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Extract from the Records of the Town of Winthrop:—

Voted, That Rev. DAVID THURSTox be invited to write and publish a history of the Town of Winthrop. A true copy. ATTEs.T.: J. M. BENJAMIN, Town Clerk.

- WINTHRoP, Sept. 23, 1854. DEAR SIR : At a town meeting holden this day, the vote above written was unanimously passed, Very truly yours, J. M. BENJAMIN.


It is somewhat difficult to account for the fact, that no record of any meeting, or any transaction of the inhabitants, while they continued a plantation, can be found. Considerable research has been made, but it has proved wholly unsuccessful.

The writer exceedingly regrets, that this work had not been commenced twenty years ago. Doubtless many thrilling incidents of early times might have been saved, which are now irrecoverably lost. Had the writer anticipated that such a labor would devolved upon him, he might have accumulated a fund of information, from which a more accurate, copious and valuable history might have been compiled. But no regrets will avail to callback the departed individuals, who might furnish interesting matter for a book, or bring to light the needed facts. Some pains have been taken, by conversing with some of the oldest descendants of the first settlers, and written communications from others, to obtain what, not only might be curious, but interesting and profitable. But the hope, in relation to this matter, has, by no means, been fully realized.

It is scarcely to be expected that, in transcribing so many names and dates, no mistakes should occur. I have given orthography to some words and names different from the town records. Whether the change has always been more correct than the original the reader must decide. For instance, where I found “Life Foster,” I have written Eliphalet Foster. For “Lear Every,” I have written Leah Avery ; for “Sessors,” Assessors; for “West Enda-rum,” West India, &c. Some may suppose the pains taken to collect such a catalogue of names was useless. However, the labor has been taken, and no small amount did it cost. But I have not disregarded the advice of Paul to Timothy; for I have not “given heed to fables,” nor “endless genealogies,” for mine end “in 1800,” and sometimes in the middle of a family. Some may be disappointed in not finding the facts agree with their tradition; and others, perhaps, will be as much disappointed in not finding their ancestors' names at all. But as far as the records and reliable tradition have given them, they have been faithfully copied. The compiler tenders his very grateful acknowledgements to all those who have generously aided him by giving dates, names, or facts to be introduced into the work. He would make particular mention, among these, of Mrs. Metcalf the aged, Dea. Carr, Mr. J. M. Benjamin, the Town Clerk, Mr. Joseph Pope, Hon. S. P. Benson, Mr. John E. Brainerd, Samuel Wood, Esq., J. B. Fillebrown, Esq., and Mr. James Stevens. The work has been prosecuted under some disadvantages. Possibly had more time been exclusively devoted to its preparation, it might have been better. Regretting that it is not more worthy of the subject upon which it treats, it is respectfully submitted to all such as feel an interest in the history of Winthrop.

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Corrections, p. 15, last line, felling for falling—p. 27, near bottom, inferior for interior—p. 32, 4006 for 00,00—p. 40, under 1810, May for Marr.—p. after 1852, Marrow for Morrow.

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