act, shall appoint three persons of legal learning and personal worth, as commissioners of said court. It shall be the duty of said commissioners, under such rules and regulations as said court may adopt, to aid and assist the court in the performance of its duties, and in the disposition of the numerous causes now pending in said court undetermined. The said commissioners shall hold office for the term of four years from and after their appointment, during which time they shall not engage in the practice of the law. They shall each receive a salary equal to the salary of a judge of said court, payable at the same time and in the same manner. Before entering upon the discharge of their duties, they shall each take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California, and to faithfully discharge the duties of the office of commissioner of the Supreme Court to the best of their ability. The said court shall have power to remove any and all members of said commission at any time, by an order entered on the minutes of said court, and all vacancies in said commission shall be filled in like manner.



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W. E. GREENE....

Oakland, Alameda. E. M. GIBSON.

..Oakland, Alameda. NOBLE HAMILTON

.Oakland, Alameda. N. D. ARNOT....

Markleeville, Alpine. C. B. ARMSTRONG.

..Jackson, Amador. LEON D. FREER.

Oroville, Butte. C. V. GOTTSCHALK.

San Andreas, Calaveras. E. A. BRIDGFORD.

.Colusa, Colusa. JOSEPH P. JONES..

Martinez, Contra Costa. JAMES E. MURPHY. .Crescent City, Del Norte. GEORGE E. WILLIAMS. .Placerville, El Dorado. J. B. CAMPBELL.

..Fresno, Fresno. M. K. HARRIS..

.Fresno, Fresno. J. J. DE HAVEN...

Eureka, Humboldt. JOHN A. HANNAH.

Independence, Inyo. R. E. ARICK.....

.Bakersfield, Kern. RODNEY J. HUDSON.

.Lakeport, Lake. M. MARSTELLER..

Susanville, Lassen. WILLIAM A. CHENEY......Los Angeles, Los Angeles. WILLIAM P. GARDINER....Los Angeles, Los Angeles. A. W. HUTTON

.Los Angeles, Los Angeles H. K. S. O'MELVENEY. .Los Angeles, Los Angeles. E. B. MAHON....

. San Rafael, Marin. J. M. CORCORAN,

Mariposa, Mariposa. ROBERT MCGARVEY

.Ukiah, Mendocino. C. H. MARKS.

Merced, Merced. G. F. HARRIS.

Alturas, Modoc. 0. F. HAKES..

.Bridgeport, Mono. J. K. ALEXANDER.

.. Salinas City, Monterey. R. CROUCH....

..Napa City, Napa. J. M. WALLING.

.Nevada City, Nevada, B. F. MYERS...

.Auburn, Placer.

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...Quincy, Plumas. J. W. ARMSTRONG.

Sacramento, Sacramento. W. C. VAN FLEET.

Sacramento, Sacramento. JAMES F. BREEN.

.. Hollister, San Benito. JAMES A. GIBSON.

. . San Bernardino. HENRY M. WILLIS.

San Bernardino. EDWIN PARKER.

.San Diego, San Diego. JAMES V. COFFEY

.San Francisco. D. J. TOOHY.....

San Francisco. JAMES G. MAGUIRE...

. San Francisco. T. H. REARDEN.

San Francisco. D. J. MURPHY...

San Francisco. J. F. SULLIVAN...

.San Francisco. JOHN HUNT, Jr..

San Francisco. WALTER II. LEVY.

San Francisco. JOHN F. FINN..

San Francisco. W. T. WALLACE..

.San Francisco. T. K. WILSON.

San Francisco. F. W. LAWLER..

. San Francisco. F. T. BALDWIN.

Stockton, San Joaquin. J. G. SWINNERTON..

Stockton, San Joaquin. D. S. GREGORY....

....San Luis Obispo. E. F. HEAD..

.Redwood City, San Mateo. R. M. DILLARD.. Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara. JOHN REYNOLDS.

... San Jose, Santa Clara. F. E. SPENCER..

...San Jose, Santa Clara. F. J. McCANN.

Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz. AARON BELL.

.Redding, Shasta. F. D. SOWARD.

Downieville, Sierra. EDWIN SHEARER.

Yreka, Siskiyou. A. J. BUCKLES.

Fairfield, Solano. J. G. PRESSLEY

Santa Rosa, Sonoma. THOS. RUTLEDGE.

. Santa Rosa, Sonoma. W. O. MINOR.

. Modesto, Stanislaus. PHILLIP W. KEYSER...... Sutter and Yuba Counties. C. P. BRAYNARD.

.Red Bluff, Tehama. T. E. JONES....

Weaverville, Trinity. W. W. CROSS.

.. Visalia, Tulare. J. F. ROONEY.

. Sonora, Tuoluinne. B. T. WILLIAMS.

. San Buenaventura, Ventura. C. H. GAROUTTE.

Woodland, Yolo.

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