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establishment of, duties, etc., 645–657.
fraternal beneficial association to be enjoined from continuance of business, when,

nonresident to file charter, etc., 751.
DEPOSITIONS (see Evidence)-

application for, in criminal cases, 922.
before whom may be taken, 1058.
commission to take, may be issued, 1060.
de bene esse, when taken, 1058.

may be read in probate court, 144.
filing of, by officer taking, 1058.
in perpetuam rei memoriam, may be taken, 1061.
notaries public may take, etc., 560.
probate court may issue permission for taking, etc., 144.
referee may take, in equity, etc., 415.
summons to issue, by officer before whom to be taken, 1058.

taken on commission from courts outside of district, 1062.

fixtures in houses, penalty, etc. 825.

appointment of, compensation, etc., 196.

salary of, 188.

party committing murder, etc., not to inherit property from deceased, 961.
rule of distribution in case of intestacy, 373.

rules governing, 940–962.

stolen property, offense of, 828.

offense of forcible entry and, 851.
DEVISE (see Wills) —

lapsed or void, effect of, 1631.
married woman may take, in lieu of dower, 1172.

realty and personalty to wife, effect of, etc., 1174-1175.

corporations, number of, etc., 736.

decedent's estate, notice to be given to creditors, 345.

estates to next of kin and legatees, 373–394.
DISTRICT COURT (see Supreme Court)-

jurisdiction of, 15.

fecs not to be paid clerk of court or marshal for services, 177.
offense of receiving stolen property of, 832.

stealing property of, offense of, 831.

alteration in names of partners resulting in, etc., 1512.
corporations, provisions with reference to, 768–797.

involuntary, procedure, etc., 145, 786.
voluntary, of partnership, 1527.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY (see Attorney for the District of Columbia-

United States attorney).

assignment of attorney in uncontested cases, 982.
contract of marriage may be declared void, when, 1284.
equity court to have jurisdiction of causes for, 85.
grounds for, 963–966.
provisions with reference to, 963-983.

United States attorney's duty in connection with proceedings for, 185.

clerk supreme court to keep judgment, 1217.
justice of the peace to keep, etc., 38.

penalty for failure to keep, etc., 38.

disposition of, on death or resignation of, 39.

register of wills to keep, of claims passed by court against estates, 354.

acknowledgment by married woman as barring right to, etc., 517.
application for assignment of, to be maile to equity court, 85.
assignment of, 86.

when widow of tenant in common, 87.
right of wife to attach on partition, etc., 88.
laid off in kind, on refusing to consent to sale, etc., 89.

division of proceeds of sale between tenants in common, etc., 90.
before sale of decedent's estate, 149.
married woman may take devise in lieu of, 1172.
release of, in case of person non compos mentis, etc., 168.
release by wife of, in deed, 494.

right of wife to, 1158.
habitual, appointment of committee to manage estate, 172.

bond, powers of, etc., 172.

restoration of estate, when, 172.

challenging to fight, offense of, etc., 852.


exemption of, 1107.

provisions with reference to organization and incorporation of, 559–604.

action of, may be brought to recover possession of premises, 1225.
provisions with reference to, 984–1010.

where married woman is tenant, 1169.

betting on, when forbidden, etc., 869.

dead bodies, when permitted, 683.
offense of, punishment etc., 833.

receiving property affected by, 836.
property belonging to District of Columbia, 833.

at will,

are, 1036.


provisions with reference to condemnation of land for public use, 483—497

trial of suits in exercising right of, 84.

unlawful, on private property, punishment for, etc., 824.

offense of, 851.
decrees of, may be revived by scire facias, etc., 1104.

execution of, etc., 1104.
jurisdiction of, etc., 85.

concurrent with probate court over distribution of estates, etc., 119.
suits in, not to abate because of death, 244.

testimony in causes of, how taken, 1061.

lands for failure of beir, etc., 388, 962.

real estate held by aliens and certain corporations, 396–397.
ESTATES (see also Real estate) —

administration of, by executors, etc., 259-308.
arbitration of controversies arising in settlement of, etc., 145.
assets, what are decedents', 317.

by sufferance, what are, 1034.
character of, 1011-1036.
classes created by deed or will, 1025.
concealment of, by executor, etc.,

by a stranger, 122.
decedents', period of limitation in suits against, 1266.

proof of debts, etc., 330–360.
sale of, etc., 322–326.
sale of, for paying debts, 119.
suits by and against, 327-329.

what are assets, 317.
declarations of trust to be in writing, etc., 1117.
distribution of, by executors, etc., enforcement of, 119.
distribution to next of kin and legatees, 373–387.
drunkards, appointment of committee to manage, of habitual, 172.
effect of creating, by parole, 1116.
effect of fraudulent conveyance and assignment of, 1118.
escheat of decedents', when, 388, 962.
expectant, alienable, etc., 1030.
expectant, not to be defeated, 1029.
for life or years, etc., sale, etc., 100.

investment of proceeds for benefit of parties, 100.
for years, what are, 1032.
from month to month, what
from year to year, what are, 1033.
held as tenants in common unless otherwise declared, 1031.
infants’, lease of, when, 163.

mortgage of, when, 164.
particular, or in remainder, sale of, 162.
sales of, etc., to be ratified, 171.

are, 1035.


inventory to be made of decedents', 309.
investment of funds of, by executor, etc., 123.
legal, remains in cestui que use and not trustee, 1617.
letters of administration to be granted when, 273.
lunatics’, sale of, when, 168.
parent, etc., may be enjoined from interfering with infants’, 1129.
partial distribution may be authorized in case of want, etc., 391.
possession, exist when, 1017.
powers in relation to, what are, etc., 1037–1055.
revocation of authority to act, etc., when, 127.
sale of decedents’, may be directed for paying debts, 119.
sale of principal, for maintenance, etc., 165.
suit may be brought to vacate fraudulent deed of, etc., 1122.

vested, contingent, etc., may be conveyed by deed, etc., 512.

what are, 1015.
EVIDENCE (see also Depositions),
competency of husband and wife to testify, 1068.

witnesses in general, 1063–1067.

conviction of crime not to make party incompetent, 1067.
copy of deeds and wills, 1071.
depositions taken de bene esse may be read in probate court, etc., 144.
examination of witnesses on probate of will, etc., 132.
husband and wife not to testify as to confidential communications, 1068.
nonresident attesting witnesses, how to give, etc., 132.
physicians may testify, when, 1073.
production of books and papers as, 1072.
record debts, proof of, 1070.
record of deed as, 519.
rules governing taking, etc., 1056–1073.
taking, of nonresident witnesses when required in court, 26.
testimony of surviving party, 1064.

of deceased or insane party, 1065.
of partners, 1066.

in equity causes, how taken, 1061.

trial of, to auditor's report, etc., 255.

infants' real estate, procedure in case of, 156.
EXECUTIONS (see Attachment) -

decrees in equity, how made, 1104.
issued by justice of the peace, property not liable to, when, etc., 33.

judgment, appeal, etc., 35.
possession of property on appeal, 36.
replevin against officer levying, etc., 37.

trial of action, 34.
issue of, etc., when, 1074-1104.
lien of, from what to date, 1074.
police court to issue, of forfeited recognizances, etc., 57.
property exempt from, 1105.
purchaser subrogated to rights of creditor in case of defective proceedings, 1102.


time fixed for, not essential in death sentence, 929.

warden to carry judgment of death into effect, 1198.
EXECUTOR (see also Administrator) --

absentee, notice to, in case of effect, etc., 267.
accountability for property on failure to furnish counter security, etc., 128.
accounts to be rendered of estates, etc., 361-372.
administration of estate in case of death of, etc., 298.
administrator of, to deliver estate, etc., 303.
agreements to charge, to be in writing, etc., 1117.
arbitration of controversies in settlement of estates, 145.
bond of, when residuary legatee, etc.,

additional, to be given on selling real estate, etc., 296.
not to be furnished by, when, 263.
separate, may be required where more than one, 263.

subject to approval of probate court, 121.
claim of, against estate to be passed on by court, 361.
commissions not allowable on bequests to, when, 365.
competency of, etc., 261.
concealment of assets of decedent's estate by, etc., 124.
corporation, when not to give bond when appointed as, 745.
debtor appointed as, effect of, etc., 318.
disbursements and allowance by, statement in account, 365.
disqualified, procedure in case of, 270.
distribution of estate by, may be enforced, 119.
embezzlement by, offense of, 841.
enforcement of duty by order of court, etc., 126.
executor of, not entitled to administration de bonis non, etc., 299.
foreign, suits in District by, etc., 329.
funds to be invested where payments to be made at distant period, 369.
includes administrator, etc., page 8.
inventory to be made of decedent's estate by, etc., 309–316.
investment of funds by, 123.
letters de bonis non, granted when, 299.

testamentary, to issue, when, 262.
necessary before acting, 271.

cum testamento annexo to issue on failure to qualify, 266.
may sue to vacate fraudulent deed, etc., 1122.
negligence of coexecutor, complaint of, etc., 125.
plaintiff's official character as, how denied, 1535.
procedure in case of concealment of assets hy stranger, 122.
proof of debts against estate, etc., 330-360.
prosecution of suit by, when commenced by deceased plaintiff, 237.
register of wills to receive accounts of, etc , 121.
renunciation of executorship, effect, etc.,

resignation, effect of, etc.,

revocation of authority to act, etc., 127.
sale of estate by, when, etc., 322.
set-off may be pleaded in actions by or against, 1570.
stock held by, in corporations personally not liable on, 624, 742.
suits by and against, affecting estates, 327-329.

on bonds of, etc., 297.
summons, in case of several, effect, etc., 268.
surety may apply for countersecurity, etc., 128.
trust, etc., companies may be appointed as, 722.

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