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office of recorder of deeds, filling of, 550.

offices of United States attorney and marshal, how filled, 189.

suits to enforce on real estate for unpaid purchase money, 95.

regulation as to anchorage of, in Potomar River, 895.

what are, 1020.


of insurance, forbidden, 656.

wife to unite in mortgage of exempt property, etc., 1106.

provisions with reference to, 1586-1588.

provisions affecting guardian and, 1123-1142.

appointment, term, etc., for jail, 1187.

guilty of embezzlement, when, 838.

lien of, when, etc., 1619.

to search suspected premises, when issued, 911.

covenant by grantor in deed conyeying real estate, effect of, 506.

right to fines and forfeitures not affected, etc., 48.

action by joint tenant or tenant in common for, 1622.

disposition of, taken from persons unlawfully carrying, 856.
offense of carrying, penalty, etc., 855.
permit to carry, when, etc., 855.
register to be kept of sales, etc., 857.
selling to minors forbidden, etc., 857.

permit for sale of, when, etc., 857.

lien for constructing, etc., 1259.

dower to be set aside before sale of estate, etc., 149.
WIFE (see also Married women)-

conveyance by husband in case of insanity or absence of, 1165.
husband may convey property to, 1152.
maiden name may be restored on divorce, 979.


maintenance of, may be ordered by court, 980.
may testify in proceedings for or against husband, 1068.
property of, exempt from husband's debts, 1151.

property rights of, etc., with respect to husband, 1151-1177.
admitted to probate, when, 134.

proof of execution necessary, 135.
appearance of persons interested in, at probate, 133.
appointment of trustee to sell lands under devise for paying debts, etc., 94.
bequests for religious, etc., purposes, when invalid, 1635.
caveat raising issues to be determined before probate of, etc., 136.
citation to issue on probate of, etc., 130.
copy of record as evidence, 1071.
devises, lapsed or void, effect of, 1631.
effect of devise of realty and personalty to wife, 1174.
general devise, what passes under, etc., 1623–1635.
judgment of probate conclusive evidence of validity, etc., 144.
jurisdiction of probate court over, etc., 117.
legacy, satisfaction of, when, 1630.
offense of stealing, 830.
original, to be exhibited to nonresident attesting witnesses, etc., 132.
perpetuites or uses not to be created by, etc., 1624.
plenary proceedings in case of probate of, 140.
proof on probate of, 131.
proof of, may be taken by probate court, etc., 119.
proved after grant of letters, effect of, 290.
provision as to trial of issues, etc., not applicable to those probated before June

8, 1898, 141.
provision in, for paying debts not to prevent running of statute, 1265.
provision with reference to making, revocation, etc., 1623–1635.
revocation of probate for cause, etc., 119.
testimony of attesting witnesses when infirm, etc., 132.
testimony of nonresident attesting witnesses, etc., 132.
nuncupative, valid when, 1634.
validity of, after probate not to be impeached collaterally, 117.

what estates created by, 1025.
WITNESSES (see also Evidence) -

attendance of, at coroner's inquest, etc., 194.
attesting wills, evidence of, when nonresident, 132.

testimony of infirm, etc., 132.
competency of, 1063.
compulsory attendance before officer taking deposition, 1058.
court officers not entitled to fee, 1114.
discharge of defendant, for purpose of testifying, 921.
examination of, by deposition in criminal cases, 922.
examination of, on probate of will, 133.
fees of, 1114.
justice may compel attendance of, 25.
probate court may issue permission for taking depositions of nonresident, 144.
production of, on behalf of defendant in criminal case, 920.
testimony of nonresident, 26.

when living abroad, 1058.


false charge of unchastity, offense of, 818. WORDS (see also Definitions)—

executor to include administrator, etc., page 3.
gender, words importing masculine, what to include, page 3.
insane persons, etc., what to include, page 3.
number, importing singular and plural, page 3.
oath, affirmation may be made in lieu of, page 3.

person, applicable to partnerships and corporations, page 3. WORKHOUSE

deduction of imprisonment for good conduct, 937. WRAPPER

forging or imitating, forbidden, offense of, etc., page 879. WRITING

defined, 904.

concealment or alteration of, offense of, 840. WRITS

alias, issue of, in cases of execution, 1075.
court of appeals may issue, 230.
issuance of, by supreme court, 68.
successor of marshal may execute, 1101.

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